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Found 3 results

  1. Hi i had Marstons banging on the door this morning at 8.30am saying they were removing my car. They put a clamp on it and said a removal van would be there in half an hour. They then left and came back 30 minutes later. Its for an old council tax bill of £217 for which they want to remove my vehicle which is worth around £2,500 retail or £1500 trade, is this not classed as excess!? He's been sat outside for two hours now and has told me he will charge me £60 per hour to wait for the tow truck. I haven't signed anything so from what i can gather, he cant charge me anything other than the legal bailiff fees? I cant afford to pay now, i have no money coming in unfortunately and am in receipt of housing and council tax benefit. My only other income right now is working tax and child credits. I have of course offered to make a payment arrangement which he of course rejected! I have phoned the council but they have refused to do anything and said i have to deal with the bailiff. On the removal letter it says they'll also charge me £15 per day for storage. This is insane for a £217 bill! Any help appreciated?
  2. hello all i really need help i had a pcn on my car a year or so ago and ignored it. but today i went to me car and it was clamped!! i rang the company that did this and they sent a young bailiff round to my house with a copy of a clamping order when i started screaming and asked to see his certificate to my dismay he produced it and was nice about everything which annoyed me no end they say i have 24 hours to pay the 285 or they will remove the car and store it for five days then sell it after reading some things on here i seen a popal appeal? which what i can gather is part of the bpa but there nit a member and do not have to conform to there rules any help would be apperciated
  3. Today I had a knock at the door by someone with a clipboard so being in an area that gets more than its fair share of canvassers, I decided not to open it. From my Window I watched the man walk back to a small car parked opposite my house on the other side of the road. After a few minutes he removed a wheel clamp and bent down to fit it to the front wheel of my car parked outside my house. As soon as I saw this I opened my door and called to ask him what he was doing. He said that 5 letters had been sent to my address about an unpaid parking fine that I acquired somewhere in Dorset (where I live) that I had not paid. He also said he had personally delivered notification that he would attend to remove my car if I did not contact them regarding the issue and that Salisbury county court had authorized an order to seize my vehicle. I realize that denial to acknowledge receipt of any of the letters they said were sent would be a bold lie that would not be believed by anyone but unfortunately for me that is the case. Also my post box is secure and I don’t have anyone living with me that would take my mail! I told the bailiff this but obviously he did not believe me and said if I did not pay the £500 odd quid that he wanted the car would be towed within the hour. I offered to pay a weekly amount to try and buy some time to find out how this has happened but was told he needed it all or the car was going. I am self employed as a computer engineer and need my car to work so knowing he had not secured the clamp, I told him I was going to remove some articles, got in, locked the door, started the engine and pulled away. The clamp got stuck for a second and the bailiff was laughing and telling me I would break the car but then it ‘pinged’ off and I drove the car to another location where it remains. Just to add, he stopped laughing when the clamp came off and there is no damage to my car whatsoever and only a few very small scrape marks on the road. I’m pretty sure this did not damage his clamp either. One of my neighbours said they saw him throw the clamp into the back of his car with some frustration after I had left. When I returned home he had written on the bill / letter he was showing me that he was going to report the car as being stolen. I then wrote a letter to his company after reading advice on the internet about bailiffs not being allowed to take ‘tools of the trade’, which I will post tomorrow. I tried to go to their website to email a copy but their site shows a ‘Page not displayed’ error! I have now just phoned the local police (some hours later) to verify the car as being reported stolen but they say that this is not something they are able to do as it is not their property but apparently they do have a right to seize it if they find it. However the police officer also states that if I were to take it back from them after they had taken it from me it would likely remain a civil matter and they would not be willing to be involved. I am going to contact Dorset council tomorrow to find out what this is about and (I really do hope) why the letters have not been delivered to me or what has happened to them. If anyone has any advice on this or can suggest anything I should do I would appreciate the help.
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