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  1. Thanks for that info Stu007, might come in handy if Mam has to appeal if a fine is imposed. I had to contact Equiniti to get all the information that DWP are asking for. My Mam is not refusing to pay the overpayment or the fine, but I think she should appeal against the fine ( if imposed ), as it was a genuine misunderstanding.
  2. Just a quick sit rep everyone. Mam had the phone call today and it was to do with DWP Pension Credit. We were none the wiser as to what this benefit was and it was explained that it was to do with the MOD and should have been declared separately from the 'Tell Us Once' & 'Death Notification Service' as it involves a private pension. it will have to be paid back from 2020 when my Dad passed with a possible non declared fine.
  3. Thanks for the info guys, I'm actually a veteran myself, but I never thought of utilising the contacts for my Mam. Mam has phoned this number (0161 429 2177) as they have an old mobile number, but it was an automated call. I have sent an email to DWP to confirm if it is a genuine letter.
  4. Thanks for the info guys, I will be seeing my Mam today, so will gather more info from the letter. She phoned yesterday in a bit of a tizz because as far as she was aware, everything had been all above board and finalised after my Dad passed.
  5. I get that, she was on HB about 3 years ago, ( parents didn't live together ) which was stopped after she went over the savings threshold. As far as I know my Dad wasn't receiving any benefits either, puzzling. ?
  6. My Mam has received a letter stating that she will be receiving a phone call from DWP and is required to have bank statements to hand. No idea why because she doesn't receive any benefits other than State Pension with Deferred Pension from my Dad's War Pension ( he passed away 24th April 2020 )
  7. Hi Guys. Brief History. I am at present out on bail, pending a court case for alleged criminal damage. Present Day I was Assaulted & Harrassed on 22nd June by the owner of the vehicle, who is claiming that I damaged his van. I was then arrested on the 16th July for the altercation, albeit that the charges were NFA (no further action) Now here's my annoyance. You can clearly see from the camera stills that he was the one following me as I was walking away, three times I might add. Here's my questions; When I was originally arrested for the criminal damage, it took the police less than an hour to arrest me. Why did this offence take them 3 weeks ? There was at least 7 people seen going past the camera. Why have they not been interviewed as witnesses ? Regarding the criminal damage, his dash cam was used to gather evidence immediately. I mentioned this to the police when I got arrested the second time, yet no evidence was used from his dash cam this time, yet they would have clearly seen off his dash-cam, that he was the aggressor and the one screaming abuse at me. Why was he not arrested ?
  8. Thanks for clearing that up for me sgtbush, it doesn't take much for me to get confused these days at my age. :???:
  9. Re-edited honeybee court2.pdf court1.pdf
  10. It is asking me to attend court honeybee I have attached the paperwork, but am not sure if they have worked ? court1.pdf
  11. Yes Ethel, I was previously interviewed by police.
  12. Hi Guys, I have just received a postal requisition for alleged criminal damage to property. I believe the prosecutor must issue a written charge not more than 6 months after the offence alleged. Is this correct ?
  13. Hi Guys, I have a flat that I bought on the RTB scheme. I received a letter on the 18th April 2015 from Barrow Borough Council regarding a Section 20 letter they sent to me, ( which I never received ). The letter also states that the 30 day notice period has ended. I have approached the Housing Department and I have been informed that I will not be able to return any written observations even though I didn't receive the letter in the first place, but they will send me a copy. I don't think this is fair, is there anything I can do?
  14. Thanks rebel11, I'll contact them and keep everyone posted.
  15. Hi Guys, I had some guttering repaired last year, albeit a shoddy job, as I have now found out. We had noticed that the outside wall seemed to be getting wetter and upon further inspection by a friend, we have realised that instead of informing me that the guttering section was fitted incorrectly by previous workmen ( the section is roughly 1 inch lower than the joining section ) they just carried out a poor repair. This has now resulted in the guttering collecting water and it has been running down inside the cavity, causing damp to now appear on our interior walls. I have removed as much of the so called repair so that the water can run out of the gutter and drip away instead of causing further damage. I am now unsure as to who I approach to get the problem rectified, the workmen or my insurers
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