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Found 8 results

  1. i HOPE I am posting in the right section. My hubbie is a secure council tenant and has been for 20 years. He has always lived here, never had a problem with anyone. I have been here for ten of those years with him. 25 February 2016, our boiler went west, so we had to have the gas contractor out. On the same morning I had to go the MRI scanner at the hospital at 8am, so we arranged for him to call at about 10.30am when we knew we would be home. He duly arrived. We´d only been in a few minutes. I was sat on the edge of my settee drinking a cuppa, my hubbie was by the man´s side in the boiler cupboard discussing what the problem was. It was agreed the Baxi man had to come the next day, boiler being under guarantee. Again, no problem, I am unwell, but not incapable, so stayed in for Baxi man. All done the next day, no problem. Fast forward two weeks. A letter arrived for hubbie. When he opened it, he thought someone was having a joke. It is a first warning letter, from a housing officer he has never met, who has never been here or ever spoken to us. It is saying that on 25 February 2016, we were "smoking cannabis" during his visit, She says "looking back at your file, on the balance of probabilities I think it is very likely that this incident has taken place and that I have evidence enough to the standard of proof required by the County Court!" Well gobsmacked hardly covers it! We have made an SAR (were told 20 days ago it was 18 quid ((I know its 10)) and just received a call today to confirm that this is now being done and to pay the 10 fee. We have arranged for this HO to visit us tomorrow at 12 noon, because this simply is not true and we do not accept any written warning! The facts are that neither of us smoke, not even cigarettes, but I used to many years ago and I have just paid the price of that by undergoing a horrible vascular bypass to my right leg. All through this time I have been fizzing and worrying over this false accusation, the way the letter was worded, and the way a tradesman can make a false accusation like that and cause untold problems. I am, I admit, a bit touchy on the subject of smoking, because of what I just been through. I think its also fair to say that a slight set back in my recovery has been caused by all this unnecessary stress and worry. (Get niggled, pull stitches etc) When the original letter came, hubby wrote to the gas engineer´s company and made an official complaint. He took it in by hand, gave it to the female manager, stood there whilst she read it at her invitation, and then was forcibly escorted from the premises by a large male colleague who stated it was all a load of rubbish and the Council were dealing with it, and he had to leave to premises! Of course, we have had no response from this firm. Could anyone offer me some advice about this? I mean, do we just lay down and take it? We haven´t done anything of the sort, and we believe this to be malicious on the part of the gas engineer. We have since learnt that three other tenants in our road have had to ask that he does not visit their premises again for various reasons. We have insisted he does not come here again. Normally I would be able to throw serious punches in this sort of thing, but I am very unwell at the moment. What I want is a meaningful written apology for this, and an assurance that we will not be harrassed in this way again. They´ve chosen their time haven´t they? When I am practically our for the count so to speak! Any advice about what to say tomorrow in addition to a point blank denial would be very welcome.
  2. Experts say most people only use 10% of their brain’s potential. What if there was a pill that could unlock the other 90%? Clinical Trials have shown that the ingredients in this pill can boost your brain power, sharpen your mind, and sky-rocket your energy levels. Has anyone heard about this Pill. Good,bad etc.Just came across the article.Not had time to go into it in great depth.Just wondering. The link. Is This Smart Drug The Most Powerful Brain Enhancer in the World? http://secret-brain.com/?source=socialpubs&a=69 Another article. Scientists: Drugs to boost brain power should be legal for wider use. Healthy people should have the right to boost their brains with pills, like those prescribed for hyperactive kids or memory-impaired older folks, several scientists contend in a provocative commentary. http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=6428947 I am thinking of donate ing my brain to the scientists.Sort that out if you can thoughts.
  3. The man known to millions of cable TV viewers as "Chumlee" on the reality show Pawn Stars was being held late Wednesday in a Las Vegas jail following his arrest on felony weapon and drug charges. http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2016/03/10/chumlee-pawn-stars-arrested-gun-drug-charges/81572946/
  4. People who have been prescribed powerful anxiety or pain relief drugs are being warned about a new drug-driving law. As well as outlawing driving while under the influence of illegal drugs, new legislation will include some prescription medicines. But prescribed doses do not exceed the limits for legal drugs, so most patients should still be safe to drive. Those who are unsure are advised to seek the advice of a pharmacist. The new law, to be introduced 2 March 2015 in England and Wales, aims to catch those who put the lives of others at risk while driving under the influence of drugs. If you are taking your medicine as directed and your driving is not impaired, then you are not breaking the law and there is no need to worry. It sets very low levels for eight well known illegal drugs, including cannabis and cocaine, but also includes eight prescription drugs, where the levels have been set much higher. Most of them, including Temazepan and Diazepam, are used for treating conditions such as anxiety. But the list also includes methadone, a heroin substitute, and morphine, a powerful opiate used for pain relief. Robert Goodwill MP, Road Safety Minister, says as long as they stay within prescribed levels, most people will still be able to get behind the wheel of a car. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-31306714 New campaign to remind people taking medicines to check with their doctor or pharmacist before getting behind the wheel. The new law sets limits at very low levels for 8 drugs commonly associated with illegal use such as cannabis and cocaine. There are also 8 prescription drugs that are included within the new law. These are: clonazepam diazepam flunitrazepam lorazepam oxazepam temazepam methadone morphine However, the limits that have been set for these drugs exceed normal prescribed doses, meaning that the vast majority of people can drive as they normally would, so long as: they are taking their medicine in accordance with the advice of a healthcare professional and/or as printed in the accompanying leaflet their driving is not impaired https://www.gov.uk/government/news/drug-drive-legislation-am-i-fit-to-drive
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2222220/Drug-firms-risking-lives-hiding-bad-trials-effects-medicines.html
  6. Hi there I am currently working on a contract which is to be tranferred under TUPE. The new employer has said that, as per their standard procedure, we would be required to pass a drug and alcohol test upon transfer, as they have a zero tolerance drugs and alcohol policy. Under the terms and conditions (including the employee handbook) of my current contract there is a provision for a medical test if there is regular or long term sickness, but not for drugs or alcohol. This policy states if you are off sick for more than a certian number of days then "as a condition of your employment, you agree to be examined by a health care profession of the company's choice, to confirm the nature of your absences and determine the anture of your illnesm so the company can act appropriately and comply with the disability discimination act 1995" The drugs and alcohol policy at my current employer is as follows: "The possesion. use of, buying or selling or unlawful drugs on *company name* premises and/or while on *company name* business is expressly forbidden. If, in the course of your employment, you are found to have drugs, or appear to be under the influence of drugs which have not been prescribed on medical grounds; in the absence of mitigating circumstances, you are deemed to be commiting and act of gross misconduct and will be subject to diciplinary action and possible summary dismissal" Now, as far as I can see, there is no requirement for me to submit to any kind of drug or alcohol test. Nor would they have the right to dismiss me even if i came up positive (i used to smoke a lot of marijuana so cannot guarantee that I would pass, you see), unless they could prove that I was, or appeared to be "under the influence" (which i imagine would be very hard to prove if it came to tribunal) Am I correct that, under the above terms and conditions (which I believe cannot be changed under TUPE without my consent) they would have no right to ask me to undergo a drug or alcohol test? Also am i correct that they would have no right to use the medical test clause to find out about drugs and alcohol and finally, am i correct that they couldnt dismiss me anyway, even if I came back positive for marijuana, without first proving that I appeared to be under the influence (how could they prove this anyway!?) any advice (especially from those who are lawyers/legal advisors) would be hugely appreciated! Thanks!
  7. After vowing to be a drug free olympics, Liam Gallagher, Russell brand, George Michael, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell all performed in the Olympic closing ceremony.... I guess they relaxed the rules!!
  8. Hello, I am looking for some advise on the following issues I have at work, I am unsure who I should be going to as I feel it may have a detrimental effect. It is my intention to leave my present employer shortly but would like to preserve my current working conditions short term. Heres my story... Around 3 months ago I approached my GP due to pain I was experiencing in my back, tightness in my chest and also brought to his attention a small lump on my back. This was then dismissed as a dip in my fitness due to smoking, an over exertion to my back and a fatty lump. In the next weeks after this I was intermittently experiencing pain in my back which was not alarming to me and I continued to dismiss it myself. Around 1 month ago on a Saturday I was woken by severe pain in my stomach, back, shoulder and groin, this then continued to get worse over the day and into the Sunday. I gained very little sleep these two days due to the pain and the worry that this may be something serious. On the Monday I tried to seek a medical consultation at my GP that day but my practice had no available appointments, the pain continued to become more intense causing extreme discomfort. That night I slept for under an hour, I made the point of getting an emergency appointment at my GP which I was successful in. The GP I seen on the Tuesday suspected gallstones but this could not be diagnosed until a X-Ray and Ultrasound could determine it, she booked me in the next day for blood tests to check for liver function and any other abnormalities, in the mean time I was prescribed painkillers. Again I slept for under an hour that night and was still in extreme pain and discomfort. On the Wednesday I continued to have the pain, worry, extreme discomfort and lack of sleep. The last thing I remember from the Wednesday night was looking at my alarm clock around 04:30 (due to wake up at 05:30) - next thing I know I wake up at 06:40 already 40 minutes late for my shift, it then took me a further 45 minutes to arrive at work. Upon arrival at work I was feeling drowsy and mildly dazed, instead of running straight in I decided to walk at a reasonable pace whilst having a cigarette which I hoped would help me compose myself, this did not work so I went to the cafeteria and made myself a hot drink and made my way to my desk where I felt I was noticeably in distress and not quite compos mentis. The above is a background and a lead up to the events that then followed. I was taking into our meeting room where my 2 managers gave me the "riot act" where they explained that I had showed a lack of commitment a, complete lack of respect to my colleagues and a terrible attitude for not coming straight in to give my apologises. During this I was unable to give my full attention and take it all in, instead giving a stuttered response behind the reasoning of it. My role requires me to undertake visits on offshore vessels when they are in Harbours, I was told to go do this "to wake me up." On my return I was taking back into the meeting room where it was explained I was to take a drug and alcohol test because it is policy, to determine if I was out the night before and set an example to my colleagues about being late. Apart from the urine sample which was giving in a taped of toilet, the remainder of the test took place in a office which has a glass partition wall separating busy accounts department. I felt this was quite intrusive and showed a lack of respect for my privacy and dignity. This was then worsened by them announcing what was taking place to my colleagues and them disclosing the results of the test (which were negative.) I feel that I have been slightly mis-treated by my company here and am completely convinced that regardless of the results these should not be shared to everyone. What adds to this is that previously one of my colleagues told everyone (including management) that they were out the previous night and would be unable drive works vehicles because they were still a but drunk. That morning she was required to drive as part of her job role. Instead of a drug and alcohol test taking place, every one laughed this off and had a bit of a laugh and joke. Also, I had gave my managers daily updates on what was wrong with me that week and the effect it was having on my mentally and physically. At the moment I am awaiting an ultrasound and x-ray to determine the cause of pain, I am still experiencing pain but this is being managed effectively by stronger painkillers. Thank you for reading this long story and I would greatly appreciate if you can advise me on this.
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