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Found 6 results

  1. Robert Cooper & John Cooper T/A Cooper Brothers - Wishaw Reason for withdrawl - Administrative Shortcomings Period of withdrawl - 5 Years Effective from 16/10/2015
  2. Here are details of Authorised Examiners and MOT garages that have been issued with Notice of Cessation following formal disciplinary action under the rules of the MOT scheme. Trading Name...................Location...........Ceased due to...........Period.........Effective Colin W Crosby....................Wallingford.........Testing Standards........5 Years.........08/09/15 T/A Crosby Engineering. KS Auto Glasgow Ltd............Glasgow.............Administrative.............5 Years.........06/10/15 ................................................................shortcomings
  3. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?444700-tester Just testing to see if new thread can be started.
  4. Just to let folks know who live in the Rowley Regis & Cradley Heath areas within the West Midlands. 4G testing begins today only in these areas on how freeview signals will be affected by the launch of the full range of 4G services later this year, which in effect at the full 4G launch could affect 10% of the population recieving freeview. Information about the test is here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-21788339 and a further site on who to contact should you be affected https://at800.tv/ Now the fallout from this could be huge, as when the full 4G launch goes ahead as many as 1 million households could be affected, of which a small percentage will totally loose freeview permanently and will need to rely on other means such as satellite tv or cable. The biggest insult however is while some faults can be fixed by the use of a small filter, other problems may not be so easy to fix in which case a visit from a TV aerial installer will be required, a contribution of £50.00+VAT will be made to affected households but the remainder must be met by the householder, and this will be the cause of the biggest of upset as why should someone be directly affected by the actions of another party namely the mobile phone operators? I can foresee many small claims ending up in the small claims court over this problem.
  5. Hello, I am looking for some advise on the following issues I have at work, I am unsure who I should be going to as I feel it may have a detrimental effect. It is my intention to leave my present employer shortly but would like to preserve my current working conditions short term. Heres my story... Around 3 months ago I approached my GP due to pain I was experiencing in my back, tightness in my chest and also brought to his attention a small lump on my back. This was then dismissed as a dip in my fitness due to smoking, an over exertion to my back and a fatty lump. In the next weeks after this I was intermittently experiencing pain in my back which was not alarming to me and I continued to dismiss it myself. Around 1 month ago on a Saturday I was woken by severe pain in my stomach, back, shoulder and groin, this then continued to get worse over the day and into the Sunday. I gained very little sleep these two days due to the pain and the worry that this may be something serious. On the Monday I tried to seek a medical consultation at my GP that day but my practice had no available appointments, the pain continued to become more intense causing extreme discomfort. That night I slept for under an hour, I made the point of getting an emergency appointment at my GP which I was successful in. The GP I seen on the Tuesday suspected gallstones but this could not be diagnosed until a X-Ray and Ultrasound could determine it, she booked me in the next day for blood tests to check for liver function and any other abnormalities, in the mean time I was prescribed painkillers. Again I slept for under an hour that night and was still in extreme pain and discomfort. On the Wednesday I continued to have the pain, worry, extreme discomfort and lack of sleep. The last thing I remember from the Wednesday night was looking at my alarm clock around 04:30 (due to wake up at 05:30) - next thing I know I wake up at 06:40 already 40 minutes late for my shift, it then took me a further 45 minutes to arrive at work. Upon arrival at work I was feeling drowsy and mildly dazed, instead of running straight in I decided to walk at a reasonable pace whilst having a cigarette which I hoped would help me compose myself, this did not work so I went to the cafeteria and made myself a hot drink and made my way to my desk where I felt I was noticeably in distress and not quite compos mentis. The above is a background and a lead up to the events that then followed. I was taking into our meeting room where my 2 managers gave me the "riot act" where they explained that I had showed a lack of commitment a, complete lack of respect to my colleagues and a terrible attitude for not coming straight in to give my apologises. During this I was unable to give my full attention and take it all in, instead giving a stuttered response behind the reasoning of it. My role requires me to undertake visits on offshore vessels when they are in Harbours, I was told to go do this "to wake me up." On my return I was taking back into the meeting room where it was explained I was to take a drug and alcohol test because it is policy, to determine if I was out the night before and set an example to my colleagues about being late. Apart from the urine sample which was giving in a taped of toilet, the remainder of the test took place in a office which has a glass partition wall separating busy accounts department. I felt this was quite intrusive and showed a lack of respect for my privacy and dignity. This was then worsened by them announcing what was taking place to my colleagues and them disclosing the results of the test (which were negative.) I feel that I have been slightly mis-treated by my company here and am completely convinced that regardless of the results these should not be shared to everyone. What adds to this is that previously one of my colleagues told everyone (including management) that they were out the previous night and would be unable drive works vehicles because they were still a but drunk. That morning she was required to drive as part of her job role. Instead of a drug and alcohol test taking place, every one laughed this off and had a bit of a laugh and joke. Also, I had gave my managers daily updates on what was wrong with me that week and the effect it was having on my mentally and physically. At the moment I am awaiting an ultrasound and x-ray to determine the cause of pain, I am still experiencing pain but this is being managed effectively by stronger painkillers. Thank you for reading this long story and I would greatly appreciate if you can advise me on this.
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