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  1. I don't know Ethel, I know nothing about Wills and what have you, hopefully someone can explain lol.
  2. Thank you BazzaS, I'll have a read of that link. We know only she owned the bungalow, and he did not have a joint bank account with her (again from my mother as recently as February this year and from my birthday check the same month in her sole name). Mum told me that she simply gave him and his wife her bank card and pin number when she stopped going out. My mum also told me Aunty said she had lent "thousands" to the wife over the years, not a penny paid back! Oh to have been a fly on the wall. Thank you both very much, this is getting interesting lol! Oh and I am now almost certain I have been left two china dogs lol! And I want them.
  3. Yes Honeybee, that's what I meant. He's a sly one apparently, but I really cannot see him sliding out of this one.
  4. I have one more question, which I think I already know the answer to. I now know that the son is the executor. Can anyone confirm that there is no way he can administer this will with applying for probate is there? I am going to pay for a Caveat to be entered ready for when he applies for probate. My female cousin may be being treated badly (and she has confided in me that she feels the abuse will not stop for her until this matter is resolved, and she can have final , being treated like this will be the final act of cruelty against her by her mother) and I may not be able to do anything about that, but by goodness I can make sure my poor old mum gets what her sister wanted her to have. Thanks guys.
  5. Thank you Honeybee, yes it was a dreadful shock, but she was so close to her sister, and she never got over losing her X
  6. And yes Mr P, there is most certainly a will. Aunt used to tell my mother everything, they were so close. And Aunt has thrown it in her daughters face over the year's as well. Of course, without seeing the will I wouldn't know who the executors were. Can you be an executor as well as a beneficiary? If so, it'll be the son. He was the only thing that mattered in her life.
  7. Ganymede. I appiled through the registry office and paid £10 for a copy.
  8. Oh Mr P - I have done that, just yesterday. I ummed and aahhed over it, but at the end of the day something is not right here. So I simply copied the death certificate and posted it to the bank. No note or anything. They'll get that tomorrow.
  9. A bit of a story but I am very worried about something. On 21st April 2017 my aunt passed away. She had a son and a daughter (my cousins). She treated her daughter very cruelly all her childhood, whilst favouring the son and at 16 dtr left home, cut most ties, several attempts over years to put things right, no joy. Dtr now happy, loved, housed, and fed, all by her own hand and pure hardwork lol. However, the son is dishonest, used to thieve off his employers, and steal out of his mother's purse. He then set up a business with his sons and has been bankrupt three times (although as far as we know not currently bankrupt). Aunty has left a property worth nearly £500,000, and she was also rather cash rich. Now, my mother and Aunty used to sit and joke about the little nest egg she had left my mum . Mum used to say she was going to give it to the Donkey Sanctuary, and Aunty said at least some good would come of it. Dtr also confirms that on the one occasion when she challenged her mother about the sheer injustice of all this (after all father had TWO children and had he not died at 47 Aunt wouldn't be in the wealthy position she was when she went) was told emphatically "everything to go to son outright, except a bit of money for you, my sister and her daughter. I have only left you money so that you don't try and contest the will and ruin your brother's life!" Aunt also told my mother this several times. Over the last 8 years or so Aunty became more housebound so her son and his wife took over her care and control of her bank account (although not by power of attorney). I know all this from my mother. Moving onto June 2017, my mum died unexpectedly. She was not a wealthy lady at all. I was able to give her the send off she deserved, and I asked for donations to the Donkey Sanctuary. Well, in doing this it reminded me about Aunt's will, and I thought, well if probate has been granted, then I could look at the Will (becomes a public document then?). And do what mum wanted with whatever she had been left. I really cannot imagine I would have been left anything much because my Aunt helped me out so much when I was a kid. But when I look at the Probate thing on line, they haven't registered it. Now, I told my cousin (dtr) about this, and she says "of course he hasn't applied for probate yet, he wants to empty his mother's bank account first, he is not a suitable person to deal with the estate. he is extremely sly and dishonest". Is there anything I can do here? I think my mum was left a small amount of cash, I would like to have that sent to the Donkey Sanctuary as per her wishes, but I suspect my cousin (son) is not applying for probate yet so he can continue to use the cash in my Aunt's bank account, just as if she were still with us. This cannot be right can it? I do not speak to him, and will not be speaking to him. On another note, I really feel for my cousin (dtr). She truly had an awful life with her mother. This is all confirmed by my own mother. And the things I have had to listen to from my cousin, its heart breaking. It was outright child abuse. My late Uncle (who adored his daughter) got early onset dementia and died when he was 47 . He was in a highly paid position with a fuel company, the house was paid off and Aunt received his very generous pension and all the rights that went with that until she died at 87. I feel that my cousin (dtr) should have an equal share in this, and I wonder, does she have any grounds to contest this Will, whenever we get to see what is in it? I do hope someone can help us out here, neither of us have ever had to deal with anything like this, and the first time we try to, it seems full of dishonesty and unfairness! Thanks for taking the time to read.
  10. Hi Bazza, I just wanted to update you quickly, its been a while. I had another Blue Clinic apt, AFTER my podiatrist had extracted most of the infected bone and was happy the infection would now be gone very shortly. He actually warned me that they would still want the toe off for "financial" reasons, whilst he would prefer me to see him for a few more sessions, as he could get that last piece out, and that would solve it. He told me to stand my ground. So, off I went, got told I was up for the chop, had a bit of a **** fit, and was told to think about it, and go back in a month. In that month the podiatrist got the bone out, stopped the antibiotics, gentle tentative walking, shoes (EEEEE fitting) on for an hour a day. Went back to the Blue clinic, saw the head honcho this time, who praised the podiatrist for saving my toe! I have to go back in 6 months, but I think I'll be alright now, with a few visits to my podiatrist to make sure everything is ok. Thank you ever so much for explaining all this too me when I was so distressed - everything you said turned out to be true!
  11. Got through the Blue Clinic. Now have to have MRI scan on foot but even I could see it looked a bit misshapen. The Dr who saw me rea;lised how upset I was and was very kind, and insisted he wanted to hear how this has been affecting my life. Then it was off for redressing (GP taking blood for me another major blooming issue at surgery Thurs AM) and by this point I was done for so my dear old mum just told the nurse that she would would redress the toe under her supervision, so that the nurse wouldn't have to have a bad day! I phoned the clinic where my podiatrist is as he asked me to ring to let him know what had gone on. The receptionist let slip that there is a multi-disciplinary meeting on 11 May 2017 (I've not been invited so god knows whats going on now). So that's very muc h like you described in one of your posts above. Had a GP telephone consultation today to get the blood test sorted. By now my GP has probably had Blue Clinic notes, and knows that it was very difficult for me. He was very nice and wants me to come and see him as he realises how depressed this is all making me, and a watch has to be kept on my mental health as well.. He has put me on the list for physio to deal with the sciatica on the other side, bearing in mind the restrictions the toe causes. Well that's where we are, I feel like back to square one but hey ho gotta keep going. Thank you for all your support.
  12. Seen the podiatrist today, had a tiny fragment of bone removed again, bloody agony, my elderly mother now has badly bruised upper arms where I had to grip her. I am in shock. But never mind, its done, and pink and granular were both mentioned in a good way. For anyone who wants to doubt your advice, my podiatrist agrees with your advice word for word. Just Friday and the Blue Clinic but its not Friday yet. Confined to barracks except emergencies for another 4 weeks.
  13. Well you certainly helped me understand what two vascular surgeons and a GP didnlt! So I am listening to you and the podiatrist. I will post up what happens, after Friday.
  14. Thank you again. What a state to get into! I am not diabetic, my dad was, its the type 1 and all his 7 siblings had it, none of their children had it, some of the grandchildren developed it, no great grandchildren have it yet. Well, you know what, my podiatrist is really the only person who has paid any attention to this and I think he has already yelled from the rafters. Hence the GP's getting me these appts. But I will show him this tomorrow, The though of amputation of anything is horrific to me and is actually keeping me awake at night. It is the little toe on my right foot, on top of the toe, and the podiatrist has had to do unspeakable things to it with a scalpel whilst I practically break my 77 year old mother's very frail wrist. I feel like marching into my doctor and demanding to have things explained to me in future in just the way you have. I wonder if you lecture?
  15. Thank you BazzaS. My podiatrist is coming to my home tomorrow to do some treatment, I'll ask him all of this. You see, where I had been told to walk I was trying to avoid the ulcer so I was walking weightbearing on my big toe. If that makes sense. I have a letter now an urgent apt with orthopaedics on Friday morning. I am absolutely terrified of anything medical, and its not just a case of "oh I am frightened" its to do with the PTSD, and I feel my GP was wrong right at the start not to look at that toe and palm me off with anti-depressants. My stay in March in hospital for the week was so traumatic too my silly brain that a lot of its been blanked out. But I know I was in a dreadful state mentally. Thank you for your time and simple explanation. Jackie
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