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  1. Hi please see below the response from BH airlines to my delay flight claim - seems to be saying, yes the aircraft was broke but we are only a charter company so tough! Also interesting interpretation of BH holidays terms and conditions. Whats next then SC court? any views gratefully received: Thank you for contacting BH AIR Customer Service Department and thus giving us the chance to review your complaint. Thank you for your patience while the case was being reviewed. First of all, we would like to apologize for the inconveniences you faced due to the delay of your f
  2. Can anyone please tell me what the penalty charge is (or admin charge as BG like to call it) that is applied by Offgem when a complaint s registere with them?ThanksBF
  3. The Notice is addressed from the Court Enforcement Centre, Morley Nr Leeds, but I notice the franking mark on the envelope is from the magistrates Court at Bradford
  4. No - Ive come home from work to find the arrest notice tonight. I tried the numbers on it but no asnwer
  5. About 1 month ago I received a "Final Steps" notice from the Court enforcement office. I have lived at this address for 18 months and never received anything previously. There was no information other than a demand for £290 and a reference number - nothing else, no info what it related to (other than something to do with unpaid parking fines which I managed deduced from the dept address), no dates etc. I wrote to them asking for more information and copies of documents requesting time to consider them, take advice and get back to them. I received no response until tonight when I hav
  6. Ive not found anything on google, but there are 2 or 3 tweets on twitter about similar letters
  7. Hi I have come home tonight to find a letter from Sureterm saying Im entitled to a one off refund of £83.07. They have apparently reviewed their sales procedures during 2009/2010 and say my policy was overcharged. They say the sales process that resulted in the overcharge has since been changed to stop this. They need some personal info, date of birth etc at verification, which did cause warning bells, but the contact numbers do seem to be correct. Anyone knows what this is about? Maybe they are trying to avoid "Swinton"! No offer of compo, or interest - just a straight fo
  8. Hi can anyone help me please? Had notice of child tax creadit overpayment due to us both being self employed at the time (Ive been back in PAYE for 4 years). We had subsequent award notices saying no payments due to previous overpayments, so assumed debt was reducing. Ive just received change of tax code which apparently means they will be taking an extra £165 per month to repay the overpayments. We just cant manage this - we are already on the edge. My salary and £80 fam allow are our only income. My partner is self employed kitchen fitter little or no work - I think he had 4
  9. british gas enginers are salesmen who have to reach targets, and will often condem boilers using any trick they can unsafe/obsolete parts being the usual scare tactic
  10. Hi BF I have an outstanding charges claim. I didnt issue and shabbey said they would await the OFT decision. Shortly after the OFT decision I received a letter from them demanding £1000 being my ovderdraft facility they removed as I was no longer paying in £1000 per month, followed by a default notice. That was about a month ago and now gone quiet. Not sure what to do now, but if they issue proceedings, maybe counterclaim my charges? All coments gratfeully received! Many thanks Blue
  11. One of the CCJ's against them shold be for my £50! Hi Patrick, im fine mate, u 2? I waft in and out from time to time. Just about to start a crusade against Abbey now! I had a thought this morning, how about report Mr Turnblad to the Solicitors conduct guys? Love blue x
  12. I intimated my claim agianst Abbey about 18 mnths, 2 years ago, but didnt issue. The COA case then came up and as you will all know Abbey did not deal, pending the outcome. I have just had a letter from Santander canceling my facilities (which I dont use - I have another bank now), and I will be receving a default letter in 15 days time. Can they default me when the account is disputed? The balance is £1061, £1000 being my overdraft they withdrew! I did get a gogw payment about a year ago, but they even messed that up - it hadnt been paid into my account when they said it h
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