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  1. Debt collectors were sending me emails so probably it has been sold to them.. Now I don't get emails even from debt collectors
  2. SO in nutshell I should send capital one and O2 letter that currently I m not I a position t deal with account and will contact them while on my return...
  3. But if i dont want to get in touch with debt collectors, i would rather directly deal with company which is O2 and capital one in my cse
  4. I have had capital one credit card since 2011 I think. All was going fine and i never defaulted any payments untill i had a big family problem back home and I had to leave in emergency and took some cash out of credit card as i had little saving in bank. Then i missed payments from january 2013 and started to receive emails from them and later from Debt collection agencies. I ignored them altogether. Now even debt collectors have stopped sending emails.... Regarding O2, i had 2 contracts in 2012... never missed any payments there as well till i had to leave in emergency... Even most of the stuff i kept at my friends home there...
  5. My debt is about 2000 pounds. Shall i write to Capital One UK head office or debt collection office.
  6. @uncle bulgaria, now i am slightly confused as some say contact them while some say dont contact them and let them find you... if i am not getting any contracts or properties in my name, nor will i register in any credit check company, how will they find me then, i hope bank wont give my details out or the company i will work for....Almost 1.6 years have passed since i left and it will be almost 3 years when i m planning to go to UK permanently. In that case they might have already got a court judgement
  7. Great buddy @renegadeimp... Thank you so much all of those who replied and all those who help people here with difficulties. If they contact me which is highly unlikely coz i am not getting any contract in my name or any property, but if they do, i will be back here for help.. Bless u all
  8. Lol, thanks man for support... So u suggest that I should send them an email regarding this issue now so that when i move to UK permanently i would start paying them back...??? or as per one brother shall I let them find me when I permanently move to UK and then sort out with them
  9. Thanks rebel, Yes I will get a Pay as You Go or I might not even need it. I am talking about later next year when i move permanently to UK. That's what I am afraid off....
  10. Thanks fkofilee, I will then not contact them at all. I hope they dun send anyone to home before contacting me visa email....
  11. Thanks a lot guys. I feel much lighter now. I want to know is the easy way to deal it. Shall i contact them or shall I let them find me, please let me know so they dont bully me once i move back permanently
  12. Thanks man, yeah but how should I go for settlement as they must have put lot of interest and fines on it... Please give me a best way to deal with it.. Regards
  13. Thanks mate.. I will be staying in UK for 10 days at the moment but am thinking to permanently move there in June 2015.. . I know my credit score will be bad but I can get a contract in my wife name to run me temporarily... Shall I contact capital one and O2 when I move permanently or I just simple ignore and keep everything in my wife name so they can't find me..?? Personally I am thinking to contact O2 and reach a settlement.. What do u suggest
  14. Hello, I left UK in emergency with a debt of about £2200 on capital one card and 2 phone contracts... Now I m coming back to UK after a couple of months... Will I be stopped at airport or arrested...??? I have stopped recieving any emails from capital one and O2...?? Kindly answer me
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