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  1. Thanks alot for your advice, this is the kind of information I was seeking when posting in this forum. I have done further research into PACE Police and Criminal evidence act 1984 and wrongful arrest, I will update you on my progress, I may seek legal advice from a lawyer. I'm not sure why none of his collegues didn't have the conviction to tell him that it was a civil matter, rather than telling me. I have a couple of wees booked off work so will have plenty of time to deal with this. I will also mount a case against the baliffs as it was them that initiated all this trouble by filing a false report to the police. I have today got confirmation from the courts that the account was placed on hold at the time they stated that they placed a clamp on my car, so if the clamp was removed it was done because it was placed on the car illegally. Thanks to everyone for the advice
  2. No notice of seizure was left. The reason I have put it in this forum is because its the police that I feel behaved incorrectly, they should not have arrested me on the word of a baliff saying the car was stolen.
  3. Thanks for your replies I will be making the complaint to the ipcc, but just wanted some advice on where I stood and what to expect.
  4. Hi, I need some advice. I had a PCN that was unpaid and lead to baliffs being assigned. I contacted the courts on Friday 25th October as I had not received some mail regarding the PCN's and they placed a hold on any further action being taken until they could investigate. I was advised that the balifs would be called off until the courts could look into the issue. On Saturday night at approximately 9.30pm I was stopped in my car by police who advised that the car I was driving had been reported as stolen. I showed them proof that the car was mine and that I had not reported it stolen. They advised me that the car had been reported stolen by the Baliffs company as a clamp had been placed on the car and removed. I told them that no clamp had been placed on my car and explained that even if one had been on it, it would not make the car the property of the bailiff. I tried really hard to reason with the police officer but he did not want to to listen. He said that "I am going to have to arrest you for theft of a motor vehicle, but won't hand cuff you because you have been reasonable." I was read my rights and placed into the police car and driven to the police station where I had my finger prints and DNA taken. I have never felt so humilated, even other officers were saying they did not know what i was doing there as it was a civil matter. I was held in a police cell for 11 hours, whilst there the police went to my home knocked on the door and gained entry, my bedroom door was locked with a key so they kicked it in and searched my room. They took photocopies of the PCN notices in my room. During the interview they tried to tell me that they could do me for criminal damage as the clamp had been removed (according to the baliff), they found no clamp in my house and no eveidence that a clamp had ever been placed on my car. The clamp was supposedly placed on my vehicle on Friday night but I have never seen a clamp on my car, according to the courts all action should have been ceased until further notice as of that friday morining. I left the police station at 11am Sunday 27th and was told that the were going to hold onto my car until the 15th November for a court date. I called Sunday evening and was told to come for my keys and that they were going to throw the case out, I was told that if I had a spare I should just take it as it was parked across the road from the police station. I thought this rather odd. On arrival to the police station i was advised that they could not find my keys and this was case until Tuesday 29th, when i finally got my keys back to take my car. I have all the paper work from the police station stating that I was arrested for car theft and I am really unhappy about my treatment. I know I have a case but any advice on how to move forward would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance whe
  5. Hi, this was a reply to an escalation. I have now written to another senior complaints officer to escalate for the second time. I also called Newlyn baliffs and have now been advised if I can produce proof from Dvla that the car was not mine they will return the money. Called DVLA and apparently if i fill out a V88 form I can get the information for a fee of £5
  6. Is anyone here aware as to whether or not there is a time limit in which one can complain about issues such as this. This issue occured in 2011, as far as i am aware information is held for up to 6 years so the issue can still be investigated. Its only come to light in recent years that baliffs are corrupt and the corrupt methods they use to obtain money so is it unreasonable for someone who finds out they've been duped to request their money back a year or two later?
  7. Hi guys just an update I took the advice suggested, Below is a snippet of the letter I sent "On the 27th December I Spoke to a Newlyn representative called **** who provided me with the registration of the car levied upon which was a Porsche with the registration number of **** ***. This car does not and has never belonged to me, so the ‘levy’ and the ‘Attendance to Remove’ fee are totally invalid and must be refunded. DVLA hold and can provide information relating to vehicles for 6 years and over so if need be ownership of this vehicle on the date of levy can be confirmed quiet easily. Before the Levy fees were applied the bailiff should have confirmed ownership or this can be construed as a form of fraud /deception as money has been collected based on this lie. I request a full refund of all monies paid relating to the levy on the vehicle as I do not and have not ever owned it. If fees are not returned I will seek their recovery through the small claims track, which may result in a CCJ against the council and Newlyn who will be joint defendants. Please read the Local Government ombudsman’s investigation into Blaby Council and Rossendales, regarding third party levies. " I got back a rather suprising reply which stated " There does not seem to be any compelling reason why you were unable to complain about this matter at the time and therefore my view is that the issue should not be revisited." Its taken 1 month exactly to get this response and i've been asked to escallate it again if i'm not happy with it. Feels like there trying to ware me down.
  8. Thank you very much for everyone who has provided information. I have just recieved confirmation from Newlyn of the registration number. The car does not and has not ever belonged to me. They took money from me for a levy on a car that was not mine, I am going to ask for a refund but is there anything I should add in my correspondence to them regarding this? Thanks again
  9. Hi , I made payments to Newlyn for council tax owed to brent in 2011 and have recently discovered that over £200 of the payments were for Newlyn charges. I queried the charges for Attendance to Remove as no levy was ever carried out as far as I was aware. I have attached the response I got back from brent and would like some clarification on certain things; 1) If a vehicle was levied upon, don't they have a legal requirement to store and provide the registration number of the vehicle to me. 2)In the attached letter it is stated "there was a vehicle parked immediately outside the property which the bailiff believed he had seen previously , This was subsequently levied upon ". There is no designated parking or drive way outside my property as I live in a flat, so the cars can belong to anyone who lives along the road. Please advise on what further action I can take, regarding claiming back both the Levy fee and the Attendance to Remove fee. Letter is attached below [ATTACH]40192[/ATTACH]
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