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  1. Ho Ho Ho. another good belly laugh and do you you think gives them these awards for lying? I am against hunting Foxes as I believe it is immoral and cruel.
  2. HB and yourself are hilarious and my sides are aching even more. Next you will be telling us that the earth is flat! Can any journalist present the true facts instead of letting a good story get in the way? Unfortunately I along with many others have been on the receiving end twice due to the distorted facts presented by the media.
  3. Thanks for a good laugh. My sides are still aching! Made my morning!
  4. Does any one really care what Ch4 do? We never watch Ch4 anyway as a waste of time most of the time. We all know that most politicians are lying when they open their mouths. Ch4 are really scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for anything newsworthy in their opinion. Getting even worse than Sky news.
  5. That maybe correct but check the facts on the number of votes. BTW I am a Trump fa and long may he reign.
  6. I think you need to check your facts.
  7. They are both Americans and using the buddy buddy system. Nothing wrong with that if you get the desired results.
  8. Most definitely as he is one of the best presidents they have had in a long time. He is straight forward and does not beat around the bush unlike most of our politicians. He may not have the finesse required but he does things right. I am sure that he will win the next election probably with a majority this time.
  9. Isn't it great that we now have two Americans managing two of the biggest economies in the world. I hope that like Trump, Johnson does a good job of being PM!
  10. As the contract was cancelled by the kennels you should get a full refund without any admin charges being deducted If they do charge an admin fee you are entitled to ask for a breakdown.
  11. If the vehicle broke down within 30 days then under CRA 2015 it is assumed that the fault was there prior to delivery i.e. inherent! You are being strung along and they are playing with you. Don't bother contacting them again as you have given them more than enough opportunity refund. Go straight for the jugular!
  12. I am guessing that you are a comedian by trade as your posts get funnier by the minute. Now we have unicorns running around having poops all over remianers!
  13. You have me in stitches. My sides are aching from laughing to long and hard. Please stop with the hilarity!
  14. Thanks for making my day as that has to one of the funniest posts I have read in a long time. Reminds me of Daffy Duck jokes! Keep them rolling in as need more entertainment!
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