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  1. I wrote to the CEO at Maidenhead on 9th Sept and have had no reply, but I have had no more threatening letters etc. Not sure if it has now been put to bed to will come back to haunt me at some point in the future?
  2. We were told that to service our twin axle caravan the cost was £250. We also required additional work and we would pay to have done. We were phoned by the dealer and told cost was £279 which was fair enough for the extra work as labour charge is £60 an hour. On collection they added on extras like oil, grease and brake cleaner at £8, CO2 gas check at £3 and 32mm Alko flange at £18. On the two previous occasions the charge of £250 included oil, grease, brake cleaner and Alko flange which is a one shot nut. the caravan has done 1050 miles since it's last service in Oct 2019. How can they do a service without using oil, grease and brake cleaner? For the amount of £8 I could have bought a tin of grease, a can of oil and a can of brake cleaner. It is a caravan that does not have an engine and the only actual service parts are the running gear i.e. axles, wheels and hitch. All the rest are checks i.e. damp check and gas pressure check for leaks. As for the CO2 gas check is a total rip off as CO2 is carbon dioxide and not carbon monoxide! To justify the charge of £3 they used regulations relating to tenancy domestic agreement which is not applicable to caravans ! Unfortunately as they had our caravan to get it back we had no option except to pay for the service plus the extras! Really annoyed, but what can you do as they have you over a barrel?
  3. The issue has been resolved amicably and to the satisfaction of both parties. Stood my ground and they agreed I was correct as I had all the paperwork to hand.
  4. Thanks and tried that route. Seems they can for Jeeps up to about 2010, but not the newer versions. I even tried an ex-Jeep franchise and same answer although they can service and reapir Jeeps, if a repair is done where the software needs to be updated, I need to go to a franchsie dealer and cost is about £120. I am wondering if a Subject Access Request can be made showing all documentation including a read out from the ECU on the Jeep?
  5. In the T&Cs there is no definition for MOT Check & Repair 12 month cover £750. Actually it is not even mentioned at all in the T&Cs. I have track of the emails disputing the service regime and that is not being disputed any more. The issue being disputed is that under the service contract as per the "12 month cover £750" the MOT, minor fault and advisories should have been repaired. In addition, their own health check indicated that the rear discs were 60% corroded and I am of the opinion they should have been repaired at the time of the service. They quoted me nearly £500 to replace the rear brake discs. I had the same job done on a 2005 Jeep GC and the cost was under £200. By the end of the 3 year contract we will have paid in £1487.16. We took out the service plan believing it to insure us against any expensive repairs at the time of the MOT or service. What was the point in paying for the "insurance" part of the plan if it does not work. I am now also wondering if the credit payments would be covered by FOS although this is not mentioned in the T&Cs? As said we now have the warning light on again so it does appear that they may have frigged the software to make the message disappear for the MOT. I have no way of proving this. I need to mae sure that I have the correct information to argue my case as more then likely they are going to baulk when the "Serv 4WD" issue is brought up when Isee them on Tuesday.
  6. Earlier in Sept I was concerned about a warning message on the dashboard of my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee bought second hand in 2018 with full Jeep dealer service history and 60k on the clock. The Jeep was due for its MOT and service on 21st Sept. I did not buy from the dealer in question and it is not on finance. The warning was regarding a message "Serv 4WD" plus the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Activation light glowing. I had a 3 year service plan with the Jeep dealership and this covered up to £750 of repairs that may be required as a result of the MOT or service. It was due for its 100k or 8th year service as per the manufacturer's specifications. I dropped the Jeep off at the Jeep dealership in the morning with the warning "Serv 4WD" message permanently on. Anyway the Jeep went through the MOT which was done by a third party with no reference to the warning message, but had other advisories. I collected the Jeep after the service and no warning message so was quite pleased. However between the date of the service and now we have done less than 500 miles with the Jeep. Unfortunately the message "Serv 4WD" and ESC Actitivation light are now both back up. I am now beginning to suspect that in order to save money the Jeep dealership accessed the onboard computer, removed the error message and did a temporary fix for the Jeep to pass the MOT however I have no way of proving this. In addition to the above, they never did the correct service and instead of a full service where a number of belts need to be changed etc for the 100k or 8th years service the dealer only did an interim service i.e one required every 6 months if the vehicle is used for police, taxi, heavy towing etc. Although the Jeep has only done 60k as it is 8 years old it should have had its 100k or 8 year service. They did the interim one for 93.5k instead and then told me it was the correct service although the service plan clearly indicated 100k or 8th service. The plan was sold to me indicating that the vehicle was insured for repairs related to the service up to a value of £750. At its service last month it was pointed out to me that the rear brakes were corroding. The MOT tester had an advisory that there was a slight leak from one of the shocks at the rear. I asked the dealer why the brakes had not been replaced as per the service plan and then I was told that only related to a MOT failure and we would need to pay nearly £500 for the discs to be changed? We were definitley not told that "service" repairs were not covered when we took out the plan. Both my wife and myself were present when I agreed to the plan. Their excuse is that their rep acted improperly and has been fired. To my mind they were still acting on behalf of the company and if it was improper it should have been picked up when passed to management for approval. Attached is a copy of the service contract with hopefully all details removed. Note where it states "MOT £54.85, MOT Check & Repair 12 month Cover £750." The 12 month cover indicated that the Jeep was covered for repairs up to £750 for 12 months. We were given the impression that this included repairs required at time of service and not just repairs aligned to the MOT. They eventually conceded I was correct and the Jeep is going back for the proper 100k service on Tuesday, but I am not sure where I stand regarding the warning message, MOT advisories plus their own health check mentioning rear discs wer 60% corroded the as my gut feeling is that it should be covered by CRA 2015. Any input would be welcomed. Thanks. Jeep service plan.docx
  7. Eventually I sent a recorded letter to them about a month ago regarding cancelled contract. No reply. I think I will need to pay to check my credit file to make sure they have not trashed it. Unfortunately I do not know which organisation Three use to conduct credit checks.
  8. Thanks. Still do not want any debt collectors banging on my door while we are away. Our big concern is them trashing my credit file.
  9. I have been a Three customer for over 10 years and the current contract was coming to an end in May 5th and that is where it all went downhill. We are getting totally exasperated by Three and no matter how times you call or write to them they simply ignore your message. Back in April on 23rd I bought a Three sim card from Three on contract for £16 a month to replace my current sim card. However I had second thoughts later in the day and contacted them via their “Chat” on the Three website on the same day to cancel. I told them that I wanted to cancel, but the person I was corresponding with on the Chat was very evasive and after nearly an hour I gave up. I then contacted them again via the “Chat” on the same day and the advisor agreed that the sim would be cancelled and that my current sim would revert back to being a PAYG at end of contract the following month. The following day I got the new sim card which is still in its original sealed packaging and has never been used. Not trusting the adviser I then wrote and sent a letter via snail mail, not email, to the Three head office in Glasgow outlining my issues and explaining that on two different occasions on the 23rd I had cancelled the sim card. I heard nothing further and assumed that the issue had been resolved. On Tuesday 30th June I received a threatening letter from Three stating that if I did not pay the overdue amount of £22.84 they would send debt collectors to our home. I contacted Three again via the Chat as at present one cannot contact Three by phone. Went through everything explaining that the order had been cancelled Online through Chat within less than 24 hours plus I had also written to the head office. I had to explain this to two different advisers with the last one telling me that he was not authorised to make any changes and that he will be passing my query through to accounts and that they will be contacting me within 48 hours. Today I got another threatening letter stating that if I did not pay the outstanding amount debt collectors would be sent to my home and my credit rating would be affected. Obviously this is causing me a lot of stress especially as I am now in another contract with Three for a different package. If I had realised that the £16 a month sim had not been cancelled I would never have gone ahead with the new contract. I am a pensioner and cannot afford to pay for two contracts for the same phone. Three are making no effort to contact myself despite contacting them three times about the sim card with once being in writing that should have been cancelled. This whole issue is causing me a lot of stress especially as we are away for 3 weeks from Sunday and the last thing we need is debt collectors banging on our door while we are away. As we are going away for 3 weeks I am not sure whether to pay the "outstanding" amount and then on our return make noises to reclaim it or just ignore it and hope for the best. Please advise us on the best course of action to get this matter resolved. Many thanks.
  10. There is a charge to phone the Embassy and it can work out to be quite expensive. There are zero entitlement to help in SA and you are on your own. Neither the mother or father if he was still alive would have been affected by the change in age for pension. As far as I am aware no occupational pensions in place. As said it is a very complex situation and in order to keep head above water daughter would need a minimum income of R45000 (£2500) a month just to survive.
  11. Thanks. Husband and wife born and worked in UK until about 1976 and the returned in 1996 and worked in UK until about 2016 when husband passed away age 66 years. He was working at the time. Would the wife be entitled to anything extra as husband had obviously paid NI and never claimed state pension? They are obviously scratching for any sort of money at present as she is broke and husband is now refusing to give her any money although she supported him for neatly 4 years. It is not cheap doing anything in South Africa as just to travel to Embassy would cost her in excess of R1000 even though it is only 45 miles away.
  12. Mother and father worked here and then went to SA in about 1978 returning to UK in about 1996 and worked here until 2016 when her husband died at age 66. He was still working at the time. She then went to live with daughter in SA. Mother only claims for her pension.
  13. This is not our issue, but an issue with a friend. Our friend is living in South Africa and now suffers from dementia and is in a home. The daughter has been paying for the home however the daughter was made redundant and has a child to support. Daughter's husband keeps kicking her out of the house with the 3 year old boy and daughter had nowhere to go. The mother and daughter both have British passports. Mother and father(now deceased) are British born, but daughter was born in South Africa. The 3 year old was born in in South Africa. Daughter is now broke and cannot keep the mother in a home any longer. Daughter wants to return to the UK where she did live for several years previously so had NI number etc. however not sure what she can do with her mother. The other issue is that the father is trying to get custody of the child so another issue. We, on behalf of the daughter who phoned us this morning, want to discuss with a social worker the options if any that may be open as on arrival here the mother will need to go straight into a home. We can offer the daughter and child temporary accommodation with us. Who should we contact? A very complicated scenario that normally we would not involved ourselves with as we are in our late sixties, retired and not that much money in the bank.
  14. Ho Ho Ho. another good belly laugh and do you you think gives them these awards for lying? I am against hunting Foxes as I believe it is immoral and cruel.
  15. HB and yourself are hilarious and my sides are aching even more. Next you will be telling us that the earth is flat! Can any journalist present the true facts instead of letting a good story get in the way? Unfortunately I along with many others have been on the receiving end twice due to the distorted facts presented by the media.
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