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  1. Hi I tried to claim PPI from a Tesco credit card in 2012 I was rejected and didn’t take it to a ombudsman.. Defaulted 2009 and was paying £50 a month for a no of years. Then I dropped it to £1 per month in 2016. As I came out of work. Owe around £4000. But never upped the £1 pcm. Had a CCA off them in 2016 but they’ve never chased for extra money only have a odd random text saying call as my arrangement has expired. Fast foward to Sept 2017 I re applied for PPI under Plevin and have been offered some money however they want to take it off the debt. Are they allowed to do this? The acceptance forms says By signing this form I confirm that this offer is rightfully mine. I am aware this payment will be credited against any outstanding arrears on my credit card account within 28 days of receipt off this acceptance form. By accepting this refund. I confirm that any unfair relationship created between me and Tesco bank as a result of undisclosed high commission or otherwise has been rectified and that this refund is made in full and final settlement of any claim and complaint made by me against Tesco bank arising out of or in a connection with the sale of PPI
  2. Hi All Tesco Credit Card taken out in 2004 and got into difficulties 2007/08 Been gradually repaying debt since then Last 4 years been paying £50/month Current balance circa £2,500 Went through I&E with Tesco in January and agreed £50/month for next 12 months Tesco letter and Intrum letter came together in one envelope from Intrum last week Per Noddle, Intrum have done a search Tesco letter says: "If you have an active repayment plan in place, and your circumstances haven't changed, you can continue to pay off your balance as you are now, but paying Intrum UK Finance Limited instead of us. You will need to take action and update you payment details to redirect your payments to Intrum UK Finance Limited." Intrum letter says: "We understand that you've already agreed a repayment plan with Tesco Personal Finance Plc. We want you to continue this agreement with us so we ask you contact us in the next 30 days to make arrangements to do this. If it's affordable we're happy to accept the same arrangement you had with Tesco Personal Finance Plc." What propose doing is pay £50/month to Intrum for next 4 years until debt is paid off. What I don't propose doing is communicate with Intrum. Question - can Intrum force me to go through I&E or any other form of communication with them? I'd appreciate any advice on how I should proceed.
  3. Good evening all, I took out a unsecured personal loan around 2 years ago with Tesco bank. My financial situation has changed quite a bit in the past 6 months, lost a family member, dealing with depression and anxiety and due to this my self employment businesses sales have plummeted. I got a part time job to help cover my living expenses so i'm trying my best to keep up with all of my payments. My outstanding balance is just over £16k. Monthly payments just under £400. The past 4 months I've been paying late. At the end of every month I end up giving every single penny I have toward this loan payment. Tomorrow I am planning on sending this letter off I found in the forums. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387346-Ask-Creditor-to-Accept-Pro-Rata-Payments-**Correct-as-at-October-2013** I was just wondering where I can find a I/E sheet? and do I include this loan payment in that sheet? Also what is considered a reasonable offer that they would be inclined to accept? Is this the best way forward? Thank you in advance
  4. In February I may have inadverdantly used some data in an airport resulting in a bill for around £260. I disputed this bill on the grounds that a safety buffer should have been on my account. TM claim I removed the safety buffer when I upgraded however I dispute this. In an email confirmation I received when I upgraded, there is no mention of the safety buffer at all. Having reached deadlock, I escalated the matter to the Ombudsman. During the course of my complaint, TM terminated my contract as the oustanding balance remained unpaid. I had offered to pay any bills other than that which was disputed however TM ignored this and the total they now claim I owe is in the region of £1600. The Ombudsman have ruled in favour of TM. They say that they cannot prove one way or another whether I removed the safety buffer while upgrading however they think it is more likely that I did. They have offered no rationale for this. I have stated that TM's actions in terminating the contract and billing me for the outstanding value while a bill is under dispute goes against the spirt of offering a resolution service and in fact undermines it. The Ombudsman accept this but have no powers to do anything about it. TM claim their records show I removed the safety buffer. An online order confirmation appears to show this however this was never sent to me and the email confirmation does not mention it at all. There is a data cap which applies to roaming outside the EU. Even without the safety buffer, I do not believe I have ever opted out of this. Finally, TM's mobile states the following: "If you’re not on a Capped contract or have removed your safety buffer We’ll still protect you with a high-usage limit!to stop you running up unexpectedly high bills. This limit varies per tariff but could be !up to! 4 times the cost of your monthly tariff. If you reach this high-usage limit you won’t be able to use your phone until you make a payment. Also, there’s a limit on how much you can spend on data abroad – to help you avoid a scary bill when you get home. You can spend up to £40 on data, but! after that we’ll bar your device, so you don’t rack up any more charges. If this happens, you can call us on 4455 from your Tesco Mobile phone, or call our automated payment line free on 4488 and once you’ve made a payment you can use your phone again within 2 hours. If you’re on a tariff with a safety buffer!then you can protect what you spend by choosing a safety buffer that’s right for you. If you’re happy to spend more than £40 on data when you’re away, call us on 4455 before you go." TM did not apply any bar on my phone after the £40 limit. I think it is clear from the above that, even if TM's contention that I had removed the safety buffer is correct, the bill should still not have exceded £40. The Ombudsman did not consider this final piece of information as it was not available to me at the time. I am looking for advice on how to proceed. My main concern here is removing adverse information from my credit file as soon as possible and obviously I have no intention of paying monies that I do not owe. From what I can gather I may need to take the matter to court but this would also cost me money I would rather not spend.
  5. This happened on June 19th, I was caught abusing a loophole in the self checkout where I scanned cheaper items to put in heavier, more expensive items down. I had being doing this for a while quite often, but didn't take anything of high value, just food on my lunch breaks. When I was caught, they said they were on to me for the past couple months. I had visited the Tesco only 2 to 3 times a week and at odd times during lunch (could be from 12pm to 2pm) and not everytime I did this, sometimes paying for a bag of crisps, etc. The thing is, the security guard didn't even pull me into their office, he took me to the side and gotten my personal details and didn't even bother calling the police because what I took that day was such a low value. Told me I would receive a letter telling me what action they will take in 2 weeks or so. Just got down my details from my drivers license, paid for what I had taken on that occasion, didn't take a photo of me and said I'm banned from the store. Did not mention civil recovery action. He said it's likely the head office will review the CCTV footage of previous times I went in and will probably take it to the police. I immediately wrote a letter to the store manager and head office, showing deep remorse and apologised, in which the customer service manager replied with a letter thanking me, but not saying what actions the head office will take due to data privacy laws. Not heard anything from the store itself. I was expecting this to trigger a DWF letter to pressure fines on me, but it has almost been 3 months and haven't heard anything else, other than that one letter so it's making me so anxious and worried. If it's taking so long, is it likely the are building a case and the police are getting involved? Or were they pressuring me into not going in again and have just left it at that? Or should I expect a late DWF letter and nothing else? Does it take multiple months to see one of these letters? People have said they're letting me sweat it: it's too much time to sit through hours of CCTV to see what I had took of relatively low value and it would not be cost effective to involve the police, but still a possibility, or it could have even been forgotten about. I have been told it might be sitting in a pile with others, but a lot of people on this forum seem to have received DWF / RLP letters relatively quick. Someone else had even told me there won't be any complicated background police investigation and my punishment would be very minor if I was to receive one, but I am still unsure and very very worried about it still, I stress about it often. I had also been told waiting this long could have potentially harmed any chances of a case, since it would have been proceeded with sooner after the incident? Would they still hold onto CCTV from April to June?
  6. My partner had a Tesco Credit Card that we stopped paying years ago, last payment seems to be August 2011. She gets letters every now and again from Robinson Way that I just ignore and they go away again for a few months received a Pre-action Protocol letter this morning from Howard Cohen & Co and wondering whether I need to do anything or still ignore. As the last payment was so long ago I was thinking the debt would be statute barred by now in 2014 Tesco wrote to her about a PPI refund which she took, hoping to get some money from them and against my advice, but it was just taken off the debt and I'm not sure how this affects the statute barred status? I'm a little bit out of the loop now with what the correct process is for this kind of thing, what letter to send when etc. so any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
  7. I purchased a refurbished TV with inbuilt dvd from Tesco's Ebay seller. The sound wasn't the most perfect I'd ever heard but I just put this down to its being a cheap telly (normal price £119, I bought for £78). By the 5th-6th week I was having to turn the sound down to next to nothing and cover my left ear because it was literally painful inside the ears. I borrowed a friend's TV, which happened to be exactly the same model but only two weeks old. There was an undefinable lack of quality in the sound of mine when comparing the two, I sent my telly back to be repaired. It ticked me off that I had to pay £8.50 to do this. Yesterday it came back and, lo and behold, the sound it no different. My problem is twofold. Firstly, that I will have to pay yet another £8.50 (which kind of defeated the point of not buying new in the first place). It's a bit rich to sell someone a product, even if it is refurbished, that you then have to effectively pay to be fixed. Secondly, I'm worried that they will just send it back again as is. Unless you keep it for a little while or can stand it next to a new TV and listen to the difference, there is no clear problem. And their policy states: The warranty policy states "If a product is returned as faulty but not found to have a manufacturing fault...no product or postage costs will be refunded". See their full policy below. I really don't want it any more, nor indeed a replacement, just a refund. Any suggestions will be welcome. (policy: The fault has developed after 30 days but within 12 months of delivery. From 30 days after receipt of the goods until 12 months, we will arrange for a repair or replacement of the goods and, if this does not work, a refund. Once the item is returned to us and sent to our technicians, if a repair is not possible, we will offer either a refund, or a replacement product (stock permitting). The Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and insurance. The 12 month warranty starts from the date of the original purchase. If a product is returned as faulty but not found to have a manufacturing fault or if a fault has developed as a result of misuse, no product or postage costs will be refunded.)
  8. Afternoon following on from another thread i sent off for a signed credit agreement and have now received this what do i do next as i can hardly read it and they also had my surname wrong and just crossed it out and wrote the correct name in pen and it was signed with my signature but deleted now for obvious reasons Tesco signed agreement.pdf
  9. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/motoring/tesco-parking-parent-child-fine-1157405
  10. Hello, I was caught shoplifting at a Tesco store and the manager ran after me, took the stuff back and said I'm banned from the store and he will send the video and my picture to the police. Im now worried that I will get charged by the police... He did not take me inside for anything. He did not ask me for a name or address, but on previous occasions I was there with my company uniform, so I'm wondering , If they could contact my employer and get my details or the police on their behalf...
  11. I called in at my local Tescos with one of their new 10p carrier bags which is meant to be reused, had some price marked PG tea bags with a large price mark on it I'd brought from a local shop in this bag. I was shopping around and I had a basket, I went to the till, handed the bag over to be filled and without consent the person serving me took these tea bags out of my bag and had held them up even though they had the yellow price on them and said loudly "Are you paying for these?" I was gobsmacked the fact not only did she go into my bag without consent but pretty much accused me by saying I'd got them from there... I turned around and there was a queue, I felt everyone's eyes on me. I got no apology although I pointed out the fact they had a price mark within the packaging. I'm self employed and I live local to Tescos and so do my 400 customers, Tescos is a place where I often see my customers and I've even been paid by customers in this store when I'm shopping. The staff seem to do nothing but spy on me when I'm using the self option till or they are either on crafty ciggy breaks or patting customers puppies. I've requested cctv footage but was told it would be £10 then was told I could not access it. I was hoping on your advices as I'm thinking about legal advice, especially if any my customers was in the queue. Thanks.
  12. I am currently in the process of a claim with Tesco Bank with regard to a single premium PPI policy added to a loan and interest charged on top of the total. I rang them today for an update (this is the seventh week of the claim) and I was informed that the final response letter is with their quality control team before sending it out to me, I was just wondering if this is a normal part of the process and if anyone has experience of how long the quality control team takes to release the letter. Also does anyone know what is the success rate for single premium claims?
  13. When the Tesco driver arrived, I went out to sign for the shopping and instructed him where to leave it (in an area by my side porch). He refused and informed me that he had to watch me take the shopping into my home. Under no circumstances would I find it acceptable to be "watched" as I carry my shopping into my home. I find that creepy to be honest. I explained that I was in the middle of an important call and that I wanted it leaving where I directed. He then drove off with our urgent shopping leaving us, disabled and housebound and the animals without food. I have now been charged a delivery fee for shopping that was not delivered through no fault of my own that so far Tesco is refusing to refund. We have had absolutely no problems with Asda who are always wonderful and helpful. This experience with Tesco has been awful, even throughout the complaints process. This is what I have received back from the executive complaints team today: "Our drivers are unable to leave orders in a safe place, and do require a signature. This is explained in our Terms and Conditions which you accepted when you opened your account. I’ve copied the relevant information below. “All goods must be signed for on delivery by an adult aged 18 years or over. Tesco follows a "Think 25" policy, so if the person receiving the goods looks under 25, proof of age will be requested. If proof is not available and there is no-one of that age at the address when delivery is being made, the goods may be retained by the driver. If we attempt to deliver your order to the delivery address as arranged with you but there is nobody at the delivery address to accept your order, the driver will leave notification of attempted delivery and you will need to contact our Customer Service Centre to re-arrange delivery (see below for contact details). In these circumstances, if we have to return to deliver the goods, a further charge may become payable provided that delivery is attempted at the agreed time. Whilst we make every effort to deliver all your goods in the agreed time, we will not be liable if we fail to do so in part or in full due to circumstances beyond our control. I hope this helps explain things further." There is no mistaking either of us for under 25. Any input?
  14. On August 11th we ordered a television from Tesco direct which we picked up on August 14th. It was fixed to a wall bracket and used without problem until 1st September. On 2nd September the T.V. was switched on and there was a black section to the screen. We called Tesco and they asked us to send in a photo of the screen saying that they would get back to us within 3-4 hours, they failed to do so and we rang them again to be told that they had not had time to look at our email and that they would call us back shortly after11 am the next day. By 2.30 they still hadn't called and so we contacted them to be told "it looks like accidental damage and so we are not responsible" I tried to explain that there was no way that this could be the case but they refused to budge. I then offered to take the T.V. to a local store with an electrical department so that they could perform a physical check of the item, they said it wasn't necessary and that their decision stood. They told me that I should take the set to an accredited repair place and obtain a report. I believe that Tesco are in breach of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and the following extract. The first six months If you discover the fault within the first six months after buying the product, it is presumed to have been there since the time of purchase - unless the retailer can prove otherwise. During this time, it's up to the retailer to prove that the fault wasn't there when you bought it - it's not up to you to prove that it was. Tesco are adamant that they will not offer anything. What are my rights?
  15. I am embarrassed to say I got caught eating a product at tescos I did not pay for today, which I completely forgot about, long story short, the police didn't get involved they took the RLP route said a letter will come through soon. I know most members advise against paying these [problem]mers but I feel far too embarrassed and would rather just get it over with. My question is, how will the record they keep affect my future employment with Tesco themselves? Since I am a pharmacist and Tesco is a very big chain, would paying the RLP effectively prove that I'm guilty? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help
  16. Ordered a Computer Network Management Device from Tesco Direct that was listed on the website for 20.00 which I thought was a good price and would allow me to control my server at home and powerconnect switch. I have ordered and paid for the item and received something completely different to what I ordered. I contacted them and was told that the product was listed incorrectly and that whilst they do have the Item that I ordered, it was considerably more than 20.00 so they were not willing to send out what I had initially ordered. Is a company allowed to do this? My understanding is once an order is placed and a receipt / proof of purchase obtained then the retailer must supply the ordered goods for the price paid. If the price was listed in error then tough luck to them? How would one go about challenging this? I'm happy to suck it up and pay the full price, but when someone orders an item they would like to think that's what will turn up. Found this in their terms and conditions 3.2 The Seller reserves the right to revise prices prior to dispatch of Goods to reflect any indirect or direct increase in costs to the Seller but if the price has been paid in full prior to dispatch no price revision may take place without the prior written agreement of the Buyer. So I could insist they send the correct item anyway as I have paid in full and have a receipt?
  17. Looking for some advice please to see if this agreement is enforceable. I hopefully have attached the letter withholding personal information. would be much appreciated if someone could look at this for me a s Cabot / shoesmiths are threatening legal action. thanks cca return.pdf
  18. Hi - I've messed up again and would please like some help in being pointed in the right direction again. I received court papers for an old Tesco credit card debt. The issue date on the papers is 19/4/17 and I am just about to login to respond. I had a similar problem last year with a creditor and following advice from this forum they dropped the case. I can write to Cabot and to their solicitors Mortimer Clarke like I did on the other claim, but I need to find again what it was I needed to write. What should I write on the court defence page - I will, in the meantime, try and locate the old thread and find out from there but if anyone is online and could help, I would be very grateful. It was suggested that I write to all my creditors and I do want to do this but I am under immense stress at the moment and have very little time to do anything. I am constantly caring for two toddlers and I'm too old for it so I am a bit stressed and unable to think straight or concentrate half the time. I cannot pay anything at all to creditors at the moment. My universal credit sanctions have left me with no money at all to live on and not even enough to cover my rent. Life is beyond stressful, hence leaving this stupid claim and not dealing with it. I just hope I haven't left it too late to do the online response. I think I've exceeded it as I think it's 14 days?? Any assistance would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  19. Hello I have been searching through other threads to try and establish whether or not I had PPI with a Tesco Credit Card. I sent them a SAR earlier this year and I received statements from 2003 through to July 2006 in return. I wrote to them again and I have since received a further batch of statements covering 2001 and 2002. However they do not cover from when I first opened the account. From July 2005 the account held a zero balance. There is nothing contained within the statements to suggest I was paying PPI although am I correct in thinking if I were it probably was hidden in the interest each month? IF I have a genuine claim for PPI which spreadsheet should I use to calculate as my statements do not cover my whole period I had the Credit Card. Also, there was a few late payments fees I found in the statements. Am i still able to claim these back considering the length of time these were charged? Many thanks in advance Dagenham Dave
  20. HPH2 LTD/ROBINSON WAY/ EX TESCO DEBT Hello, thank you in advance to anyone that can help. 1. In May 2005 I took out a £12k consolidation loan over 3 years. 2. In 2007 I ran into money problems and entered into an agreement to pay less per month. 3. By 2008 I lost my job and defaulted on several payments eventually I just stopped paying anything. 4. The account passed through several DCA’s and I tried to negotiate a reduced FFS figure several times however they always wanted more than I could afford so I paid my other debts instead. 5. The last payment I made was in 2011 and the debt was 6k at this point. 6. They continued to chase me for payment and I continued to try to offer settlements to no avail. 7. In 2014 Tescos wrote and offered me a FFS which I wrote back to accept with the proviso that they confirm in writing that they would not sell the rest of the debt on etc. 8. I sent the letter recorded delivery but I did not get a reply to this acceptance letter. They just continued to send statements. 9. In the last few months I have received letters from Robinson Way showing the debt is now due to HPH2 although I have not received a notice of assignment. I have written to request a copy credit agreement. 10. Finally Howard Cohen have sent a notice of pending legal action to which I have responded with a Pre Action Conduct - Request for Information letter. Judging by other posts that I have read this will almost certainly go to court. I cannot afford what they are proposing as they have added so much interest and charges (it’s now up to 10k). The debt is long since off of my credit files and as I have continued to try to negotiate settlements it is a long way off of being statue barred. I really would be grateful for any advice anyone can offer to help me reach a settlement (or maybe in my wildest dreams write off the debt) Yours Sleeplessly.
  21. Hi I am trying to get clarification if the cardholder protection plan on my Tesco card in the years 2000 - 04 were in fact PPI. The amount changed each month depending on how much I had spent. I did not have a balance on the card as it was paid in full each month, many times overpaid. I think in the 4 years I only got charged interest a few times. Also on the same card we had a yearly Sentinel protection paid once per year. What I am confused about is if this was in case my card got stolen, why would the amount fluctuate? surely it would be a standard price per year or month. I have read the date for claiming CPP has ended but I have also read that only applied for CPP between 2005 - 2014. So before I go to Tesco I would like to know if it is worth it and also what I had been sold Any advice appreciated
  22. Hello everyone, i've basically been taking chocolate from tesco at the self checkout over the past few months (paying for most) but taking a few on the side...I have an eating disorder which I am getting help for but this is just a manifestation of that :/ Anyway I was stopped by security today, and they found I had not paid for £20 worth of chocolate but had bought everything else. The police were not involved, but Ive been banned from the shop and security took my club card details and said they would be sending me a fine in the next 4-6 weeks, which if i did not pay i would be taken to court with. I am happy to pay this fine I just really don't want this to turn into anything more!!! I asked if I could pay there and then but they said no...i feel they will see from my clubcard details i have shopped there a lot and assume I have been doing this along time because of this factor and now I am terrified the police will come after me! Can anyone please advise me on what is likely to happen!! will this all just go away after the fine....im soooo nervous!!! many thanks!
  23. https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/2836966/bbc-secret-shopper-finds-two-thirds-of-tesco-customers-overcharged-by-expired-deals/
  24. Hi My partner has been banned from our local Tesco but has done nothing. Let me explain. He started going yellow sticker shopping in Oct/Nov last year as we were pulling our belts in due to a financial issue. He went to purchase something and was told it wasn't reduced, so the woman took it away and he paid for what he had. Next time he went in, his card was banned. The woman told him she thinks she made a mistake banning his card as she did a batch of them and thinks she got the number wrong. They told him to change the card by phoning up and get a new one. He did. He then went back in this week and picked up a bunch of flowers and some bananas on yellow sticker. The bananas wouldn't go through and someone had to do it manually. All was ok. Today he's gone in to buy a birthday cake and his card has been banned again. This time some woman said that not only was his card banned but he was banned. He asked her why and she said someone has been changing the stickers around but she didn't have proof it was him. He hasn't done it, so it's obviously someone else has, but because he bought yellow stickered items the other day she says that it's him. YET she admits she has no proof. Defamation of character?? If he's not done it and they've no CCTV proof, how can they ban him? It's our local store and with me being disabled is the nearest store for me to use but obviously now we can't. What can we do about it if anything?
  25. Hi, I have just been banned from all Tesco stores for life and had my key fob taken off of me. I was using the click and scan device and had not realised an item had not scanned. The security guard stopped me as i was leaving the store (in a panic as I thought my phone was sitting in the centre console of my car). I was taken through to the back room and had my photo taken (without me knowing), had my driving license copied and my key fob removed from my possession. The lady said she was about to finish her shift and she didn't really want to call the police. I explained that I had not realised it hadn't scanned. The outcome was that she told me I was banned and that I would receive a Civil recovery fine. My questions are 1) how much would the fine be and do I have to pay it? 2) what happens if I don't pay it? 3) how would they stop me from visiting other stores? do they get in touch with all my local ones? 4) really silly but due to having saved all my vouchers for years will I know lose them as I no longer have a key fob?
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