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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, so another query for you. Bit long winded, apologies. Having not had a ticket, I received an NTK from the council a while back. I checked the details online and an officer had ticketed me whilst loading into my flat on double yellows - completely legal under the local borough's website guidelines for parking. I sent them a letter of appeal stating that I was in a state of continuous loading and not causing any obstructions in accordance with their laws. A month later I received a letter for Recovery of unpaid debt from CPS? I appealed the CPS and had it overtu
  2. New independent appeals process to protect passengers issued with penalty fares READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-independent-appeals-process-to-protect-passengers-issued-with-penalty-fares
  3. At the start of the year we had a new bathroom fitted. We purchased all the furnishings so the quote was for labour only. Due to my wife being allergic to dust it was agreed that the fitting would take place whilst we was on holiday. 75% of the labour charge has been paid to him to date On our return home we was shocked to see our new bathroom. The quality of work in our opinion is below standard, fittings haven't been fitted correctly, damaged has occured to several furnishings, we have had a leak going through our living room ceiling and a second leak on the outside wall due to incorr
  4. Shamelessly stolen from Rightsnet administrators Stuarts thread ATOS Healthcare is now called Independent Assessment Services when it comes to PIP assessments. All references to ATOS have been replaced in gov.uk PIP publications including in the PIP handbook https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/personal-independence-payment-fact-sheets and the PIP quick guide for support organisations. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/pip-quick-guide-for-support-organisations The renaming comes with a website for PIP assessments (still having to say ‘delivered by Atos’ in its logo th
  5. Here's my GoTo website for anything which takes batteries and which is related to cycling, triathlon et cetera. Ray Maker is an American but he now lives in Paris with his American wife who runs an American cupcake/patisserie business in the centre of Paris - with their young child. A few years ago he started up a blog but being a triathlete – and mostly a cyclist, so far as I can gather, he started reviewing gadgets and he quickly got a reputation for telling it how it is – and in the world of rather over-effusive Internet reviews where almost everything eventually turns out to be p
  6. I parked at private car park of my solicitor with his permission. However, I did not display visitor's pass, as I only went there to sign a document and was seen straight away. I never received ticket, app. 10 days later, I've received a letter from company called Private Parking Solutions (London) Ltd. with PCN. The letter was sent later then it was dated. I wrote to them and asked my solicitor to write to them as well, which he has done. Never the less, they rejected my explanations and told me that I must pay or could appeal to IA
  7. Some interesting b"**$71# from the directors of the IPC. https://www.transportxtra.com/publications/parking-review/news/47254/over-60-parking-operators-join-the-independent-parking-committee
  8. We are looking to take out a bank loan secured against our property, we have been advised by the bank that we need to obtain 'independent legal advice for secured lending against a property for debt consolidation'. I've just spoken to a solicitor who basically said that the purpose of this is just to take the responsibility away from the bank, and that that it's largely for their benefit. Is this the case, should we get it anyway?
  9. Disabled men lose high court bid to stop Independent Living Fund closure Judge rules that Mike Penning, former minister for disabled people, had not breached equality laws over ending support to live in the community. More Here: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/dec/08/disabled-men-lose-high-court-bid-stop-closure-independent-living-fund
  10. It seems that BPA isn't the only trade association these days, and we also have the Independent Parking Committee. I'm really not sure what's independent about them, but would like views on whether tickets from them should be handled in the same way as BPA members, although the IPC apparently has appeals to the Independent Appeals Service rather than POPLA. Anyone got any experience of IPC members and the effectiveness of the IAS, or views on how to handle "tickets" from it's member PPCs? http://www.theipc.info/#!home/c1j1o
  11. Not sure where to post this so could Site team put in right place please? Earlier this year was taken in by the above firm. Now chasing me for payment of a bill, sent me a copy of an N1 which they say they are sending to Northampton Bulk Centre next week
  12. The word is getting out.............. http://www.independent.co.uk/money/loans-credit/simon-read-bailiffs-are-an-upsetting-and-costly-way-to-collect-late-debts-8792401.htm
  13. Hi All, I bought a car from an independent dealership back in May this year, and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice as to where to go from here? Please bare with me, as its quite a long post. The car appeared to be fine at the time of purchase, however the engine warning light came on an hour after after leaving the garage. I contacted the dealership immediately and they assured me not to worry, and bring the car back to them. I took the car back a couple of days later, the dealer took the car off me, and claimed he would take the car to the their Garage around
  14. Hi, Can anyone recommend an independent assessor for an ASUS memotab 301 tablet please. In dispute with PCWORLD
  15. Hi all, Please see this about PIP. help make a callenge to this [problem] that the DWP are doing. Challenging Personal Independent Payments mobility reduction to 20 metres. From Rightsnet, Leigh Day solicitors and human rights barristers from Doughty Street Chambers have advised campaigners that the lowering of the distance criteria for Personal Independence Payments mobility from 50 metres to 20 metres could be unlawful. They are considering how to challenge the regulations. To do so, of course, they need claimants whose circumstances make them suitable candidates to
  16. I think it may be time for an Independent Ombudsman for Social Security, that can investigate and deal with complaints about all Social Security and also all the Private Firms that are used.
  17. Could anybody tell me if they have heard of or dealt with a company called Independent Finance, as I am searching for them but can't find anything and Im thinking that maybe I've got the name wrong. cheers.
  18. Sometime ago I complained to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) when Vodafone refused to remove the unwarranted default from my credit file. I proved that there was no default but a dispute; I also proved that no default notice was received by me. Vodafone told ICO that it sent default notice to my previous address. Vodafone confirmed that I communicated my new address before it sent its claimed default notice to a previous address, and of course before it filed the unwarranted default with credit referencing agencies (I proved all that; Vodafone wouldn’t have admitted to
  19. Please can anyone offer any advice about resolving a dispute that began in May. I bought a laminate floor from Quickstep from their own online website in April, thinking they were a reputable company with quality products. However, not long after it was laid (a friend laid it) it became apparent one of its joints was faulty. I got their own dealer's fitter to see it and he agreed the joint was weak and that he would be nervous to lay it himself and he put this in writing, although his finding wasn't 100% conclusive in laying blame! To cut a long story short Quickstep
  20. Hi all! Really needing help here. I have no idea where to start We had a loan with First National (Part of GE Money) about 7 years ago, I have just rang them and they told us we did indeed pay PPI on the loan. She said she couldnt do anything about it as it was sold through another company, Independent Finance Corporation LTD. So what now? She said we paid £1200 Id be so very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you!
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