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  1. Car Boots.-My experience so far-observing people talking and buying and selling.Four weeks now and still going but have learned a few lessons.And boy have i had some fun. And met people you would not believe perhaps to meet with many tales of the unexpected which i prise out of them. Well anyone who reads some of my threads it does not take long to realise old Tawny sometimes struggles a bit with today's modern world where things seem to cost so much. So tries anything to make a few quid.Many fail but some work if only for a while. Money is needed for the most basic things. Rent,Council Tax,Electric,Gas,Food,Insurance,Petrol if only a fivers worth. Many of us must be struggling,surely i am not the only one.I know i am not. So i think of things to try to make a little extra.Whether from nothing,things that you can collect for free and sell on,or a little buying and selling.And i mean a little,anything over a tenner makes me shiver. I will admit to being 60 now and five years ago had a heart attack that i have to admit though do not want to has affected me slightly.Whether age,medication i do not know,but after standing or moving for a few hours i usually have some pains. Not complaining but can not do what i used to do,but try.Hospital check recently says i am ok,so that will do for me. But had to change construction job. Now recently i thought to myself you have to find a few more pounds from somewhere but how. So got a cleaning job in the evening.Just a couple of hours a couple times a week. Not enough,mmm what else. So i do not know if this will help anyone who may be struggling but this is what i do to try to earn extra. I will share with you,and if you have any ideas to make a few pounds let us know. I am not keeping them top secret,why do that.Life's to short. 1-I have been collecting Driftwood for a few years now.Which people are telling me is worth a few pounds. Will mention more another time.. 2-Propagating plants and selling on.Beginning to make a few pounds,though expected perhaps this time of year. But due to me loving plants,the garden is full and so is one bedroom, resemling now a Rain Forest people say when i let them in that is.House plant department. Now let us get to the Car Boot Part. Really raw start to my latest adventure,a little story for you.Usually i would put a story on that takes more than 5 minutes to read on a Saturday,but hey does it matter. Started 4 weeks ago.Not suggesting anyone tries this a little risky perhaps. Took a look at the weather forecast on a Friday,dodgy Saturday,frosty night then Clear frosty,calm Sunday. Right,what can i do,need a Sunday Dinner,it was that bad,hard to believe perhaps but true,so loaded a few things up in boot of car,put back seats down and put there as well,as well as paste table,retrieved from old days of paper hanging.Just random items,that were not any use to me.And not worth a lot.Of course i had not got the eight pounds cost of standing as they call it but am the eternal optimist and set off.After scraping ice of the car.And defrosting eyebrows etc. Seemed to myself the middle of the night. Opened door for wifey and settled down for ten minute drive. Set off 6-30,of course in the wrong direction to where i wanted to go,wifey giving me the knowing look but quiet,possibly thinking where she went wrong when meeting me many years ago.I got lost as usual,turned round and followed a van with trailer and pasteboard tied to top of roof hoping that within the next ten minutes i would not be on the M6 heading to Scotland. A mystery tour was on the cards perhaps.. Once headed to Manchester Airport and ended up on the moors somewhere in Yorkshire. Luck would have it he was heading to where i wanted to go.And later when talking to him i told him and we had a laugh about it. Said he had done it for 30 years.Wondered why someone was going slow behind him like a tracker dog.Or the taxman. 7-30 arrived,place was packed and ended up at the back of a field.Slight thoughts of will my car when the frost melts,with escape later when frost goes. MMM,i thought what a place to be but never mind.Wrens, Blackbirds singing, geese, flying over,Even a couple of Swans did a flypast. Frost on the ground,pennines in the distance tops covered in snow. God bless the Dealers,they usually are first there i found out and are ready to spend. Made enough in 30 minutes, for breakfast,Bacon Roll,Barm,and steaming mug of tea.7 quid,note went to head said, Flask and sandwiches next time boy,thoughts of dent in profits. Forgot about the eight quid that would be asked for,never mind. Slowly confidence rose when next 10 pounds was collected,enough To pay the rent when asked for. Started chatting to a few people and listening to their stories.I am nosey but like a story or two. One chap had sailed the Atlantic single handed,started tours around the Bahamas afterwards and was a healer as well. Was doing fine till decided to buy a bigger boat,large to do bigger tours,engine went bang,he went bust and nearly ended up rowing back single handed.But had had a fascinating life all the same. I will tell other tales of the car boots as the thread goes on,i do not want to go on to long or this will turn into a book.But already i have at least four.That may surprise you. I am registered with the taxman for this kind of business.No use covering things up at my age,forget what i have said after a day or two if not written down.And no need of a offshore tax haven yet,will pay what is due or not. So where was i upto,ah yes.About half twelve people started packing up so did i,put empty boxes that is back in boot,80 pounds in my money tin. After expenses,rent,tea,food etc. And headed to Aldi for nice piece of beef,yorkshire pudding and vegetables.And enjoyed it immensely. Though shortly afterwards went out like a light for a few hours like a contented cat. Now i also look for bargains,not knowing much but if under a fiver when i am flush will buy them,and sell them on online sites.although shaking when i part with a note. Here is a tip for you that i have bought and sold a couple of times and are around it seems. Will pop one or two on now and again,and i hope you will to.let us help others make a few pounds perhaps. So join in this thread,tell us your experience,i will put stories on about Dealers,people,traders i have met and many other stories as things hopefully develop.And i am sure you will find them interesting,and will surprise you. Tip one. Bells Whisky Bottles-The ones you save your coins in.Usually around 50 pence to as much as 6 pounds,i have paid. They always sell for upto 50 pounds plus postage.On online sites.Now stop rushing around i know you have one. Plenty of time. Last thought today,i know perhaps many people perhaps are not able to,due to illness,disability many reasons to not be able to do such a thing.And may need a few pounds extra to help a little.And perhaps have many unwanted items. Well ask a friend,form a group perhaps think about things anyway.I am,but a story their for another day. Well enough for now i feel,popping down to the Tip shop to see what has been Donate d . Bye Tawnyowl.
  2. Are you aware when visiting a car dealership and providing your name, you are discussed in sales meetings by name? Are you aware when you give your data to a car dealership that they can discuss you in other towns with other dealers in their network? Do you know that a record is kept and a file on you on every call and email you send in to the dealer? Are you aware this is kept and logged in a file on you? I support that dealers should allow you to OPT out from this and also make you aware when calling, emailing or making enquiries that you are informed on how your data, information and comments are used. What do you think?
  3. Hello guys, I hope you will be able to help/advice me on this one. I bought a a second hand car through the London used cars dealer at the end of July2015. After 31 days I noticed that there are some serious mileage discrepancies between MOT and service history booklet. I phoned all the garages from the stamped booklet and I found out that first six stamps, claiming to be a BMW garages, doesn't exist and that the numbers provided were answered by private people. I get back to the dealer asking for a full refund. It was rejected, given the reason of high mileage done on the car (as I drove on myholiday in that car) and that the car has lost its value etc. During and after that 31 days other things came to light. The car was not like in the dealers description (ie. I discovered that the second key was from completely different car, rain sensors missing, main BMW dealer garage discovered leaks, brake pads alterations and many other faults). But the main issue is that faked service booklet, the dealer doesn't want to take the responsibility for, claiming it was the previous owner's duty to check it(British Car Auctions) not his. As a result, it leaves me liable for it and if I would like to sell the car in the future, which was my plan, It would put me in serious disadvantage position and encounter a money loss if I were to tell the buyer the car has got fake service history. Since the end of August this year I had been trying to make them to accept my offer and get my money (13k) back-but no results so far. They have came back with the ridiculous offer of a refund 11k instead of 13k because of wear and tear of the I am liable for. Or if I drop the claim, an offer of repair of the leaks, replacing missing sensors and an offer of 500£ for missing service history (they do not admit its fake). They hold on to that 3 last worthless stamps are valid and that they are sufficient service history. Two of those stamps are from independent garages (that couldn't say if the car was even seen by them because or what was done, as they don't keep the records of what have been done to the particular car). Last stamp was from the dealers garage and so its worthless. At the time of sale I wasn't aware that the service booklet and its first 6 out of 9 stamps are counterfeits but I bet they knew it from the very beginning. As a result, I couldn't sell my other car, therefore have been incurring the cost of running two cars instead of one (fuel, garaging, taxes, insurance)-so another loses. Need to mention that the car was bought with Debit Card.The trading standard officehas been involved but not very helpful as at the begining they were absolutely sure I am on the winning possition till yesterday, when I was told that I need to be prepared that the judge might not decide in my favour! I am a the point where I've exhausted all the options for resolving that matter through the polite correspondence. I am just about to write the last letter before court action. The dealer rejected all my previous claims and in the last letter points, or even threatens me, that the judge will order a deduction, in their favour, from the original amount I paid because the car has been used. So I should accept their offer. What are the chances of winning in the high court with the given arguments?Should I take it to court?And If yes, would I be able to claim not only a full refund for a car but also additional loses, court and solicitor fees I have encountered due to the tardiness of the dealer etc.? Will I have any chance to win without solicitor? I would be be very,very grateful for all your help and suggestions as I am not English and it seems that it also puts me in disadvantaged position. Thank you in advance! Jan
  4. I p/x my renault megane to a local car sales and covered the remaining cost of the car i wanted with a cash payment. The car I bought was a 2007 ford focus TDCI. I was told the car had a full reconditioned engine and was of a good standard. I was also issued with 6month gold warranty form the garage which I was assured would cover engine and gearbox. After having the car a day I returned with a problem which was the inter cooler pipe which was fixed by the lads. 4 months later I returned again and the guys looked over it and then tried to charge me for a diagnostics and also gave me a price it would cost to do the work. The injector seals were leaking and are not covered under the warranty because they are classed as 'wear and tear'. I'm thinking this is unusual considering the engine was fully reconditioned only 4months previous? Also I found it quite strange that I took the car to a trusted local mechanic who replaced the injector seals and informed me that the previous seals were in fact the wrong size anyway. Thinking maybe I had been sold a wreckage car, I asked the mechanic to check over certain components which may have an adverse affect on the cars performance. He told me the turbocharger was extremely worn and needed replacing. Ok. I read through the warranty booklet to discover the turbocharger is covered under the warranty terms. When calling the place of sale I was told to stop calling and that they would not do the work for me, the warranty covers all garages, go away! This is the good bit! When I called the warranty company up, I was informed that my warranty was VOID because it was sold to me under the previous name of the company, and that they were not dealing anymore! Although it is the exact same lads who I have been dealing with from the start, but trading under a different name! This to me seems very suspicious. I have had the turbocharger and relevant parts fitted to the cost of over £800 of my own money. Now there are other issues with the engine that are unknown, which is likely to cost me in the region of £1000 - £1500. I've not had the car 6months, I've spent £900 on repairs which should of been covered under warranty but are not because its Void! Can anybody help/advise me what to do?
  5. jsut had a scrap dealer have a go at me.. pulled up started taking stuff from the front of the house oposite me asked if he had permission and got a mouth full ok the owners now come around (was away at the time) and said he had permission to take the item in question however theres no dealers name on the truck and hes gone ape-poo as i admited i now have a picture of him collecting the item, and his number plate oh and him at this point im fairly certain its an un-registered dealer, any easy way to report?
  6. HI, Thanks in advance for any help offered, and apologies if this post is not in the right place! I have recently started a car dealing business which is doing fairly well in the first few months. We buy privately & from auction and sell only online through car sales websites (auto trader etc). We do not have our own website yet but this is something we are working on. I am looking for a car finance company who work with independent dealer companies like mine but that do not require us to operate a forecourt. I have found that many finance companies only offer a service to firms who run a car forecourt and not to online sales only. I feel like I've hit a brick wall here as offering finance to customers is a key part of our expansion plan....one we didn't investigate thoroughly. Any suggestions would be great. We are based in Bromley, Kent, All the best Joe C
  7. Hi all, Been a long time since I was around these forums, however searching Google this morning drew me here and I am glad it did to be honest. I have a car on finance (just over a year left on a four year agreement), and at some point over the coming months I would like to trade up to something newer, and something more practical (I currently have a Passat saloon that has done just over 100k, and could really do with a hatch or an estate). We bought the current car from The Car Shop in Swindon, and to be fair our experience wasn't bad - bit of a hike from where we are, and there was a bit of too-ing and fro-ing with documents etc for the finance (which wasn't The Car Shop's fault, but rather due to us recently having moved house and waiting for my driving licence to come back from the DVLA); The current finance agreement is in good order (no defaults etc), and my credit rating is considerably better than it was in times gone past. I started by looking back at The Car Shop, but to be honest the distance from their showrooms, coupled with the fact that the vast majority of their stock seems to have mileages in the region of 80k miles and more, really put me off. So, I had a look at CarCraft's website, and have even seen a couple of cars on there within budget that I like - however, a bit of searching Google has led me to the conclusion that I would be mental to go anywhere near them! Therefore, can anyone assist with a recommendation for a car dealer or supermarket that are actually worth a light, somewhere around South West London/Staines?
  8. Good morning... I took my 1989 Cavalier into a large chain of Vauxhall dealers in Cambridge for a hose pipe. I was only going to buy it and fit it myself but the service chap told me that the rubber combined with the oil could have become corrosive and it'd be better done in the workshop, free of charge seeing as it was such an old car and easy to work on! (Bonus, I thought! The dealership I normally use in Stapleford have been amazing with my old Cavalier and love having it in the workshop, normally giving me healthy discounts!). It came out with a hosepipe fitted but the Vehicle Inspection Report was nearly ALL Red (Red Green and Amber). They said you MUST have these faults rectified; Oil leak from the cam cover gasket - I replaced it three months ago, it hasn't used a drop of oil since, yet apparently, they could see it "Pouring out" of the cover Reversing lights inoperative - Both my brake lights blew for some unknown reason and I took the Reverse Lights out to replace the blown brake lights. They insisted this was not the case and I needed a new switch to be fitted Both rear tyres needed replacing - With 3mm of tread on them? Really? They're in perfect order. And finally, I loved this... Steering/Suspension; Power Assisted Steering Inoperative - Requires further investigation... At this point, I paid the £11 for my hosepipe and walked out, collecting my car. It's not got Power Steering! Be careful even with main dealers, because when it went into the other branch of this network, it got all greens. They're thieving ****...
  9. This is a re-post, as I'm having no response from the forum I first posted into. Apologies. I'm gutted. I bought a Disco 2 from a trader 6 weeks ago. Last week I started hearing a loud clicking from the engine and I took it into a reputable Landy garage. They've told me that "someone" has recently worked on the engine to "fix it up" and my crankshaft is completely knackered. They say a new engine is required. This is the advertisement which OFT have obtained from Autotrader: -->13th June: Car advertised in Autotrader as the following: 2001 LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 2.5 Td5 S 5 Seat 5dr Diesel Sw 95,000 miles, excellent condition one owner since new, full service history long mot till may 2012 immaculate bonatti metallic, 1st genuine caller will buy for only £3995, a series 2 landrover discovery td5 for only £3995, this is giveaway price, some old mark 1 discoverys are still comanding £3000, this is a 51 plate series 2 td5 for only £3995, grab this bargain, was £4995, must go this week, be prepared for this winter, be quick, no offers. £3,995 No offers. Tel: 07842 XXXX Telephone Number: 0784XXXXXX When I bought the car, the trader had me sign the usual disclaimer "I understand that this is a used car and accept that it may have faults" etc. Here are the terms printed on the sales invoice: 1. I have been given full opportunity to inspect the vehicle and accept its condition. 2. I am fully aware that this is a used vehicle therefore may have faults. 3. I am fully aware and agree that this vehicle is being sold on the condition that there is no warranty/guarantee been implied or given to me. 4. I agree to purchase this vehicle on the condition that it is to be used for any spares or repairs required to make it roadworthy. 5. I am fully aware that this vehicle should not be used on a public road until it has been made roadworthy and complies with all current road traffic acts and that the responsibility for making the vehicle roadworthy rests with myself. 6. By signing I agree to the above conditions. Point 4 above doesn't even make grammatical sense?? The following is my own document of what has happened so far: 16th June: Car purchased, cash for £3,995 after test drive and drive by seller. Inspection made by me - found welds in chassis at rear and medium rust on chassis throughout. 19th July: Loud clattering noise heard while driving (all speeds) Oil noticed on tarmac under car. Immediately took car to a reputable 4x4 specialist in Larbert. Car now not driven since. 25th July: 2pm Contacted Consumer Direct to inform them of my situation. CD advise to have an independent report made by specialist to clarify fault/s and send letter to Mr XXXXX asking for refund or repair (include copy of report) 25th July: 4x4 specialist verbally reports major faults with crankshaft and cylinders. Not repairable and recommends a new engine is required. Say engine has been "worked on" recently. I am awaiting the written report from them. Cost circa £2,000+ 25th July: 11.00am Contact Dealer Billy Findlay via phone to explain that I didn't think the car was "fit for purpose" and he responded by saying that he is covered by the clause (that I signed) saying the vehicle was sold as "spares and repairs" My next move is to get the written report and send it recorded delivery to the seller asking for Repair or Refund and if it is ignored, try the Small Claims court... Do I have any comeback at all? I'm wondering if the Sale of Goods act applies here, as not fit for purpose? Or misleading advertising? I have had many people offering differing advice, varying from "you don't have a chance" to "you have a good case for redress" Many thanks in advance. D
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