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  1. Hi Long story but here goes. In 2006 I applied for Job Seekers Allowance three weeks or so after leaving work. My claim was refused as they said I had not worked for the previous 5 yrs (I left 2006). They told me there was "no point" in signing on as I would not receive anything. This was also re-iterated by another member of DHSS. I had to fill in forms for each year I said I had worked which I did. They didn't re-instate these years. I appealed but that was thrown out too. A year later I rec'd a letter saying they had found my records, apparently they had sent them to the VAT office without recording them against my name!! They sent me approx. £17 for the day of my claim. I was furious and wrote telling them that I had been legally entitled to the JSA but cause they had cocked up I had been denied this. Had the cheek to tell me I was out of time to appeal. They said they wld now alter my NI record to show these years. l Anyway to cut a long story (!!) short because of the new pension coming into force I asked for my NI contributions and low & behold those years still missing off my records. After lots of to and fro-ing they have finally put those years on. (I had to fill in the same forms twice as per 2006/give bank statements etc etc) Great I hear you say (lol) end of story, not quite tho. It appears that in those years they were (or shld have been) paying so much of my NI into a personal pension. After nearly two years I have received the money they would have paid into the scheme by cheque, They cannot pay it back into the scheme as it has ended. All well and good but then it dawned on me that if they hadn't cocked up and paid the funds in like they should have then these contributions would have earned bonus' etc (that is how a pension fund grows) I have asked them to send figures to pension company so they can backtrack and tell me exactly how much this money would have earned. I have just rec'd a letter from them saying they will "investigate" how the NI payments were not credited to my account despite me showing them old letters/telling them etc. Feel like saying "are you stupid or what". I think they will "investigate" and come back with "It's not our fault" as they usually do!!! I now need to get definitive proof (re 2006) from DHSS/Job Seekers so I want to do a SARs request but no idea of where to send it too. Any ideas pls. Thanks & sorry for waffling just trying to give you a clear picture.
  2. Hi After speaking to the NIC's department she told me to ring the DWP and they told me to ring Pension Advisory Department. After explaining everything in detail he said not to worry it won't affect yr state pension...agggh did he not listen!! When I explained it all again ie private pension contributions based on NI etc he said sorry can't be of any help ring DWP or NICs. Am at my wits end here pam56
  3. Further development but not good at all HMRC have now credited a missing year 1991-92. They have shown my Primary Paid Earnings & my employee deductions. Rang them to ask what/why there are no employer's contributions shown. Their answer was that although they have "reinstated" this missing year they have no proof of employer's contributions so will not be adding them This is really important as a % of both mine & employer's NI contributions are sent on to a private pension provider. As emploer's have no threhold theirs is always the bigger amount so I have been denied this money simply because HMRC cocked up this yar in the first place. I am going to try & work out what these would have been and demand they put them on my contribution record. Any ideas on how to work out employer's National Insurance etc or any info I can use to get them to DO THEIR JOB right in the 1st place.!!! Seems they are too happy to blame everybody else, deny their mistakes but are quick to hand out penalties etc when people make small mistakes. Thanks pam56
  4. Good news copies arrived as promised ! Was quite surprised. Bad news rang today to ask about a letter I had sent on 10/8/16 and told it could take up to another 6 weeks for them to reply. If this was a commercial firm they would have been sacked! Heres's another query for anybody used to dealing with wages etc. How is the Primary Paid Earnings (PPE) on wages arrived at? Seems to me there is no logic as my record is at odds,well it looks like that to me anyway. For example Wage 35,000 PPE 26,500 Wage 18,518 PPE 4,420 Wage 29,824 PPE 10,670 Totally confused!*"!!
  5. Hi TaxHero Well I was very lucky yesterday as I rang to ask about SA and chap said I had gdepartment so passed me thru to another girl and she said it was complicated (!) and didn't really understand what I was trying to explain so she said she'd pass me on to an inspector. Inspector said didn't keep SA's so I mentioned P35's, she took my NI No & details and said she had the P35 for one of the years I mention (200-01) and cld see I had earned 40,000 (not the £7,000 the NIC people said) Yipeee!!! Kindly offered to photostat the years I needed and send them onto me. Proves not everyone at HMRC is a *!$£"£** and some go out of their way to be helpful. So now awaiting the postman to se if she is as good as her word. What a relief, somebody in there is taking me seriously.
  6. Hi & thanks When you say it is more complex what do you mean. As I was a Director of said Company also does this make a difference to me asking to see my Co files?
  7. Thanks will do. Also am I right in thinking that I will be on the P35 also as maybe just maybe the can dig up a copy of this too! Kind Regards
  8. Has anybody done a SARS request for everything HMRC holds about them? Thanks
  9. Hi Unfortunately the Company has been dissolved and they only kept records for 6 years. Someone suggested asking HMRC or all their records which I did do but none showed my wage etc. Pam
  10. Hi Thank you wasn't too sure where to post
  11. Mine is a complicated tale and desperately need some advice. To make it easier I will break it down as even I have difficulty undestanding it 2006 Applied for Job Seeker's allowance but refused on I hadn't worked for the last 5 years which I had. After much backwards & forwards they told me they had lost my records then found them and wld now credit NI onto my records. Too late to get the JSA etc as now out of time 2015 Applied for a Pension statement & noticed not enough years on Guess what the original missing 5 NI not been credited. Sent letter & copies of original forms I filled in (to show income for each year) and assured they would update their records. Dawned on me that as they had not updated my records when they said they would they would also not have sent any pension contributions to private pension co (I was contracted out to L & Gen). Contacted L & Gen and was sent summary of contributions. No contribution sent from HMRC for the missing years which approx totals £5,000. Wrote to them again and they sent me a letter to confirm that they had put the NI back on BUT for some strange reason instead of NI basd on my wages at the time £48-50K they had said I only earned £5,000-£7,000. Want me to prove I earned it with wageslips/P45 etc from 2001-2005 :mad2: Just contacted Bank to see if I can have statements for that period which hopefully will show a weekly wage (by BACS) otherwise I am stuffed!!! Can any one please advise, I have spoke, written to every department in HMRC and they still are cocking up my records:-x Thanks
  12. I have had a problem with DCA who are chasing my son for debts. Have informed tem I don't know where he is (abroad) is nt coming back (as far as I am aware) & has never lived at this address. Just seen on daughter's credit report that they have searched her report based on the fact she is linked to her father (no debt just a credit check for a brewery) and his name starts with same initial as son. His report checked too. I thought that DCA had to have permission to search somebody's credit report especially when it isn't even their debt!! Experian said it was probably just a case of mistaken identity. Hmm not good enough one she is female, older & has never had any debt with them!! I think they were checking the people at the address which is I believe is now illegal? What do you suggest
  13. Hi Thanks for that. Have just read that they can't unless you give them permission i.e. when you sign up for a credit a/c, loan etc. I did not give any such permission but looking at my credit report again it seems they are doing credit checks on my brother and not me , think I have jumped the gun a bit It says Credit Checks for people associated with you. It then gives his name & d.ob underneath and date searched then their name. Opposite is my name d.o.b & address. So maybe they are telling me that as I am "Associated" with him they have to let me know? If so I am going to dis-associate myself from him as we have no financial connections whatsoever.
  14. Hi I'm not worried just [removed] that Lowells can look at my personal data willy nilly who the hell do they think they are . They are breaching data protection, human rights etc in fact anything I can think of!!! I am sending them a stinking letter in the morning!
  15. Hi I'm not worried as I haven't got any bad debt but just totally p***** off that Lowells can search my report willy nilly who the hell do they think they are the scumbags. It is a breach of my data protection rights, human rights to privacy etc etc. I am going to send them a stinking letter!
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