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  1. After the news in today's budget and the back tracking on certain UC policies it seems that if it CAN be done then WHY WASN'T IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? Originally, if you transfer from another benefit or a new claimant - NOT A PENNY FOR 6 WEEKS apart from an advance of 50% when claim approved Now: - No 7 day waiting period on new claims - Advance now full amount (not 50%) paid back over 12 months instead of 6 - Previous HB claimants now get 2 weeks grace on HB from their LA when claiming UC So all in all no waiting period and a 2 week HB grace and a cut in time for your first UC payment. Although still not great it is certainly better than before. So the question needs to be asked, and someone in power needs to ask it, WHY WAS THE INITIAL POLICY IN PLACE ALLOWED TO BE PASSED? I am certainly (as a new UC claimant from 2 weeks ago) going to contact my LA and ask the question whether I am entitled to this 2 weeks HB as what is classed as a 'new' claimant given todays budget news? Does it mean from today? last week? a month ago? define 'NEW' I am still £95.41pm worse off under UC than ESA and HB but I would not have been so ill or stressed knowing I had less of a wait and some HB to tide me over plus a full advance. Yes, UC has made claimants ill - I am one of them!
  2. I've been on benefits since 2005 because of ill health. I have a hormonal inbalance which is associated with many mental health and physical comorbidities. Also alcohol dependent since 2005. I'm waiting for a medical detox for the alcohol and then going on hormone replacement. I know because of the big gap on my cv (unemployed for almost 13 years), I'm going to find it very difficult finding a job. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any organisations that help the long term unemployed? Thanks.
  3. Just had bailiff turn, threaten locksmiths and actually called a locksmith for a speeding fine from June last year. He handed me a notice of intention to enter and search premises - removal notice. under Tribunals Act 2007 s12 p2 18b enter premises using reasonable force even in absence. He said he could force entry and a locksmith would be called to gain access. I asked him for his warrant of entry under s15 but he refused. My partner did not know that her speeding fine would be taken to court, she is unemployed and has just had to pay £650 out of her savings for this. Any help would be appreciated? This is for my partner whos speeding fine it is.
  4. 1) My 'Actions for getting employment" doesn't stipulate a number of jobs to apply for per week (which is odd, when I claimed before I had to apply for 2). Obviously I don't want to display every single job I apply for (which would risk creating a baseline figure), but what is the minimum number that an Advisor needs to see in order to sanction me (for insufficient applications)? 2) They also included 'log into my UJM account daily' - I have NOT ticked the box that allows the DWP to view the jobs I've applied for, BUT can they still see how often I've logged in? Ta
  5. Good afternoon The company I worked for has gone into administration, I have no wages coming in as now unemployed so will be unable to make a payment to my DMP (Stepchange). I have informed them but am wondering what my creditors are likely to do now. No jobs in the offing at the moment so no income at all Thank you
  6. Hi There I have followed a number of the threads on this forum, and hope you will forgive me posting this. I am just absolutely terrified about my current situation and the legal implications (if any). I would highly value any help members could provide. My situation: I was on a six figure salary with my previous employer who, a few days ago, informed me that they would be closing with immediate effect. Unfortunately, I have just gone and taken out a couple of loans (about five weeks ago) to help fund a new car and decorate my mum's house for her 80th birthday, and have accrued a fair bit on my credit cards to pay for a silver wedding anniversary cruise for the wife and I. The best part of my salary for the past few years has been spent funding our two children through university overseas. I've been offered a replacement role in Australia, but on a much lower salary (about £40,000 equivalent) and without any accommodation arranged. I already hold a permanent resident visa - as my wife is Australian and we lived out there for a few years. (Returned in 2014, and I have my right to return still active). We will be able to move across to Australia to take up the job, but I know I will be completely unable to properly service my debts (which are roughly £100,000). I am primarily terrified that I will be prosecuted for fraud (although I, in all truth, believed there would be no change to my circumstances when I took out the loans -- as these were only taken out a few weeks ago). I can make full repayments for the next few months before we move; however, I am going to need every penny from my salary to keep us going in Australia for the first little while. I am pensive about offering my debtors a nominal £1 per month payment in good faith until I get established over there. I do not want to run from these debts; however, I also do not want to face prison if the lenders think I committed fraud. We have no mortgage, the house is in my wife's name and I have never contributed towards the house payments: so I think it is safe from repossession, in case things go wrong out in Australia? Basically. Help. Am I going to have an international warrant for my arrest put out because of perceived fraud!? I know this probably sounds ridiculous to some, and I hope you can clarify where I stand. I've got myself in a right bloody mess here.
  7. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/every-little-helps-supermarket-giant-5461757
  8. Hi Looking for some advice please. I was unemployed in April/May 2015 and whilst getting JSA applied for council tax benefit. When I received the full bill, I wrote to said council to tell them there should be reduction for that period as I was receiving JSA. The reply "With regards to 2015/16 bill, you have not been granted any council tax benefits, therefore, you are liable to pay full council tax as per the bill you received. Please pay the outstanding instalments by return". They granted benefits in the past so how do I take this forward? I was not earning whilst unemployed yet they are not going to grant any benefit whatsoever. Should I escalate the complaint? Many thanks in advance.
  9. I have learnt the it is the governments intention to allow learndirect ( a profit making college that sells educational courses) to force the unemployed to take its courses and pay for them out of their benefits whether they want to take them or not or lose their entire benefits. I don't know about you but this looks to me like a massive failure of human rights and makes a mockery of any pretence that consumers are protected in the UK. How can they do this? This is like me arriving at your door to tell you that unless you buY this CAR/TV FROM ME YOU WILL LOSE YOUR INCOME BY LAW!
  10. any one on here like me i am 57yrs old and i apply for 5 jobs a day as required from my adviser at the job center. i have been unemployed over 5 years but i never get any interviews. i also did 4 weeks of work experience, a few weeks ago.my adviser says it would help getting work,but to no avail. my adviser repeatedly asks me why i am not getting interviews for jobs.i say i think its my age. they say age is not a barrier. i say it definitely is.what do you think.
  11. http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/unemployed-must-become-scouts-2013093079926
  12. Hi guys, I'm not in employment and claim JSA + Housing Benefit, although have been offered a 15h/week part-time job. The thing is, the job would pay ca. £520/month. The calculations say I would not be entitled to any benefits if I take this job. Even worse, possibly Council Tax would kick in (or not?). All in all, paradoxically, taking the job would make me worse off by some £50-£100. I barely make ends meet now - on the job I will not even be able to pay up all the bills! Is it really the case the the government is happy enough to let the citizens get by making £520 or am I missing something in those calcuations and/or lack some information? The othe question, a bit unrelated. Is it possible to be fully exempted from water sewage and waste bill? I'm exempted from Council Ttax but need to pay reduced water sewage and waste, according to the Counil, Thanks for reading, k.
  13. Hi, Great forum you have here! I owe £7300, spread over two credit cards - capital one (£3100) and bank of Scotland (£4200). I've been unemployed for over a year and was making the minimum monthly repayments on both cards , stupidly perhaps using what savings I had to make the monthly repayments. Now I have no spare cash left at all, I'm on £71 JSA per week and furiously searching for work. I live with my brother in a rented housing association house so there's no mortgage. I've written to both companies today, outlining my situation and basically offering to make a minimum payment of £5 monthly until my situation improves. I've also asked them to freeze any penalty charges and interest from accruing. I've buried my head in the sand too long with this but I've decided to face up to it. From what I've been reading, I don't really think there's too much they can do to me- I don't own any property, car or anything. The credit card debt is unsecured . I'm pig sick of this whole thing, being unemployed and other things going on in my life too and just want this thing sorted or at least controlled till things pick up:sad: Any thoughts folks, as to what the next stage is likely to be? Thanks:-D
  14. If I left a job with no fixed term for another job (either agency or direct employment) with a fixed term contract and at the end of the latter I claimed JSA, would the DWP have a case in thinking I am making myself intentionally unemployed? Thanks
  15. Background: I was out of work for a few years. I have now a temporary work contract with no ending date but I was told informally that it would end in November. I really need to move away from my current accommodation and I like a nice single room at a very affordable place let by an agency. One of the condition of the tenancy is: no Housing Benefit (I haven't read the contract, that was on the leaflet). I can understand the agency or landlord not wanting certain kind of tenants, but what happens if I rent the room and then I lose my job and claim Housing Benefit? Can they legally put a clause in the contract that if I claim HB then my contract is terminated, or otherwise the fixed term tenancy becomes periodic tenancy? Would I have to inform the LL/agency of my change in circumstances? Any other pitfalls I should take care of? Thanks
  16. Hi I am looking for some advice for a friend. Her Husband has been on ESA since January of this year. He is currently appealing his ATOS medical decision and is receiving the assessment phase rate. She has been self employed for almost twenty years but has had to close her business due to decline in work. She has paid all required NI contributions. She filled in an online claim for Jobseeker's Allowance and both of them had to attend for interview at their local Jobcentre. When they attended they were told that as her Husband has an existing claim for ESA that she would be added to that and was not required to sign on. She has since been told that a household cannot claim two contribution based benefits. It is two weeks since the interview and they have only received his usual ESA payment. They have a mortgage on their property and no savings. My friend is obviously very worried about their financial situation. She does have some sort of mortgage protection policy but this will only pay half her mortgage and only comes into force after three months. Could someone kindly advise whether this is the case - that she cannot claim Jobseekers in her own right or does this fact not really matter and it will even outself out. Her Husband is 61 years of age. Regards, VUP
  17. Hi, I last worked (PAYE) in End March 2012 but was paid well and had enough money to survive until now, I did not sign on as I really do not like going to the unemployment office etc. My question is do I need to register or send any paperwork into HMRC? even thou all I have done is support myself, I have not done any work paid or self employment however I have applied to work in the home office and wanted to make sure my tax records are correct. Cheers, A
  18. I find myself suddenly unemployed with no income. (Obviously will try to claim some benefit asap but that will not be for a few weeks). I have several credit card debts which are quickly going to become impossible to pay (ie immediately if I want to eat this month) I plan to write to my creditors as per other posters here and offer to pay small amount per month in exchange for freeze on fees/interest while I'm in this situation. However I'm not sure precisely what to write, or to who to write. Do you have to address these things to a particular part of the company or just to the general company address? (I know I have to use registered post.) Should I instantly cancel the direct debits? I presume so, as I cannot afford for them to take out hundreds of pounds at this time. Many thanks
  19. Hello, I have an interview next week & I'm really excited but worried & very nervous about it at the same time. The problem is that I've been unemployed for just over 3 years & I don't know what to do or say when the inevitable questions come about this extremely large gap in my employment history. I left my previous employment (just before the credit crunch/recession kicked in) to go travelling for 1 year or more (something I always wanted to do) but just before I was ready to travel, 2 family members passed away within a week of each other & it hit me very hard. So much so, I suffered from depression & everything that comes with it. I never went travelling as it didn't feel right. I've basically hid away for the past 3 years doing nothing but living on all the money I had for travelling & now its got to the point where I have to get back out there & get a job. I've known for a while I have to get myself back out there & live my life properly but the shame & embarrassment of being unemployed for so long & constantly worrying about what people think has held me back which obviously got worse as time went on. From what I have read online & in newspapers, employers do discriminate against the long term employed (even though they say they don't), so do I really even stand a chance of employment now? And what do I say when they ask what the hell I've been doing all this time?? I can't tell them all that I wrote above as they'll think I'm a loser, but I don't want to lie either. I'm really stuck. I probably babbled on there a bit. Please help me Thanks
  20. BBC Panorama reveals how a company which has been tasked to help long-term disabled unemployed back to work - exploits those people and increases their profits by keeping them out of work by "parking them". Full story Scotland And of course, this is all facilitated by poor monitoring procedures. It's all about the "look-good" factor.
  21. I have had anxiety problems since I was a child of 11 and suffered depression as well since I was 13 ive had a drink problem and ive never held down a full time job for more than 3 months because of my alcohol use ive been sacked more times than I can remember, I have social anxiety so working or mixing with others is a no go for me unless im drunk I dont socialise with anyone, im now 30 have less than a year experiance in any work and a criminal record to boot, atos very kindly lied on my medical and say im fit for work, where can I find a job that I would not have to talk or interact with anyone and be taken on with all the issues I have?
  22. BBC Panorama reveals how a company which has been tasked to help long-term disabled unemployed back to work - exploits those people and increases their profits by keeping them out of work by "parking them". Full story Scotland And of course, this is all facilitated by poor monitoring procedures. It's all about the "look-good" factor.
  23. I am on Carer's allowance and Income Support. I also get Council Tax Benefit. My 26 year old daughter is unemployed and living with her boyfriend. She has applied for Unemployment benefit and is waiting to hear the decision but it appears that as he works she may not get anything. I am not sure about the rules concerning Income Support but wonder if she would be more likely to get the benefit if she moved back with me. Any idea anyone
  24. David Cameron keeps going on about how bad things are in Greece and how if we don't make a few scarifies we'll be like they are in Greece. The unemployed in Greece only get £65 a week and whats more it only lasts for a year, and they get lots of reduced stuff. :???::???: I don't want to appear thick but £71 for 6 months and having to pay full price for everything doesn't seem a lot better. I may be wrong, but I think if we were on mainland Europe there'd be riots here because of what this government is doing.
  25. Dear Members My wife was on maternity leave from august/september 2010 roughly to september 2012. We have two kids one born september 2010 and second one born september 2011. Right now she is on holiday leave but after that she will have to leave her job because her working hours are the same as mine so there is no one to look after our kids. She was working as an employee from august/september 2006. She will be looking for job that she can do in the evenings/ nights after I get home so I can look after kids. Because she is leaving her job will that be classed as voluntary unemployment? we have no choice really, kids so small yet. my questions are: - can she register with Job centre plus? - will they pay her JSA contribution based? Thanks for advice
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