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Found 24 results

  1. MBNA sold debts that belonged to both me and my husband. Idem bought mine, Moorcroft bought my husbands. I emailed Idem regarding reduced payments that I would make, and eventually they responded agreeing to my reduced amount. However, Moorcroft ignore emails (sent day after day) and they will not reply despite my husband requesting that they not call, but put in writing instead. They call anyway, and to whomever called, I asked them not to call, but to respond to my husband's emails - however, the chap then called my husband's mobile immediately! I got a statement from Idem, and in exactly the same marked envelope (same return address, same statement format) my husband had one from Moorcroft. Does anyone know if this is the same company??? It's really cheesing me off that Moorcroft ignore all the emails. Also, they're sneaky so-and-so's: they are based hundreds of miles away from us, and yet they call the landline using a local number that they must buy to use, to look like they're someone local calling us - idiots! It doesn't take long for me to recognise the number and ignore it. But, they're making me so mad!!! I think I'm wasting my time re-sending the same emails but at least it proves the point that they're ignoring us, dispite contacting them on a daily basis!
  2. New medal unveiled to recognise the fight against Daesh READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-medal-unveiled-to-recognise-the-fight-against-daesh
  3. Good Afternoon, I have seen a few posts about this here and would like to ask for some advice on my case. I joined the London fight factory gym in February 2017 and signed for a 6 month contract (£95) per month. Three months into the contract (May) I was transferred in work and to wales and could no longer frequent that gym. At the time I did tell my coach (and owner of the gym) that I was no longer going to be attending. Nevertheless, I carried on paying my monthly installments until the 6th month which was July, before cancelling my direct debit. What I didn't realize was that my last payment bounced and as I had cancelled the direct debit, it didn't go through again. Last week I received an E-mail, which contains half of my new address, not sure how they got that, stating that I owe them £247. I have already E-mailed them stating I will pay them £95 and nothing more (I now realize I probably shouldn't have). To which they replied that because I broke my credit agreement I was liable to all their fees. I have read in a few threads that they can't actually action any of their threats, but can they mess with your credit score? Also, as it was a genuine mistake, (I really thought that last payment went through) is there anything I can do? Thank you in advance.
  4. Looks like Jon Platt has been found guilty https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/jun/23/school-holidays-row-isle-of-wight-man-loses-legal-fight-over-daughters-absence
  5. Hi, Be really really grateful for any guidance. Some years ago , -2007/8/9 we got into big debt trouble, lost our business and the only thing we were able to keep, amazingly, was a 1 bed flat in my wife's name which at the time didn't really have any equity in it so wasn't much point in selling. CAG helped enormously, RMA from Amex dropped amongst other things and over time most have stopped pursuing us. However while I know there are sadder stories out there than ours the stress added up and we also split up with my wife keeping and living in the 1 bed flat. In 2014 MBNA produced a CCJ against my wife for €14000 on a credit card she had back in 2002. She made an arrangement to pay £100+ per month and understood it was interest free etc, doesn't seem to have had paperwork on it. She has never missed a payment and the balance is now £11,000 odd. They only assets she has in the world is the flat (interest only mortgage but a low interest rate) - about £40k equity and next year at 65 she must retire from the NHS (4 years service won't amount to much). So, having got through everything she is in pieces having received a letter from the Land registry saying that they have placed an interim charging order on the flat in favour of Arrow for the £11,000 balance. The letter seems to read that they automatically place the charging order if anyone asks for one and it is up to the owner to challenge in the courts to get it removed - Fait accompli! Or is it? Please can anyone help with advice because looking for information on the forum and elsewhere it seems the way the Land Registry is presenting the information is along the lines of - Its already done and dusted and no chance mate in getting it removed if you have a CCJ, where I am reading that the is a timescale where you can challenge the interim order and there are grounds for a challenge such as there being other creditors whose claims would be unfairly denied (not sure that is necessarily a good way forward) and another one which is that we are in the process of getting divorced, with solicitors instructed, having lived apart for more than 4 years (I am not claiming anything but nevertheless it might be grounds to put a spanner in the works). Finally, are we worrying too much about it? I don't at all like the idea of them making unsecured into secured but as long as they don't move to repossess and the £100 a month agreement stays in force interest free should we twitch too much? Is that naïve? By the way if anyone is wondering why I am writing on behalf of my wife when we are getting divorced we are still friends/care/and although the debt is in her name it came about when we were together so is joint really anyway. Thanks in advance and time for your replies.
  6. My PCN situation: I did not pay a PCN issued in Houslow, London for a bus lane contravention (dated 8 June 2015) in the agreed time as I was unaware of it. The first I knew of the PCN was an email from Collect Services Ltd. (13 June 2016) about warrant issued against me for an undisclosed sum owed for a bus lane contravention. I thought the email was spam or phishing and ignored it (I do not live in the area etc. and get spam from various 'companies' asking for money'.) On September 8th I was emailed a bill (again from Collect Services) for £512. I got in touch with them to ask what the bill was for. Collect Services responded, explaining they were collecting a driving fine debt on behalf of Hounslow council (where my grandmother lived). I realise I moved house in June 2015 and had omitted to change the address with the DVLA. Additional info: I sold the car in Oct 2015 so never updated the car's registered address to my current address. I called the DVLA today and the new owner omitted to register the car with DVLA to his address. so the car is still registered at my 2015 address I would have addressed the September emails before now but I was working away with limited access to email. I have proof of travel etc. When I called Collect Services I gave them my new address I am looking for advice on the following: I know that I made a mistake in not registering my car to my new address but want to avoid paying some of the fine which I believe is disproportionate to the offence (The PCN has spiralled to £202 / the initial Bailiff Fee was £75 and the most recent bailiff fine was £235) I am petrified (single woman) of a bailiff arriving at my door. Is sending off the TE7 and TE9 form the correct action for me? The TE9 seems only for parking offences. If so, have I completed the TE7 form correctly manner? (TE& attached) and how would I complete the TE9? My Dad suggests writing to Collect Services and offering them the original fine doubled. He says they are very unlikely to take me to court. I do not have a car anymore so have no public goods that an be taken. te007-eng.doc
  7. Hi so, I will try to be succinct! We all know the law changed, but I didn't quite get it. I bought a car second hand, it came with a tax disk, I thought I was fine for a few months. Obviously I wasn't, I understand that, and am happy to pay a REASONABLE amount because of this. I was caught on camera on 21st December near Oxford. I was caught on my home street in London on 13th January. I was clamped on 14th of January, costing me £100 to get out. I taxed my car that same day. On 15th January I get two letters, both dated 14th January - obviously these would not be received until after I got clamped. One letter referred to being caught on camera in December, charging me £117. The second letter referred to being caught on 13th January, asking me to pay £145. On phoning the DVLA, I was told I am supposed to pay BOTH fines. PLUS the £100 for the clamping. DO the maths if you want but it's a lot of money, for one (accidental) offence. I wrote a nice long, detailed letter of appeal, asking for a reasonable reduction and consolidation of these "out of court settlements). I have just received a letter telling me that none of my reasons were valid, and I still have to pay everything. Shall I fight it? It seems a crazy system, even if I swallow the fee for the clamping, having to pay twice for the same offence. And the fact that they seem to have KEPT THE DECEMBER OFFENCE BACK UNTIL THEY CAUGHT ME AGAIN, SENDING LETTERS FOR BOTH THE OFFENCES ON THE SAME DAY seems either very sneaky, to get maximum money from me, or at least very bad admin. If I do fight it, where will the court case be held? Locally to me or in Swansea? Anyone know? If I do fight it, how much might I have to pay if I lose? If I do fight it, anyone know my chances? Should I just pay because offences are offences? Thanks all, looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Jon
  8. Today I received a claim letter from Northampton County Court against myself. It was for 11k. The claimant is Hoist Portfolio Holding and the solicitor if Howard Cohen, Leeds. I originally took out the loan as a cahoot flexi loan i believe, who were then took over by santander and now sold off to Hoist. I'm planning to CCA Hoist, and send a CPR31.14 request to Howard Cohen. Is there anything else I should do? Also, if they send me back the documents I requesed, what could my defence be if the documents look enforceable?
  9. Hi I need some advice. I cancelled my gym membership on the 20th of May 2015 as I was moving 50 miles away from where I was living. I went into the gym, filled in the form and handed it straight back to them. I noticed in August that a group called Harlands was taking money out my account I rang them up to find out it was my gym payment. I explained to the guy on the phone that I cancelled my membership in May and that I should not be having money taken out my account. He told me to cancel my Direct Debit and that I would struggle to get back the extra payments which I accepted. In November I received a letter from CRS saying that Xercise4less have been trying to contact me which they haven't and that they have been employed to collect a sum of £192.46. Now being young and never in this sort of situation before I rang the gym up to get answers and I also rang CRS up. I explained all the above to them and they said they would look into it. When getting back to me they said that the gym had no recollection of me leaving. They also offered to reduce the payment to £132.58. I told them I was not going to pay them and that I didn't owe them anything and they said that they would freeze my account for 30 days. Now really I should have sort some advice sooner but being in my final year of university, working in the service industry and it being Christmas I haven't been able to go anywhere to seek any. They have now got back in contact and to get them off my back I have paid them a third of what they are asking for in the hope that I can get them off my back and get them to leave me alone as they have threatened to take further action and having never been in a position like this before and being so busy with my dissertation I didn't know what else to do. I have now spoke to citizens advice and they have told me to write the gym a letter asking for the CCTV footage from the day I cancelled. What else can I do to sort this out? Thanks in advance
  10. I parked in a car park in Lincoln the barrier was up on the way in with a sign that said "public car park now open", no mention of pay and display or anything like that i assumed it would be a pay as you leave car park. When i went in, i did press the button on the machine by the barrier and assumed it would give me a ticket but it didn't, i even pressed the button and waited for a response which never came. I parked anyway when i left i had a ticket and discovered that the car park is pay and display. Where i was parked you can't see any pay machines or anything telling you to pay and i have photos of that. I was late at night and unlit and the pay and display machines are set back in an alcove so they are not easily seen unless you have used the car park before. I want to contest this as i currently owe £60 rising to 100 shortly. See attached photos Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi all. Need some advice, please DH had an Egg credit card and we defaulted during a rather dark period of our lives. The account was passed on to Bryan Carter who took him to court in Jan 2011. We didn't contest it or turn up to the court date (which wasn't in our local court, but some 200 miles away) and a Charging Order was placed on our property. We're currently trying to sort our financial affairs out as we want to move next year. The "amount owing under judgement or order given on 18 June 2010 by the court, together with any interest becoming due and £268 the costs of the application" Surely, as the amount is under £5k, interest would not be payable? Is this just standard wording, or have the court given them carte blanche to charge us for that too? We have been paying £30 a month to Bryan Carter since 2011 but have never received any statements of account and we now want rid of this, so that we can start to repair our credit rating and get the charging order removed. Is it possible to attempt to fight this retrospectively? We have never asked for CCA's to prove liability or that the agreement was worded correctly; or for any statements of account on the original debt (and we know how bad these companies are for just plucking figures out of thin air! We're sure that the original debt was not this much) Is this worth doing now, or a bit pointless as it has already been through court? Alternatively, how open do you think they would be to accepting a full and final settlement for less than the amount outstanding? Many thanks for any help you can provide.
  12. Hi, I'd really appreciate some advice on how best to tackle Ladder Loans. In summary I borrowed £2000, have missed a few payments but even so have paid them more than £4000. I'd now like to know whether a full and final settlement is the best option, or whether I can fight this and pay nothing more The details are as follows: 1 - Ladder Loans is part of Inventive Finance Ltd, which I've found out runs a network of payday lenders. I was offered £2000 in July 2013 on an 18 month repayment schedule 2 - The APR per annum is an eye watering 299%, meaning that according to the CCA (which I now have), I agreed to pay them £5031.36 for that original £2000! 3 - I made 15 payments of £279.82 on time, so I've already paid them £4192.80 4 - Due to further financial difficulties (problems with my business), I missed payments no 16 (end Nov) 17 (end Dec) and what would have been final payment no 18 (end Jan). They've added £12 penalty charges for each of the missed payments 6 - They've never written to me about these missed payments or about adding penalty charges, I suspect they have been trying to call my mobile though. I asked for the CCA about 10 days ago and it arrived on Friday. I'm now thinking of doing one of two things. 1 - Offering them a final settlement on the £862.56 they say I still owe, to get them off my back Or: 2 - Making a formal complaint and seeing if I can eventually take it to the FOS. I'd base this on them adding on penalty charges but not writing to me as well as the fact that I already paid them more than double. Am I correct in thinking that payday lenders can't now charge more than 100% of the original loan? Or did I read that wrong? Can a hugely inflated interest rate be challenged? I'd really appreciate which is the best of the two routes to go down. Do I have a leg to stand via the complaints route, or would I be best just offering maybe £300 (so a third of what's still owed)
  13. Hiya, Bit of a complex one, Got an account with Halifax that went into many problems - mainly system problems that caused the account to disappear, lose address records etc but it also lost my overdraft and was therefore moved to debt collection while I was in complaints process with them! Due to illness and a death in the family a few months passed and I did not hear back from Halifax. I then recieved out the blue a letter from MKDP saying I owe the account balance I gave them my complaint reference and re-wrote to Halifax who said they will get back to me in 4 weeks - I asked MKDP to put it on hold while this happened. Now today I have come in to see a court claim form from MKDP for the account balance + costs. Obviously I am going to defend myself against this especially as this is still in complaints but just want to know the best way to do it before I do Is it relevant as well that the claim has only been made in my name when it is joint account? Any help appreciated
  14. Last year around May June I switched bank accounts from Barclays to Santander. I changed all the direct debits over myself (yes i sat on the phone for over an hour but was so paranoid about something going wrong if i left it up to the banks to do so for peace of mind I did it myself). Turns out I shouldn't have bothered! The only 1 that I had a problem with was United Utilities. I received a letter early September, followed by a phone call the same day saying I was in debt of around £120. My direct debit had apparently been cancelled by the bank. No chance I said, why would the bank cancel a direct debit. I was assured it was the banks fault, set it up again over the phone for my new account and thought no more of it. Just before Christmas I got another phone call saying my direct debit had been cancelled and the last payment I had made was in May 2014. I told them again that I had already had a phone call and set it up over the phone, Then told I was wrong and nothing had been set up at all. I checked my bank statements (I've learnt my lesson the hard way to keep checking more regularly) and its true they haven't even set up the dd. Let alone have the bank cancel it. Again I spoke to someone on the 8th Jan and again gave my details to set it up, its due out 1st Feb so time will tell whether its been done. More recently I tried to get a new credit card and was declined, not sure why as I have never missed a payment on purpose in a long time so just got my credit file today. United Utilities have added a 6 next to missed payments. they have messed up my credit file because they cannot set up a direct debit themselves and would rather blame the bank. I have contacted the bank who have told me they would not be able to cancel a direct debit without my say so. therefore I'm left thinking it is United Utilities who are in the wrong. Sorry this is turning out long How do i go about getting them to remove this on my file. This is the only negative I have on my file and I've worked so hard the past 10 years to get my credit to good standing and out of debt, and now this happens for something thats not even my fault! Any advice appreciated, thanks for reading.
  15. In May 2009 me, my wife and newly diagnosed autistic son moved to our new house in East Anglia. My wife decided it was a new start and we should by everything new. We had always had leather suites before and although not expensive we were always very happy with the way they cleaned up so we decided we would get a good leather suite. We shopped around for a few weeks and decided to go with the Emperor suite from DFS 1x manual recliner 3 seat sofa 1x electric armchair recliner and 1x pouffe plus a couple of coffee tables it all came to £4050.00 in the sale so we knew we had a good quality leather suite but the colour we see my wife wasn’t keen on so the salesman showed us a swab of leather colours to choose from we choose a dark tan colour. The only downside seemed we had to wait 3 months for delivery, but we managed with the garden furniture. Our furniture arrived in about 11 weeks the men came in and put it all together I thought it was a bit lighter than I had expected but it looked great and was very comfortable. As soon as my wife came in she said it’s the wrong colour its to light, but we discussed it and I didn’t want another 3 months on a garden chair and it really did look nice so we decided to keep it. What we did notice after a while the gaps in the sofa didn’t match up, it came as 2 seats and they hook the end on well the end one had a quite a bigger gap so I called them and they promptly sent a an engineer out he pushed and tugged it and assured me it would come together with use as I worked away at the time it wasn’t used that much. Eventually after a while I changed jobs and was now at home more. The gap wasn’t getting any better so I got on to them again and they promptly sent out an engineer who took of the end bit tightened a few screws and put it back together it still had the gap once again he said it would work in with use. It never did and still hasn’t. After a few years my wife one day phoned me at work and said the leather is peeling I was away for a month and said I would look when I got home thinking it was just the leather cracking a bit. When I got home I couldn’t believe it was starting to peel like a skin and not the cushions that you actually sit on but the back and the arm we were going on holiday the next day so when we got back I got on the phone to them again and explained what had happened and they said they would send someone out the next day I thought I had best give the furniture a wipe over so I used the new set of cloths we had purchased from them but to be honest they were not much good so I used some Astonish leather cream that we had always used before on our suites and gave it the once over with that I used to do this about twice a year it came up lovely apart from the peeling. As usual they promptly sent out and engineer. As he walked through the door he see the dog locked in the conservatory and before he had even seen the suite he said it was the dog that caused it. Apart from the fact that the dog never was allowed on the furniture it would have to be super dog as the peeling was on the back arm of the sofa his whole manner told me he was not going to take any responsibility for it he felt it and growled you’ve put something on it what have you put on it so I showed him the leather cream and straight away without even looking at it he said that’s what’s caused it by this time I was fed up with his whole attitude and said ill phone the store which I did and the manager said he would speak to him and come out personally. Here are the photos I sent to them. As you can see these are not minor problems. When the manager turned up a week later as arranged he looked at the sofa and said he agreed with his engineer he offered to have the arm repaired and also said we could have new arms put on but we would have to pay for it I said we had only just finished paying for the suite and he should take responsibility for the rubbish he had sold us he then said there was a test he could do that would turn the leather white if it had been cleaned with the wrong cleaner I said that’s what we want because I knew we had not and we were not responsible for the condition I also said I was going to go to the ombudsman if nothing was done he just smiled and said they would come down on his side anyway, I felt as if I was being bullied by these people. The next day I phoned trading standards and they said I need to go through the furniture ombudsman and gave me their details. I contacted the ombudsman by email and was asked to email them the photos which I did. After a few days I was sent an email stating they had spoken the company DFS and was in agreement with them I could not believe it they had not even sent anyone to see it. They said that because my wife had said the leather care wipes were not used regally which is nonsense because I used to do it when I came home that that was the reason but said if I paid £50 they would send an independent inspector down so I paid the £50 . Then one Sunday morning we got a call from the inspector saying would it be convenient to come around today because he was very busy owing to the fact there was only four of them in the country so we agreed a time. AS he came in he said that he was an expert and what he said would stand up in court. He also explained he would not discuss his findings with us that we would get a report in 10 days. He also told us before he started his TESTS how good DFS was and that he had recommended them to his niece we knew then this was not going our way it seemed every way we turned we were hitting a brick wall. Then came his TESTS which were just ridiculous he pulled a tissue from his briefcase licked it rubbed it on a part of the sofa that was not peeling and showed it to us as much to say nothings come of he then pulled a roll of low adhesive tape from his case and stuck it on a piece of the sofa that was not peeling and showed us none had come off. He asked us what we had cleaned it with and we showed him the box of wipes and a bottle of Astonish leather cream. He then asked did we lay on the sofa I said we did and he mentioned that the arms were only meant to rest your arm on not your head. He said the gaps were ok because it came as 2 parts I said it did not look like that in the show room to which he did not reply. We could not believe what was happening we knew this was not going our way but just had to wait for his report. I have highlighted the issues in the attached DFS report. Our response 1. We never once complained about the colour to DFS as we had waited 3 months for the suite and was not prepared to wait another 3 months. 2. They did not feel like leather because they were not leather it is a plastic coating (polyurethane) to be precise. This was never mentioned when we bought it and has never been mentioned again either by DFS, the Ombudsman or the inspector we only found out after doing some research. If we had wanted a plastic finished suite we could have bought one at the fraction of the cost so it is my opinion that we were miss sold the furniture in the first place. Yes we used a leather cream that was not from DFS Astonish leather cleaner and restorer have since researched this and have been told that this would not cause our suite to peel. Astonish Leather Upholstery Restorer 250ml This leather cleaner from astonish has a unique formulation which gives superb results. It thoroughly cleans and restores it natural look by replacing nutrients and feeding the leather making it supple avoiding cracks and drying out. It has many uses such as cleaning, polishing protecting and restoring. Use on such items as leather sofas, handbags and briefcases. And this is not a wax Now my reaction to the ombudsman so called independent decision. Based on the consultant’s report. 1. It does looked distressed as do me and my wife after what DFS and the ombudsman have done to us working in coalition and leading people to believe your independent, and it does look as though it had heavy use. Please define heavy use What you need to remember is at the time I was working away most of the time my wife works in Canary Wharf and leaves at 5.45 am and returns at about 8.30pm my son more or less lived in his bedroom. And yes I did lay on the sofa as do people in the DFS ads on T.V. As for the pouffe looking as though it had little use he is correct it does not but then when we bought the suite we was not told this suite will last more than a few years if you don’t use it much. 2. The suite was bought in 2008 but the first complaint was not received in 2011 it was received in 2008 they came out twice to fix the gaps in the sofa and just kept promising it will eventually come together well we have had it long enough for all the colour to peel off but obviously not long enough for the gaps to close up. This was 2008. 3. I have already explained why we did not complain about the colour but the consultant seems to have a lot to say about it he trying to make it look that all we do is complain but then he would because although it’s us that had to pay him he obviously works for either DFS or the ombudsman. 4. He then says it is likely on the balance of probabilities that the peeling was caused by acids in our sweat or hair products or abrasion or even leather cream please tell me what is this suite for it can’t be lay on it can’t be used on a regular basis you must not sweat near it the arms it appears shouldn’t have a head put on them or arms and elbows. He also states that I at first said I did not use the arm as a head rest but then said I did a complete pack of lies I never denied laying on the sofa because when purchased I was not told not to lay on it as they do in the adds. 5. The recliner mechanisms it was never the twin recliners it was only one side and apparently we should spray it with ED40 graphite grease well I am afraid I don’t have any of this and I haven’t read anywhere in the care leaflet about ED40 graphite grease. 6. The gaps between the sofas he does not think is excessive well I do I can get my hand down them both but it looks like we will have to disagree on that to. Finally and more worrying is this report went before a board that agreed that furniture should not be laid on sweated on or used on a regular basis
  16. Thought this may be of interest to others its from the Evening Times Article: http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/driver-wins-landmark-fight-over-bus-lane-fine-132374n.21791364 Colin Mackenzie was issued with the fixed pen­alty ticket in January for driving in a bus lane in Maryhill Road at Bisland Drive. But he argued the sign was misleading - because it showed the bus lane in the wrong part of the road. The 56-year-old, from Bearsden, who took his case to the parking adjudicator, has now received a letter from Glasgow City Council telling him his fine has been withdrawn. Mr Mackenzie's winning fight could set a precedent for other drivers who may have been unfairly punished because of misleading signage. The council has since removed the sign, but Mr Mackenzie urged drivers who have been caught in a city bus lane to challenge the decision. He said: "The council has a policy of zero tolerance towards people who are caught in bus lanes, but that works both ways. "If the signs do not comply then they can't fine people. It's as simple as that. "I hope this case helps other drivers to come forward and not accept a fine from the council. "I think the council should be taking the money they have made from the bus lanes and giving it to a good cause." Mr Mackenzie said he was not against bus lanes - but he had concerns over the way they are policed. The council launched its CCTV crackdown on bus lanes in April last year. Drivers are liable to pay £60 if they are filmed at sites where number plate recognition cameras have been installed. The fine is reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days. CCTV is installed at 11 locations on roads in the city, including North Hanover Street, Hope Street, Glassford Street and Argyle Street. Mr Mackenzie said: "Bus lanes are there for a reason and I support of them. "But it seems like this is a game to the council and a complete racket. "This is a secret tax and the whole system needs to be overhauled." A council spokesman said: "There are a number of signs and road markings clearly indicating this stretch of road is a bus lane. "An additional sign was recently introduced, and subsequently removed because it was not as clear as the rest of the signage and road markings." Figures revealed last week showed motorists in the city are paying £11,000 a day on average in bus lane penalties, more than three times the amount for drivers in Edinburgh and Aberdeen combined. A Freedom Of Information request showed 174,448 penalty notices were issued to motorists caught driving in bus lanes in the city between April 23, 2012, and July 4 this year, an average of 397 per day. As the Evening Times revealed in February, the council made more than £3.8million in fines in the eight months after the camera-backed enforcement was launched. Glassford Street, in the Merchant City, was the most prolific money-generating street after being responsible for £700,000 received after 28,000 drivers were caught.
  17. This is the link to this article: http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/tenant-wins-extra-150-in-deposit-fight-129899n.21525792
  18. Hello I apologise for the length of this post. It outlines my issue and has text from both the Ombudsman and Natwest's reply. I am hoping someone can advise me of the content of a reply to the Ombudsman in order to support my case. I took out a Natwest CC in 1997 and associated PPI. At the time, I had unemployment, sickness and accident insurance already in place with another party which would have covered me. I contacted Natwest who turned down my claim. I contacted the Ombudsman who at the end of April basically said they were recommending the complaint is upheld citing the fact that I already had unemployment insurance to cover me. "From the information I have gathered, I do not think Natwest advised Mr X to buy the PPI policy. However, Natwest still had a duty to give Mr X the information he needed to decide whether to take out the policy - and to present it in a way that was clear, fair and not misleading. It was also the duty of Natwest to draw the main features of the policy to Mr X's attention. I have looked at all the information I have from the sale and I do not think Natwest made the policy's cost and benefits clear enough. Having taken his circumstances into account, I do not think Mr X would have thought the policy was good value for him if Natwest had done so - and I do not think he would still have taken it out in that case". Natwest has since responded to the Ombudsman who has sent me a copy advising me they are going to look at this further. Natwest sent the following: Thank you for your letter dated 25 April 2013. The Bank is naturally disappointed that the Service is minded to uphold this complaint and disagrees with this decision for the reasons stated below. - In the assessment letter the Service has concluded that the case should be upheld as the Bank "did not make the policy's cost and benefits clear enough to Mr X. This case relates to a NatWest credit card and PPI sale. The application form was signed on 2 July 1997 and the credit card account was opened on 14 August 1997. The PPl start date was 15 August 1997. We are unable to confirm the sales channel in this instance but having viewed the application form and with the delay between signature and start date, it could be postal or branch. l note that we did not previously have the customer's Application Form available but this has now been received and I have attached an electronic copy for your reference. There is also a blank application in the Terms & Conditions enclosed which is exactly the same format as the customer copy and l am sending it specifically for you to see the wording clearly as the customer copy is quite faint. The Application Form has a separate Credit Card Repayment Protector box that has to be signed by the customer to take out the cover. It states “ 5.Credit Card Repayment Protector. We recommend that your monthly credit card repayments are protected in the event of an accident, illness, involuntary unemploymentor death. Credit Card Repayment Protector is available to the Principal Cardholder only, aged v - between 18 and 64 andpermanently resident in the UK who has been in permanent paid employment for at least 16 hours per week for the last6 months. Cover“ automatically ceases at age 65. The information on this form will be used by National Westminster Insurance Services Ltd to obtain a Certificate of Insurance from Sun Alliance. Please sign one of the signature boxes below”. YES, I would like to take advantage of the peace of mind offered by CCRP (Please read the Credit Card Repayment Protector Your Cover explained section in the Cards brochure or enclosed literature before you decide) Or NO l do not require CCRP and understand that l will be responsible for making my repayments each month if l am unable to work. This clearly shows the policy was an optional insurance and a separate product to the credit card. Mr X has signed to confirm YES he wishes to take the insurance. The Terms and Conditions were provided within the credit card application pack for the customer to read and consider ahead of making his selections. These Terms and Conditions contained the Key Features and Exclusions of the policy. The Your Cover Explained section confirmed Who could have the policy, How much it cost, How it worked, What was not covered, How to Apply and ls this cover right for you?. The How to Apply section of the Terms & Conditions states “ Don’t miss the opportunity of applying for Credit Card Repayment Protector by signing Section 5 of the Application Form if you require cover. Please see the ‘What is not covered section‘ before you decide. Cover begins as soon as your Certificate of insurance is issued. This will be sent to you separately, shortly after your application has been ‘ accepted. The ls this Cover Right for You? section explains that the customer should read the full terms and conditions to ensure the cover is suitable for their requirements. it also confirms how they can cancel within 14 days if not completely satisfied. The documentation provided was clear, fair and not misleading. Mr X had sufficient information regarding the policy costs and benefits to enable him to make an informed choice as to whether or not to take out the policy . lnfact, I can not see how the cost and benefits of the policy could have been made any clearer to Mr X . For the reasons outlined above, the Bank believes that this case should not be upheld and l look forward to receiving your further response in due course.
  19. dos any one know about subrogated mortgages and if the banks have to comply with a high court order made against a adviser in lincolnshire. were a mortgage had to be subrogated to the rights of the bank on a mortgage
  20. More power to the peoples' elbow http://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2012/12/06/camerons-declaration-of-war-on-disabled-people-is-an-invitation-to-fight-back-gina-ravens/
  21. Hi. Over the last two years I have been fighting it out with Santander and Paypal, and I am coming to the end of my tether... I will start at the beginning. Shortly after joining paypal I noticed that for some reason PayPal were telling me that small transactions had been completed when I had no money in my bank. This struck me as odd (as it had never done this before). So I made some massive test purchases (about £7000) although they were declined I still cancelled them instantly (just incase anything had gone through and I recieved any goods). The next thing I know is Santander are telling me I have bounced funds.. I check my statement and see that I have a load of bounced direct debits that were set up by paypal on there. At the time it said they funds were going as an "echeque" whatever the hell that is... It did not say direct debit. Anyway. I thought Santander was to blame so I took them to the ombudsman who said that Santander was only acting on information given to them by PayPal. I rang PayPal today and they said that all they do is advance the funds then claim it back from the bank. I said that that didn't matter to me, and as far as I am concerned when I cancel a transaction I expect it to be cancelled and not to go on undercover then hit me out of the blue. They kept repeating the same lines. This, has of course affected my credit rating, and santander keeps sending me letters over the last two years asking for money. I am not paying anyone anything. I made no transactions. No money was sent from me. No money was recieved. No one sent or recieved any goods at all. What do I do now? Should I take paypal to the ombudsman? I just want this situation over with and my credit rating sorted out. I am 20, and I need to be able to get credit! I should also add that aside from this my credit history is perfect. I have never missed a payment to anyone. Thanks
  22. Hi. Over the last two years I have been fighting it out with Santander and paypal, and I am coming to the end of my tether... I will start at the beginning. Shortly after joining paypal I noticed that for some reason PayPal were telling me that small transactions had been completed when I had no money in my bank. This struck me as odd (as it had never done this before). So I made some massive test purchases (about £7000) although they were declined I still cancelled them instantly (just incase anything had gone through and I recieved any goods). The next thing I know is Santander are telling me I have bounced funds.. I check my statement and see that I have a load of bounced direct debits that were set up by paypal on there. At the time it said they funds were going as an "echeque" whatever the hell that is... It did not say direct debit. Anyway. I thought Santander was to blame so I took them to the Ombudsman who said that Santander was only acting on information given to them by PayPal. I rang PayPal today and they said that all they do is advance the funds then claim it back from the bank. I said that that didn't matter to me, and as far as I am concerned when I cancel a transaction I expect it to be cancelled and not to go on undercover then hit me out of the blue. They kept repeating the same lines. This, has of course affected my credit rating, and santander keeps sending me letters over the last two years asking for money. I am not paying anyone anything. I made no transactions. No money was sent from me. No money was recieved. No one sent or recieved any goods at all. What do I do now? Should I take paypal to the ombudsman? I just want this situation over with and my credit rating sorted out. I am 20, and I need to be able to get credit! I should also add that aside from this my credit history is perfect. I have never missed a payment to anyone. Thanks
  23. Join Sharkstoppers and Help Fight Back Against Britain's Legal Loan Sharks: Your Campaign Pack Today Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party, and Tom Watson, Deputy Chair, joined me and over a hundred campaigners from across the country to launch our campaign pack to help communities fight back against the damage Britain's legal loan sharks are doing to our country. This Government has so far refused to act to tackle the high cost credit companies who are pushing families into crippling debt across Britain. But that doesn't mean that we can't take measures to protect them and help make the case for caps on the cost of credit. Produced in association with the Movement for Change, the Co-operative Party and the Red Card for Wonga campaign, this pack is designed to help with ideas and actions you can take either on your own or together with others to stand up to these companies. You can download it from my website here: Legal Loan Shark Campaign Pack Download Link. Please join us in acting together to fight back against Britain's legal loan sharks! Stella Creasy Labour and Co-operative MP for Walthamstow p.s. Please also share this email and campaign pack with your family and friends too! http://www.workingforwalthamstow.org.uk Stella Creasy: Labour and Co-operative MP for Walthamstow
  24. BACKGROUND: I and my husband had taken a loan from Natwest of £15,000 after we were called in for account review appointment. By the time I started university in 2004, there was already problem with our finances, although my husband is in full time work, things still could not add up, because of the repayments on loan and credit cards which had so quickly massed up, we found ourselves paying childcare with credit cards. My husband then decided to approach the bank after we’ve had a lengthy discussion, to arrange a lower monthly payment. He came back home with a new loan agreement and sat me down, saying that the bank said this is the only way or they might start actions which will put out house at risk of eventual repossession, I still refused to sign the agreement but my husband insisted and pressured me into signing as it was causing a fight. Natwest had repackaged the £15,000 loan into a £25,000 loan! I felt trapped and had really bad premonition, but my husband said he trusted the advise of the Natwest staff. Not long after, we ran into difficulties again, as there was nothing left by the time Natwest all their abracadabra interests and overdraft.Before you could say hello, Natwest had gone to court, even though we had by now got intouch with a debt management company and were paying Natwest some money monthly. COURT CASE: Point of Law NatWest should naturally lose the case because they had made a fundamental error which ultimately invalidates the agreement and thus the loan. They had constructed the agreement on a wrong form! The agreement was a cancellable agreement because:OFT advised that: ... If the agreement is cancellable (because it was signed off trade premises), notice of cancellation rights must be included in the copy agreement, and must also generally be sent by post or email to the borrower within seven days. If the above requirements are not met, the lender can only enforce the agreement against the borrower by getting a court order. The problem was that the agreement was sold to us as non cancellable, there is ample evidence that it should have been a cancellable agreement and indeed, the bank did not contest this fact when the case went to court. Also,Section 67 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 states that:67. Cancellable agreements.A regulated agreement may be cancelled by the debtor or hirer in accordance with this Part if the antecedent negotiations included oral representations made when in the presence of the debtor or hirer by an individual acting as, or on behalf of, the negotiator, unless... (the exclusions indicated are not applicable to us). This was a joint loan but it was sold to me alone when I went to the bank to negotiate repayment on previous loan. I took it home to my wife who refused to sign, but who I forced to sign by stating the advise I was given at the bank that this is the only way out. Unknown to me that it was the worst advise and the bank is avoiding responsibility for this.The mistake above meant by law that the agreement was improperly executed and cannot contain the necessary prescribed term, what my husband continue to call irredeemably unenforceable. The law that guides the court states that: Section 65 Consumer Credit Act 1974 Consequences of improper execution.(1)An improperly-executed regulated agreement is enforceable against the debtor or hirer on an order of the court only. The question now is: Can the county fail to apply Section 127(3) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974? It then went further to add in section 127 that:127 (3)The court shall not make an enforcement order under section 65(1) if section 61(1)(a) (signing of agreements) was not complied with unless a document (whether or not in the prescribed form and complying with regulations under section 60(1)) itself containing all the prescribed terms of the agreement was signed by the debtor or hirer (whether or not in the prescribed manner). It does not take a genius, to put these together.The answer seems to be yes, in this case. But I am convinced that the fact that I cannot defend myself properly, the fact that I was not represented, the fact that my husband was not allowed to speak freely in court on my behalf had been material to the outcome of the case.It is my husband that knows all the argument, I had no clue what was going on.During the county court hearing, the bank solicitor accepted that the agreement should have been cancellable and agreed that the court cannot enforce the agreement if it found that the agreement was, we were happy during the initial discussions when this was cleared but later, the court then went on to find the agreement is enforceable, my husband tried to point out why it should not be but the judge said he’s not qualified to represent me and I had no clue what to say. Not only that, Natwest was awarded cost of over £3,000 bringing the debt to £17,000 plus. My husband appealed the decision on my behalf and we were asked to send in the appeal argument, my husband started running from pillar to post, he went to Citizens Advice Bureau, and various other agencies, but none of them are able to help with consumer credit litigation! I have now received a letter stating that Natwest is going for my house, Natwest has now applied to place a charge on our house, the mortgage is already about 3 months behind and I am about to lose my house! I need help!I still believe that there is a case, possibly a test case to be fought and I am seeking help and advise to go to a higher court to protect my home, my family and my sanity.With help of my husband have now created www.helpfightabank.co.uk where all the above is from. Every little help and advice helps.
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