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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys Sorry Ive been meaning to get to this but have just not had the time. I am looking for some help on some debts that i have, things are getting out of hand and i feel i can no longer manage them. I was looking at a DMP but one of the other guys on here said to set up a thread before i go down that route. I'll start off by listing the debts i have and with who and then see what you think. Creditors: Aqua Credit Card: 475 (25 in arrears) Barclaycard: 450 Capital One card: 450 DRS Ardent Credit: 375 Lending stream: 847 LLoyds Credit Card: 1200 LLoyds Overdraft: 1200 Lowell Financial: 3371 On Stride Financial: 1154 (this is increasing) Satsuma: 1033 (also increasing) Sunny: 403 Vanquis: 1100 Mr Lender: 1000 Moneybox: 200 SafetyNet: 750 Even typing this out makes me feel worse
  2. My PCN situation: I did not pay a PCN issued in Houslow, London for a bus lane contravention (dated 8 June 2015) in the agreed time as I was unaware of it. The first I knew of the PCN was an email from Collect Services Ltd. (13 June 2016) about warrant issued against me for an undisclosed sum owed for a bus lane contravention. I thought the email was spam or phishing and ignored it (I do not live in the area etc. and get spam from various 'companies' asking for money'.) On September 8th I was emailed a bill (again from Collect Services) for £512. I got in touch with them to ask what the bill was for. Collect Services responded, explaining they were collecting a driving fine debt on behalf of Hounslow council (where my grandmother lived). I realise I moved house in June 2015 and had omitted to change the address with the DVLA. Additional info: I sold the car in Oct 2015 so never updated the car's registered address to my current address. I called the DVLA today and the new owner omitted to register the car with DVLA to his address. so the car is still registered at my 2015 address I would have addressed the September emails before now but I was working away with limited access to email. I have proof of travel etc. When I called Collect Services I gave them my new address I am looking for advice on the following: I know that I made a mistake in not registering my car to my new address but want to avoid paying some of the fine which I believe is disproportionate to the offence (The PCN has spiralled to £202 / the initial Bailiff Fee was £75 and the most recent bailiff fine was £235) I am petrified (single woman) of a bailiff arriving at my door. Is sending off the TE7 and TE9 form the correct action for me? The TE9 seems only for parking offences. If so, have I completed the TE7 form correctly manner? (TE& attached) and how would I complete the TE9? My Dad suggests writing to Collect Services and offering them the original fine doubled. He says they are very unlikely to take me to court. I do not have a car anymore so have no public goods that an be taken. te007-eng.doc
  3. I have buried my head in the sand for far too long regarding my debts and would now like to take steps to get them sorted. The most urgent ones I have are outlined below and any nudge in the right direction would be a huge help. 1. The most confusing one and the one for which I receive the most final demands is Shop Direct I am contacted by them a few times a week by 4 different companies at the moment. Lowell Hamptons Legal Red Shop Direct Finance Company I don't know how I tell the status of this debt or if it has PPI but the initial debt was approx £185 now they are asking for £670.04, the last contact I received was from Hamptons asking me to enter into a monthly payment plan to avoid litigation. 2. Is a debt that was with Santander that I did not even know I had, basically this debt occurred solely from bank charges, I was getting large bank charges on my account so moved to a different bank, I had a balance of zero as far as I was aware but obviously did not close my account properly and now bank charges have turned into more bank charges which have turned into a large debt for which I am contacted by the following companies. Wescot Nelson Guest and Partners ScotCall The most recent contact being Scotcall for £819.90 they wrote to me asking me to pay immediately or it would be passed onto a field representative for doorstep collection. 3. Natwest now this is one of my largest debts that snowballed from a student account I had with a £500 overdraft that I never cleared. Fir this debt I am contacted by RED Lowell The most recent being RED asking me to clear it at 70% of the debt or set up a payment plan they are now asking for £1812.76 4. Provident with who I took out a £300 loan because I had bailiff action from another debt I am contacted by one company only on behalf of them and that is Wiseman who wrote to me asking me to clear it in full or it will be passed on to a solicitor for court action. 5. LLoyds TSB with who I again had an unpaid overdraft of £200 as a student, I am only contacted by Robinson Way until recently when I received a latter from Horwich Farrelly threatening court action unless I made a payment in full or a monthly payment plan. 6. Is a debt that just popped up out of the blue when I received a letter from SRJ threatening to take me to court for my BSKYB debt having not received any prior knowledge of a debt, however that could be because I moved but I did leave a forwarding address. They are now asking for £322.59 of they will take me to court. 7. Another one that also popped up out of the blue us Inter-Credit-Internationale who have written to me on behalf of the water board demanding full payment within 72 hours or court action will be taken. These are the 7 that I have managed to put correspondences in chronological order and the ones that I receive that most frequent correspondence from. I also recently received letters from a company called Civil Investigations and one called SRJ asking me to contact them and confirm who I am but not stating what it is regarding. At the moment feel like I am borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and it is never getting any better, it’s getting to the point that when someone knocks on the door I actually fear answering it.
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