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  1. Hi I have made a claim against DFS for PPI, in the midst of being unwell and major works taking place at my home, I had misplaced the reply until today whilst clearing up from the building works. I realise that I don't have much time to challenge this response as it was sent in May. Is this worth challenging? Thanks! DFS letter.pdf
  2. Hi, I'd like to hear if you have had problems the same as me and if so have you been able to get DFS to do something about them? I bought a 2 & 3 Seater Leather sofas last year and they arrived a few days before xmas 2016. From day one there was a problem with the left hand side of the 3 seater sofa (lack of padding, seat dropping away in the corner and misalignment, where it does not match up to the other side) on the 4th January I emailed telling them of the issues I had with the sofa. They did reply and sent out a Service Manager on the 28th January. He a
  3. help and advice needed about a three piece leather sofa from DFS jan 2014 purchased a three piece sofa from DFS £3500 feb 2014 they were delivered 2 weeks ago called dfs to report leather peeling away on head rest monday last week repair man come out. told he can not repair it and will send report to store tuesday i visit the store. told by salesman they will get it repaired. and told its caused by natural oils in the hair and skin and not their problem but they will repair it as a gesture of good will. also told because we are pensioners and not working. sitting i
  4. Hi All. I ordered 2x2 seater sofas around August/September from DFS. I was advised by their sales team to go for the thicker leather as we have 2 dogs, so we did. We bought the insurance as well. We took delivery around October. We noticed a few weeks ago that the Leather has started to peel. On both sofas, in all 4 corners, the paint is peeling. Granted in one corner you can see a few claw marks from the dogs but this goes alot further than that. I informed DFS and they sent someone over that had 30 years experience in Upholstery.He's inspected the sofas and took som
  5. We purchased 2 Supreme leather sofas from DFS in November 2016, and within 12 months the painted coating on the leather had removed from several areas at the seams, mostly on the side of the seats which are seldom used or areas that do not come into contact with the person sitting on them. We reported the problem to DFS and they sent out a DFS manager whom cleaned the areas and repainted them with touch up paint. The workmanship was very poor, the colour of the paint was not the same shade and the repair lasted no more than 5 weeks before it had worn off. The problem with the painted coati
  6. The Advertising Standards Agency have today upheld a complaint about DFS regarding their pricing policies. As many people know, DFS seem to have a 12 month 'event' of some sort or other. They even call it a sale sometimes. Once of the relevant pieces of the complaint was. and This goes to show that DFS (IMO) are misleading its customers. The full ruling is here http://tinyurl.com/zjp77al
  7. Hello, I am new to this so I hope I get my post right. We bought two DFS sofas 18 months ago - one large leather 'Oskar' and one smaller fabric 'Shout'. With perfectly normal use, the Oskar sofa has sagged quite significantly in the middle, by about 1.5 to 2 inches. This looks odd and makes the sofa quite uncomfortable as it makes you lean in towards the middle when you sit on it. We were really unhappy about this so I telephoned the DFS store where we purchased it and they agreed to send a Service Manager to come out to inspect the sofa, which he did a few days later. He said that th
  8. Another DFS unhappy customer ...... ... We are waiting for DFS to repair our Oskar 3seater for the 4th time in 2 yrs 3 months We purchased our "Oskar" sofas from DFS just over 2 years ago, delivered in November 2014 . ...within 1 month of our sofa being used it started clicking on the right side when it was sat on.... .. DFS Repair man came out confirmed it had a problem arranged to get it removed and fixed at their warehouse.. ...Came back days later all was fixed ... About 18+ months later we called DFS again about the centre cushion sagging..... ... Repair
  9. Hi I was wondering if someone could help me! I told the sales assistant I needed a corner sofa for a specific area and she directed me to a sofa in store I was also looking for a dining table with chairs so looked around and was not 100% on anything I saw despite her making many attempts to close the deal. I decided to look around before I was 100% on the dining table that I had chosen. The sales assistant said she would place both order of the sofa and dining table for me on hold and I could call and tell her what I had decided the next day. I went home and looke
  10. Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding taking to DFS to the small claims court. I will briefly go over my story, so as not to bore you all with the details! Feb 14, Ordered a 'Guild' leather sofa from DFS which was 'supposed' to be pocket sprung, 3 seater and 2 single seaters - 3 months later the lovely sofa arrived (mid May). However, within 3 months we noticed that one of the seats on the 3 seater was 'sunken' - We reported this and an 'engineer' arrived within 2 or 3 weeks. His solution was to add more foam. Sound familiar? it was at this point that we realised it was not po
  11. Hi there, I do have a few questions about a leather sofa bought from DFS back in September 2014. First of all the sofa is made up of 3 parts (as being a corner one). The back of it should have been non-leather as to what the sales man told before we would have to pay it....although we didn't know that. Anyhoo, we have agreed to have the sofa all leather (including the back of it) and the salesman said that it will cost more. We have agreed to pay for the sofa to be all leather .... The sofa instead of 1000.00 was £1200.00. All happy so far. Now: 1. the 3 parts where the
  12. I have read other posts here regarding DFS and we have problems on our DFS sofa and armchair also, they were under 12 months when this was first noted and we reported it to DFS who sent their surveyor around and he told us it needs to go via a insurance claim with the policy we took out with DFS and that we needed to do it ourselves as he could not get involved under the data protection act, he also said the cause should be explained to the insurance company as human bodily fluids. I spoke with a girl in the DFS office who said that the peeling would be dealt with by the insurance compan
  13. DFS v me (won). STAND UP TO THEM Hi all, I order a chair from DFS in November 2014 and paid a deposit of £100.00. DFS promise to delivery my chair for the christmas period. They failed to deliver the chair and informed me that the chair will not be ready till around the end of feb. 2015. i made a complaint to the store and they refused my cancellation and my refund of the £100.00 deposit. I wrote a final email/letter to the manager of the store and to the head office and gave them 14days to refund the deposit if not i would sue them in the l
  14. In May 2009 me, my wife and newly diagnosed autistic son moved to our new house in East Anglia. My wife decided it was a new start and we should by everything new. We had always had leather suites before and although not expensive we were always very happy with the way they cleaned up so we decided we would get a good leather suite. We shopped around for a few weeks and decided to go with the Emperor suite from DFS 1x manual recliner 3 seat sofa 1x electric armchair recliner and 1x pouffe plus a couple of coffee tables it all came to £4050.00 in the sale so we knew we had a good quality
  15. Hello I purchased a sofa from DFS in June 2014 via 4 yrs credit, received delivery in July. A leg has broken, the wood around the leg screw has obviously smashed, and two of the arm rests have also sunk, obviously the wood under the arm rest broke. A upholsterer manager is coming to look at it on Tuesday. I do not wish for the sofa to be repaired, as its obviously of poor quality and not fit for purpose, and will inevitably require numerous future repairs.I would like to reject the sofa under the terms of the Sale of Goods Act and get a refund. It is not fit for purpose, unsatisfacto
  16. Can anyone give me some advice. My mother who is 83 and suffers from dementia bought a sofa and chair costing two thousand pounds. She has paid for it in full using her debit card. The sofa and chair are too big for her flat and she will be physically unable to lift herself up when sitting in it. I have asked dfs to cancel the order but they say my mother has signed an legally binding agreement. Is there anything I can do
  17. Hello - I recently bought a sofa for 800 pounds at the DFS store. I feel I have been taken for a ride by DFS and would appreciate any guidance. Long story short, the sofa that was delivered or the one that I paid for was NOT the same size at the one that we tried in the store. When we tried the sofa, three adults were able to sit in. We tried that with my wife, my daughter and myself sitting on it. There was still some spare space due to the child sitting on it. However the one that eventually arrived was much smaller. I raised this with the store manager who pointed out that my sale
  18. I bought a DFS sofa when I moved into my new rental property 2 years ago. It was ex display. The cushions on the sofa and chair have gone completely flat, the chair has only been used around 30 times in the last 2 years as I live alone. I have turned all the cushions once a week as directed but still it is now a nightmare to sit on. I have been in touch with DFS who have told me they will sell me new inners for my seat cushions but nothing can be done about my back ones. They actually said I would be paying around £500 for 3 inners. I only paid £900 for the sofa chair and
  19. New to this forum but interested for any advice as to how we can return a sofa to DFS for full refund due to the colour of the plain velvet 4 seater sofa being navy when it is supposed to be black. We purchased a 4 seater (black), 2 * 3 seaters (black, grey & white combination pattern) and a footstool (black) in the concerto range having viewed them on the website (where black was black and not navy). We ordered in-store but failed to look at the swatch which was more navy than black. On delivery, the footstool and the 4 seater were clearly more navy than black, accentuate
  20. Hi - perhaps someone could chime in on our complaint with Furniture Village, and advise what we should do next. They have been a nightmare to deal with so far. I'll try to keep this brief. Lured in by the New Year's TV ads & promotions, we bought a "Rossetti" leather suite from Furniture Village (FV) on 3/01/2010. It was delivered some 10 to 12 weeks later in April 2010. It cost just over £2600.00 My husband is employed full time, and I retired in August 2011. There are only two of us in the house. I sit in another room of the house during most of the day, so the suite only sees
  21. Hi, I'm new here just joined tonight... I have a manager coming up tomm from DFS Our suite wil be a year old next month. But since last year they have replaced the 4 seat cushions u sit on Put foam in the bottom part of the suite on both 2 seaters where cushions would go They also came back and put more foam in the back of both 2 seaters They then had 2 replace 2 of the seat cushions cause the smell on them was really bad They they came back and put foam in the back cushions on both 2 seaters They sent a guy out last week as the cushions u sit on wont stay on settees n
  22. Hi everyone this is my first post on here I purchased the daze sofa from DFS and within a week I was on the phone to them after material start to become loose and baggy and bumps along front edge. I emailed them pics and I'd not get a response so I called them They sent upholster out who said we needed to start sitting more evenly on it and to leave till after Xmas to get worse an they will restuffed it. I told upholster not happy £2 k I want a perfect sofa hat I don't have to get omeo e out o in first week. Not happy with this I called DFS again and told
  23. I purchased a 2 and 3 seater couch from DFS around 21 months ago. Over the past 12 months the cushions have sagged so much that you feel you are sitting on the frame, despite following instructions to plump the cushions daily. I live on my own with no children so the couch has never really been fully used. When i first rang 12 months ago they advised to "plump the cushions properly" i had to bounce these off the floor and plump them vigorously in order for them to keep there shape. This was never explained when i purchased the couch and is not possible for me to do this due to disability
  24. Just wondering if anybody has had any luck with DFS? My story with DFS Me and My husband bought our first ever sofa from them in 1996 as we were new to all this interest free credit stuff we was taken in by the sales person to cut a long story short he filled in the form ticked the PPI box and when we asked what the extra charge was for he told us it was like a admin charge basically because the company gave you 4 years interest free and us being stupid and young and never had bought anything on credit before we believed him it wasnt until 6 years later when we went back to DF
  25. Hi, I recently sent a SAR to DFS but they have rejected my request as they state they are unable to locate any information from the details I have provided. Does anyone know if I have any other options please? Thanks JJ
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