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  1. in all honesty. our problem was a stubborn manager 12 weeks after delivery it peeled. so we visited the store and the manager said he would only offer to repair the affected leather. we asked if we could swap it as we felt it may go in other areas. he said thats all he was going to do and dont bother asking head office as this was his store and they had no control how he runs his store. he visited the house to inspect the leather and again only offered to replace the affected area. we declined as we felt after 3 months we were covered by the SOGA act. is attitude was do what you want. so we told him we would use the courts to sort it out. he wrongly told us we could not use the courts because we had to use the furniture ombudsman first. the furniture ombudsman was a waste of time. they ruled there was no fault and blamed head grease. they said they dont rule on "not fit for purpose" only if there was a fault. but their inspector recommended a free repair. DFS declined to repair it and stated that because it went to the ombudsman they paid out £345 to them and the free repair was off the table. contacted barclays to claim under the SOGA not fit for purpose. they phoned DFS and advised Barclays to close the case as the furniture ombudsman had ruled on it. they closed the case letter before court action sent to head office store manager called to say head office has got nothing to do with it. its his store and he will send a repairman out. repairman sent. said he could not repair it as leather needs replacing. called the manager who said oh they went to the ombudsmans. dont do nothing. just leave a card for them to get it repaired themselves. second letter sent to head office. before court action store manager called sending a repairman. repairman arrives with a spray to paint over affected area. informs it will only peel back off as there was no sealant. offer of repair declined told the manager was off but will get him to phone us store manager phoned. said he dont have to offer anything and painting it was a goodwill offer. told him we would issue a court claim. told us we had no chance of winning but if we did he would hire lawyers and make us pay for them. court claim issued at the store we bought it from. saying "there does not need to be a fault to make a product unfit for purpose" store manager called saying he would win the case. but he spoke to the maker of the furniture who said they would replace every piece of leather on the suite as it was in now in hands of the courts. we declined the offer and wanted it taken away and a full refund plus court costs was only acceptable offer. he begrudging agreed but wanted the case closed after he did it suite taken away Barclays refunded and payments paid to Barclays sent to me. cheque off DFS for court costs plus what i added for post etc. deposit refunded to card. closed the money online claim. notes on case show DFS acknowledged the claim and also did a change of address to head office. which leads to to believe head office ordered this to be settled hope this saga will help anyone grieved by DFS. but i firmly lay the blame on the store manager for being trying to be god almighty. i think if DFS head office monitored cases like this. instead of leaving it in the hands of the manager till it goes pear shaped hope this helps someone else
  2. update. been a long haul. but won. DFS tried to fight. even phoned from letter before court action warning us that they will win and ask for all their costs. saying there was no fault and it damage was caused by head grease. our claim was there does not need to be a fault for it not to be fit for purpose. claim issued phone call from DFS we will not fight it and collected the suite . full refund plus costs paid +++++won+++++
  3. no this is not fake. apparently this leather is a top quality. it is leather but. now im guessing here. the pigment is sprayed on then a protective coat applied. this is what appears to have peeled off. the first guy who come out said it cant not be repaired spent the evening researching it. from my findings it is a good quality leather hides used. however from what i can see about leather treatment. the makers have not prep the hide correctly before applying pigments. started drafting a letter to Ian Filby. will keep you updated
  4. a quick question on behalf of a sixteen yr old. can a bank give them an overdraft and than send debt collectors to collect the debt
  5. help and advice needed about a three piece leather sofa from DFS jan 2014 purchased a three piece sofa from DFS £3500 feb 2014 they were delivered 2 weeks ago called dfs to report leather peeling away on head rest monday last week repair man come out. told he can not repair it and will send report to store tuesday i visit the store. told by salesman they will get it repaired. and told its caused by natural oils in the hair and skin and not their problem but they will repair it as a gesture of good will. also told because we are pensioners and not working. sitting in it all day dont help. told the salesman we dont think the suite has been treated properly and wish it to be taken back as repairing one area is no good because other areas will go. salesman said that there is no way we can return it and all he will do is repair the affected area. tuesday last week. called barclays credit as we bought it on the interest free deal. informed them the suite was unfit for purpose. Barclay informed the will write to DFS to get the to resolved. today manager from another store called to inspect the suite. he says he stands by the report that it is a chemical reaction to oils in people hair and skin. told us we should have bought the after care plan that was offered at time of purchase which would have included a treatment kit that would have stopped it happening. told us we could not return it as it was not a manufacturing issue. he inspect the rest of the suite and he picked up on the other chair that the leather was also starting to peel on that. as a gesture of goodwill he would get the both headrests repaired and a free leather kit and gilders thrown in free because we are pensioners. we told him we just wanted to return the suite because we felt it was not fit for purpose. he said no because under the sale of goods act. there needed to be a manufacturer fault and there was no fault. we rejected his offer and he said there is nothing else we could do because they had fulfilled there obligation. we said we would go through the courts. and he said we wouldn't win because there was not fault in the suite any help or advice on proceeding i have a photo but because i,m new it wont let me post but hopefully it will let me soon also when we told him we were rejecting his offer. he said "i should be charging you for this" called barclays and they said they will but in it a claim handler to sort out. does anyone know what they will do searching on CAG and i cant seem to find many cases going to court. is that because they resolve them http://s15.postimg.org/k0075aa5n/photo.jpg
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