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  1. Hi I was wondering if someone could help me! I told the sales assistant I needed a corner sofa for a specific area and she directed me to a sofa in store I was also looking for a dining table with chairs so looked around and was not 100% on anything I saw despite her making many attempts to close the deal. I decided to look around before I was 100% on the dining table that I had chosen. The sales assistant said she would place both order of the sofa and dining table for me on hold and I could call and tell her what I had decided the next day. I went home and looked at the sofa again online, saw the dimensions of the left arm facing corner sofa I had picked online advertised as 289cm which would fit in the area like the assistant had said. I called her and said I would go ahead with the sofa but not the dining table. The sofa was custom made and was delivered on Tuesday the 20th of October - it is too large for my living room space! When I saw it in store and saw the measurements online I was confident that the information I was given was accurate and it would fit! scrolling down the dfs website in more detail now I see that the measurements are wrong on the first sofa (the one I had picked left arm facing) and if you look at right arm facing (which is not what I wanted so I did not pay much attention to it then)..there are added measurements! I am annoyed that I was misled by the website and assistant! But I know I should have known better looking at the sofa in store What makes matters worse is the sofa arrived faulty! The delivery man took photos and said that it should be ok after a couple of days (something about the material being compressed during delivery and it should expand back.. which it hasn't) but he would let the store know . I received a phone call saying the manager would come to my house on the 9th of November which is 20 days after the delivery date! I emailed customer services with these details and an attachment of the website dimension details, saying the 9th is far too long to wait for a response and they said the store manager would contact me, I have yet to be contacted. After reading many unhappy customer posts I am very worried that this issue will not be resolved and I will be stuck with a sofa that is far too large for my living room!! Do I have a case and is there anything I can do to resolve this matter quickly? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! zozi
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