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Found 22 results

  1. Hello, I am new to this so I hope I get my post right. We bought two DFS sofas 18 months ago - one large leather 'Oskar' and one smaller fabric 'Shout'. With perfectly normal use, the Oskar sofa has sagged quite significantly in the middle, by about 1.5 to 2 inches. This looks odd and makes the sofa quite uncomfortable as it makes you lean in towards the middle when you sit on it. We were really unhappy about this so I telephoned the DFS store where we purchased it and they agreed to send a Service Manager to come out to inspect the sofa, which he did a few days later. He said that th
  2. I hadn't actually thought such might be possible until seeing bankfodder's thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?444374-ScottishPower-%96-do-you-want-to-sue-ScottishPower-in-England-%96-Contact-details but am now interested in doing just that. Cut a lonng story short: I am sick, weary and tired of having to do Scottish Power's work for it in terms of (a) accurate billing and (b) best practice customer service, neither of which seem to me to be concepts that this company even faintly understands. Six months ago it issued me with a final bill on
  3. Been having problems with Vodafone all year - they just get worse and worse! I called in Feb to report poor network coverage. They assured me it was just 4G upgrades and would be over soon. They promised that once the maintenance was finished they would refund my monthly tariff, back dated to when the problems started. In March, I was still having problems (ironically even the call to complain failed from my mobile as I had no signal!). Same story but conveniently they had no record of my previous call and compensation promise. However they offered £15 goodwill and a months tariff. Pretty
  4. Have been trying to deal with Vodafone over the last few weeks on two issues and their customer service has hit new lows. I work in London and Brighton - first issue is for the last month there's been no vodafone coverage in the bn1 area of brighton due to a fault that has no time scale to be fixed. When you start looking into it, VF customer service send you round the departments, each one making you carry out pointless and time consuming diy tech support. Eventually you find everyone else on a network forum with the same problem, then on going back to VF they say they can't fix i
  5. This is a work of fiction. As everybody knows, all good fiction starts with “Once upon a time”, so please excuse this paragraph, and let’s get started. Once upon a time, there was a little mobile phone company called Now Here that had a slogan ‘The future is Bleak, the future is Now Here’. This little mobile phone company wanted to play with the big boys, so it decided to join with another little mobile phone company called Coffee Nothing and form a new company that would be big. Then it could play with the big boys! So the two mobile phone companies joined together. They w
  6. Hi guys, First of all, Happy New Year! I am looking at buying some sofas for my living room. I was looking at DFS sales, but then I couldn't help, but notice the horror stories of how many problems people were having with DFS's customer services and their 10 year warranty. I'm worried and need some recommendations of a whom i should buy from as i don't want a rubbish warranty that is useless when i need it. Can anyone please help or advice? Thank You
  7. I ordered a shower screen from homebase online, paying for home delivery as unable to fit item in my car. I took a day off work to take delivery of item (as 8am-8pm was the only timescale they could give). A dining room table from Argos was left outside my front door (they didn't even knock). They won't send another shower screen and they won't refund me as I used my husband's credit card - although of course they were quick enough to take the money. Very upsetting dealign with customer services as each time have to wait 24 hours for email response or phone calls take an ho
  8. I placed an online order with Matalan a few months ago, and a couple of days later received a card to tell me the delivery company had called. As I was not home (I work during the day), they had taken the goods away and would try again the following day. I found the card when I came home for lunch, and phoned the courier to get them to drop off the goods with a neighbour - they refused. I tried to arrange delivery on a day when I was going to be home. They refused - they would only attempt delivery for three consecutive days, then send the goods back to Matalan. I tried to find out what time
  9. Hi there, Hoping to seek some opinions as to how to deal with an online retail company. I purchased goods via their website for next day delivery. I wasn't avaliable to receive orders due not being at home. How as I requested order to be redelivered if not able to deliver I assumed they'd do just that. 2 days on, I decided to contact the company, and check the tracking system, only to find that it stated on their system that my order had been delivered and 'signed for by customer,' I asked them to explain how this was possible, and was told they'd contac
  10. I bought a new Panasonic Plasma TV from Currys on the 17th April this year. I didn't take out any extra cover so it is within the standard 1 year warranty. 3 weeks ago, the TV started buzzing loudly so I contact Currys who came to pick up the TV promptly. I was told I would have the TV back within a week to 10 days. They then called to tell me that the PSU was broken and that they had to order the part. I called them last week and was informed the TV was due to be delivered last Friday but it didn't arrive. After calling them that day I was told that the part had only just arrive
  11. can anyone help me with how to deal with TK Maxx and thier couriers, Hermes? or has anyone else had the same problem? i ordered a dress in the sale with a pre sale value of £214. it hasnt been delivered. i discovered this less than 24 hours after the claimed delivery and rang customer services--assuming it had been misdelivered. However, the courier from Hermes, was rung while i held on the line and she told the tk maxx customer services people that a young woman had signed for the parcel at my address. I was told my daughter had signed. This would be hard as i don’t have a daughter.
  12. voucher code failed to deduct from the total. it is directly on their website but I could not post link here. the code is also on various other voucher sites, I tested the booking total with and without the voucher code and it makes no difference, therefore this is false advertising, CS has admitted it has not deducted anything and the amount charged was usual rate. I assumed it would deduct right at the end of transaction but pressed continue and it went straight to payment complete. I would have booked elsewhere if I had not done sums and found avis plus code would be cheaper. the avis dea
  13. Hi there.. I would like to get some advice in regards to a Vodafone UK problem which seemed to be unresolved after 4 months despite taking the necessary steps/actions as advised/recommended by Vodafone. I feel extorted by them as I am the one to bear the brunt for their mistakes yet I am having to continue to pay them £26 / month. Below is a chronological order of the events. Late-October / Early-November 2011 (1) I attempted to take ownership of my friend's Vodafone account (contract expiring Nov 2012) but my application was unsuccessful due to a failed credit check. I aske
  14. Hi everyone, Hope you can help, the Co-op are causing me no end of stress and I'm starting to wish I never took my loan out. Today I recieved a default notice which was quite a shock. The thing is, I hadn't recieved any previous requests for payment, but I'm now allegedly two months in arrears? I spoke to them today and after much to-ing and fro-ing, the guy on the other end finally admitted they hadn't sent me any letters. He said it had to go through several managers but he would 'unoffically' start my payment from this month. It was like this was such a big favour to me! Plus I h
  15. I have an issue with EMO Oil ( A division of Shell), on which I would like comments please. I had a standing order arrangement with EMO Oil and the agreement was that they would replenish my tanks as they believed that we were using the oil - which suited fine. In December they raised my monthly direct debit from £60 a month to over £200 a month without warning. At this time we contacted them, asking for the reason for the increase and telling them that we did not want to continue on this basis. They said that this was fine and that they would amend their records. On Tu
  16. It looks like I'll be taking Comet to the small claims court. 1. cooker broke after 13 monts 2. comet refused to repair / replace 3. got an electrician's report stating the fault was 'with the appliance' 4. comet still refused 5. just about to send my final letter (attached) .... then to court! Any advice / reassurance gratefully received! Joe
  17. A short account of my abysmal experience as a BT customer. I became a BT customer in mid-May. Phone and internet services worked. Despite 19 phone calls taking up hours and hours BT could not get my Vision service working. The services were bought as a package so I cancelled them as a package, as per OfCom’s advice. What followed then were another 20ish calls (I’ve now phoned BT in excess of 40 times) and approximately 20 hours on the phone. Assurances of “full refunds” and “cancellation fees waived” were granted only to be retracted on subsequent phone calls. I asked for explicit no
  18. I have signed my elderly parents to their BB and home phone deal. I have been trying for 2 days to get through to them but no answer. Total waiting time now nearly 4 hours!!! Consumer Direct say nothing I can do. I've sent them email after email. They take a week to reply. I have un-answered questions - what should I do? STAY AWAY FROM PRIMUS THEY ARE TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. My complaint centres around the purchase of 2 new Blackberry Curve 8520 which were ordered on 24th May 2011. These were purchased from Orange's website – although at the last minute I had to call the telesales team to buy the offer on the website. I took screenshots of the website offer as you scroll through the pages. In short the offer was to buy the phones for £129.99 with the Dolphin Pay as you go package. I would receive free BBM and if you topped up £10 per month you would also receive free internet and free unlimited texts. After receiving the phones (and activating them) it became
  20. Hi CAG, I am having major problems with Vodafone, ever since last July and upgrading my phone to iPhone 4 Vodafone have constantly billed me incorrectly and every month they manage to suspend my phone services, and cancel the Direct Debit that i've set up with them over the phone. My wages get paid on the 1st and I always try and get every bill paid on or around the 1st, every time I phone Vodafone they say they have changed the billing cycling and the money will come out on the 1st of the next month.. My partners phone around the 25 of the month gets a text message saying you'
  21. 18 months ago I bought an electronic pen. "What's one of those?" you may ask. It's just a pen that records what you write and plugs into a computer. It's cute. It was £149.99 from Amazon UK. I didn't use it much (less than 20 A4 pages) and when I came to use it a couple of days ago the on/off button had failed, making the device largely useless. I contacted Amazon and explained that the Sale of Goods Act section 14(2B) meant they must repair, replace or refund my device as I think 20 A4 pages of writing and 18 months for a £150 device is not "satisfactory quality", particularly
  22. Does anyone know if anyone is running a campaign against companies using expensive 0870 and 084 phone numbers for customer complaints, and making customers hang on in lengthy Muzak queues while paying for the privilege? I have recently had a shockingly bad experience with O2 customer service, when I tried to upgrade one mobile phone and ended with my cancelling two contracts I had held for nearly 10 years. So if there is not such a campaign, I plan to start one and would like to hear from any potential supporters. It is entirely wrong that consumers have to pay extra to lodge a complaint
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