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  1. Well done, glad to hear its over. Its hard and stressful to do it yourselves. I went through 4 different credit cards company. I still get letters from different debt companies from uk chasing me for the debt, even thogh its been through courts.
  2. I think that Any adjustment of claim has to lodge by Incidental Application under Summery cause rules 13.1 (see below) 13.1. (1) The sheriff may, on the incidental application of a party, allow amendment of the summons, form of response, counterclaim or answers to a counterclaim and adjust the note of disputed issues at any time before final judgment is pronounced on the merits. (2) In an undefended action, the sheriff may order the amended summons to be re-served on the defender on such period of notice as he thinks fit. (3) Paragraph (1) includes
  3. Hi, Just look at my file for MBNA, sorry Stress, the Solicitors was OPTIMAL LEGAL, but all these are tarr with the same brush. I had Yuill and K. with my other credit cards. All my cards was taken out before 2000 , all was sold on to the bottom feeders.
  4. Hi StressBall, I just seen your so call agreement . They did the same to me as well, by attaching a Credit Card Application form, but with mine , it was a blank form. Even the copy of the form was unable to read, the copies was badly copied. At this stage the Solicitors is trying to scare you. If you do get to the stage where you are given a proof hearing , then you must stand up and opposed the agreement. I did get to the stage where i was given a proof hearing, but on the day of the hearing, they offered to withdrew the case if i agreed to pay £1.0
  5. Hi, thank you for comment. I have already register the two judgment in the high courts in England, (i live in Scotland). This person is a very close family member, the scottish judgement is alive for 20 years. I have to much going at the moment, i will deal with this one later. I know the bailiff action is different in England, Scotland dont have baliffs. I have seen it on the TV about the English Baliffs , they cant do this up here in Scotland. Pancake
  6. Hi Tigercub, Any update with your thread. I have been reading with interest. Just received my Calling Notice Today. PK
  7. The sheriff can’t accept any evidence at this stage of the hearing or make judgment because you are challenging and disputing the claim, that is why you have been sent a further hearing and the sheriff might announce his decision at that time. The other side will have to come up with a credit agreement documents 14 days before the hearing. With me, MBNA put a copy of credit agreement which you could not read and did not have my name or any signature. Just a copy of the blank agreement. The advantage of been a defender, you will see what evident (productions) t
  8. I have paste my notes that i have in my file from my perious hearing. As i said in my threads, i have to do a lot of reading. I have put in bold. Preparation for proofs Witnesses Once a proof has been fixed by the Court the parties are entitled to cite witnesses. Witnesses may be cited either by recorded delivery or by Sheriff Officer. The period of notice is a minimum of seven days. The form of witness citation is form G13. Witnesses who fail to attend are subject to a fine of £250. There is a considerable practical limitation on the power to cite witnesses in the
  9. Hi, When is your evidentiary (proof) Hearing? Do you have any docoments from the solicitors? The solicitors and yourselves have to lodge documents 14 DAYS BEFORE THE HEARING. Act of Sederunt (Sheriff Court Ordinary Cause Rules) 1993 Chapter 29. Lodging productions 29.11. (1) Where a proof has been allowed, all productions which are intended to be used at the proof shall be lodged in process not later than 14 days before the diet of proof. (2) A production which is not lodged in accordance with paragraph (1) shall not be used or put in evidence at a proo
  10. Well done, good on you. Glad to hear that they paid up. I have Been rip off in the past many times. As i got older , i 've learnt to deal with the situation and not scare to complain . You have to have courage to stand up to companies who crosses the line. If you know they are wrong, fight for your rights. I tell you , i dont put up with Sh..t anymore.
  11. Which one do you want me to start? I do have a few stories I can tell. The problem is my grammar is not that good to put my experience on paper. I have been away for past few years, staying with my daughter in Australia to help her set up a business and also help her with the kids. I had to come back to sort out my bank who has a charge on my property. This story I can’t tell at the moment, because this one is still ongoing. From 2009 -2012 I appeared in my local sheriff court at least 22 or more times. One case took me 14 court appearances to win. This person owed me £3,000.00 and refused to
  12. Thank you. I had a bit of a rough time with my bank since 2008 and the bank have made me tough. I am still not finished with them yet. I am 59 year women who will not let anybody bully me. I also took my local NATIONAL TYES to court and sued them for £2,000.00 and won. They refused to replaced parts that was faultly. (long story).
  13. Thanks Stressball . This is what you want to hear from the Sheriff ‘’I shall therefore grant decree of absolvitor’’ If the sheriff grants 'decree of absolvitor' it means that they've decided that the defender has won the case. It means that it's the end of the matter and the pursuer can't raise another action about the same thing.
  14. Gladly to help. I wish I was here to help you earlier. I can only tell you what I experience in court myself. At the moment I am dealing with a much more complicated issue with my business secure loans and overdraft. It’s at the early stage of the threats by the bank solicitors. I can’t say too much at the moment, because they might be reading my thread. I will reveal my experience with this one later on. The bank solicitors are in Glasgow. I will need to find an appointed Lay Representative to help me. I have already spoken to someone regarding this.
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