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  1. Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding taking to DFS to the small claims court. I will briefly go over my story, so as not to bore you all with the details! Feb 14, Ordered a 'Guild' leather sofa from DFS which was 'supposed' to be pocket sprung, 3 seater and 2 single seaters - 3 months later the lovely sofa arrived (mid May). However, within 3 months we noticed that one of the seats on the 3 seater was 'sunken' - We reported this and an 'engineer' arrived within 2 or 3 weeks. His solution was to add more foam. Sound familiar? it was at this point that we realised it was not pocket sprung either. However, later that day, the seat was worse than ever and you felt like you were rolling into the middle. Reported it to DFS again at which point we had to arrange a visit with the store manager. Eventually he came to inspect the sofa and agreed that it wasn't right and that he would arrange for all new interiors to be replaced at the 'workshop'. Fast forward 2 months or so and the sofa was taken away and returned a week later. Immediately after sitting on it, it had sunk again and I would like to stress at this point my wife is a size 10 and weighs very little! Reported it to DFS again, at which point we had to arrange for another engineer to come and inspect it before they would take any further action....Another few weeks passes and the engineer comes out to confirm that it is faulty. We waited for the 'report' to go to the manager and eventually got offered a replacement sofa, but we would have to pay a 'usage fee' for our old sofa By now, I was somewhat annoyed and refused point blank to pay any usage fee! I just want this suite away and my money back. This was relayed to the area manager who then said that I could choose another sofa without any usage fee. Sorry, but I have had enough of DFS and just want my money back. The 'area manager' now responded by saying I can have my money back, but I would need to pay a usage fee of £300 for the use of the sofa for a year! - Errm, we have had the sofa 8 months, NOT 12 and it has been faulty since 3 months old! Do they have the right to charge a usage fee? Should I go down the small claims route? or should I try and do a chargeback via Barclays as I went with the interest free option? Personally I would like to go via the small claims and claim back loss of earnings and stress that these clowns have caused me! Any suggestions or advice appreciated.
  2. Just so so wrong that they can behave like this and the fact that it will affect me for the rest of my life, CCJ's and defaults only last for a number of years!
  3. Thankyou all for your valued comments - I shall get back in touch with them and see if there is any chance of them reversing the decision. Thanks once again:-)
  4. Thanks for the info; it just means that its going to make life harder for me now as I wont be able to use price comparison websites. Its a shame that they dont get 'blacklisted' when a client cancels their policy! All very one sided I could understand it if they said to me at renewal that they were not prepared to cover me the following year. Do I need to disclose this information when looking for car insurance too? or is it purely for house insurance ?
  5. Hi, am hoping somebody can offer some advice on my recent house insurance cancellation by Sheilas Wheels. Brief background...I moved into the house in November 2009 and took buildings & contents with Sheilas Wheels. On 31st January 2010 I suffered an 'escape of water' from the washing machine water intake pipe which damaged one of the kitchen cupboards and the laminate floor and floorboards. This took 3 months to authorise the repairs! However, when the repair work was started and the floorboards were lifted it was apparent that there was another leak under the floor from a waste pipe. Although there was no damage, I had to get a specialist drying company in to dry the floor (this was now classed as an additional claim and a further £200 excess was paid). In late June 2010 the repairs to the kitchen were finally completed. To add insult to injury, in July I accidentally dropped my laptop on the coffee table and damaged the screen. I simply reported the damage to Sheila's Wheels, but did not make a claim. Within 2 days I received a letter to say that they were cancelling my policy as I am now deemed a high risk and I need to find alternative cover. Of course, whenever you look for insurance, you get the usual question "Have you ever had insurance cancelled" I have written to Sheila's Wheels to complain, but they will not change their mind about the decision. I dont want to be insured by them ever again, but I would like the 'Cancellation of Insurance' removed from my file. I have also taken this to the financial ombudsman, but they have finally written back advising that Sheilas Wheels have no case to answer as it states in their T&C's that they can invoke a 7 day cancellation at any time. I find this really annoying, as I have not comitted any criminal offence, made any fraudulent claims or missed any payments. I have NO problem disclosing my previous two claims either. I feel like I am blacklisted for life because of this 'shoddy' insurance outfit! Any advice please?
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