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  1. Sorry for the delay, I have been caring for a sick relative Sent them the proper fos questionnaire JS
  2. Hi I have made a claim against DFS for PPI, in the midst of being unwell and major works taking place at my home, I had misplaced the reply until today whilst clearing up from the building works. I realise that I don't have much time to challenge this response as it was sent in May. Is this worth challenging? Thanks! DFS letter.pdf
  3. Hi, I recently sent the PPI Questionnaire to Recats about an Empire Stores account I held up to 2005/6. First of all they sent a reply stating that I had the wrong account number after which I sent them a copy of an old statement. Their following response was that since my account had been dormant they have no records and cannot varify my account. If I send them a SAR together with the £10 fee are they obliged to send me information about my account? Would this then give me the right to pursue my claim or should I just send this to the Ombudsman? I have sent other claims to the ombudsman and am still waiting. Thanks for your help. -JS-
  4. Thank you for your responses. I knew I wasn't wrong! Dx, I have filled in the questionnaire and have received their final response to this. I will be writing them to ask them to confirm what the Credit Care was for before taking it the the FOS. The woman I spoke to last week said she didn't know what the credit care was for and was not able to answer my questions relating to this, Anyway, the fight continues! -JS-
  5. Hi, Wishing you all a Happy and prosperous New Year! Does anyone know anything about Bank of Scotland's, Preference Account and Advanta Credit care? Is this a ppi insurance? I ask this because as one of the many institutions I have started ppi claims against, they have had to send me a copy of their final response after I called them last week. They claim no ppi had been applied to my account yet I have recently found old statements which show credit care was taken on a monthly basis. I can't find any information about credit care to see what it covered before I take the matter further with the FOS. I'd appreciate a point in the right direction to find this info. Thanks! -JS-
  6. Thanks! I thought that might be the case. -JS-
  7. Hi, I have finally received a response from HR Owen since I resent my questionnaire to them on the advice of the FOS. In looking at the information they have sent although some personal info maybe correct, the car registration is for another car altogether. I am about to send all paperwork to the FOS but want to attach a strong letter stating why I reject what HR Owen have said. They have basically said that they felt the ppi was necessary based on the answers I gave them from questions asked by the salesman - a form which he filled out online - despite me informing him of having previous illnesses - they also say I should have read the terms and conditions etc. when it was sent to me . I would appreciate a sample letter or point me in the right direction to arguements that would strengthen my case. Thanks! -JS-
  8. Hi Again, Been looking through my SARs info sent by Santander and I notice they have sent me someone else's credit application. Plus the account notes etc are from 2005 and not from 2001 when I took out the card. They have also sent the Santander current agreement T&C and not the original GE Money. Do you think I should bother contacting them again about this or just leave it to the FOS? Like I said earlier they say this is their final decision. Thanks again -JS-
  9. Hi, Thank you very much for your responses. I am on the mend but quite weary from all of the nonsense being dealt out by the banks over ppi. I am still determined to get back what I am owed. I have sent the SAR and the questionnaire to Santander and have received their final response. Have taken it to the FOS who have told me that Santander cannot give me a final response because they didn't own Debenhams in 2001 as it was GE money when I took out the card. This is why I am looking for the underwriters. Once I have this I need to pass it onto the FOS. Tink660, thanks for the contact address as I am sure they are the ones I need to to confirm , so I will call them tomorrow to find out if they were the underwriters for mine. like you Santader also told me that I requested the ppi via their telesales dept, no transcript produced with the SARs. As you suggest I will read your threads also. Will keep you posted! -JS-
  10. Hi, Been in hospital for a while since last post. Have had final response from Santander re Debenhams ppi. Taken to the Ombudsman. However, since card was taken out before Santander took over, I need to find out who the original underwriters were in 2001. Does anyone know how or where I can find this information? I have absolutely no paperwork from that period. Thanks! -JS-
  11. Hi, Just found yesterday an old mortgage statement for Bradford and Bingley. Does anyone have the address for sending PPI claims? Thanks! -JS-
  12. Thanks or your response Ims, I think this is one I'll have to take to the FOS as they ended their letter with, this is their final response. I'm away for the weekend but will write tomorrow to get help with working out how much they owe me. Thank you again! -JS-
  13. Hi Another busy week. Received a further response from Audi a couple of days ago. They state: " The policy was taken out by you through Finchley Road Audi. Insurance business is introduced to Volkswagen Financial Services via the retailer network, which consists of independent businesses, both in terms of ownership and Financial Services Authority. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) dictates that the misselling allegations should be taken up via Finchley Road Audi. However, I can confirm that Finchley Road Audi have ceased trading and therefore we will endeavour to respond to the issue raised... Volkswagen Financial Service (UK) Limited (VWFS) has never insisted that payment protection was a compulsory part of the provision of credit. However, the retailer is not within our group of companies but rather they sell our branded vehicles under a franchise granted to them by our importer Volkswagen Group...." They do go on to say I could have cancelled the PPI at any time. The essence of this letter is in effect saying to me that this is not their responsibility because of a franchise. Does PPI misselling not include franchises? -JS-
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