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  1. Hi, thank you for your message. It's interesting to hear about the problems you've had with DFS. My partner has already said to me that I need to consider doing something like you did via facebook etc. as a way of getting them to do something but I have to say I'm a littler nervous of going about in the wrong way. I thought If I followed the trading standards guidelines and as Sgtbush above quoted - I had the right to reject the sofas but it's not as easy as that. Thank you again for your help, it's given me food for thought.
  2. Hi thanks for taking the time to answer my post. I understand what you are saying but they have said that in their opinion there is no fault with the sofa. I did send and official letter as the trading standards advised saying that I reject the goods but they just sent me a letter saying that again there was no fault with the sofa. Through the furniture Ombudsman they have even refused to consider a small discount let alone my money back. I didn't pay on a credit card, I bought them through DFSs interest free credit which is with a company called Creation. So I feel unless I get a report in my favour or go and stage a sit in at one of their shops they aren't going to take any notice of me.
  3. Hi, I'd like to hear if you have had problems the same as me and if so have you been able to get DFS to do something about them? I bought a 2 & 3 Seater Leather sofas last year and they arrived a few days before xmas 2016. From day one there was a problem with the left hand side of the 3 seater sofa (lack of padding, seat dropping away in the corner and misalignment, where it does not match up to the other side) on the 4th January I emailed telling them of the issues I had with the sofa. They did reply and sent out a Service Manager on the 28th January. He agreed that some repairs needed doing. Thinking about it after his visit, I decided that I did not want a repair, I had paid £2500 and did not expect to have repairs done, I visited the store where I bought it from and they said they would like me to give them a chance to put the issues right. I reluctantly agreed on the understanding that if I wasn't happy with the repairs I wanted a replacement. The repairs were carried out in April of this year but most of the issues were not sorted out. Well long story short, I have sent numerous photos, emails and made phone calls, received a visit from the Store Manager and since registered my complaint with the Furniture Ombudsman and gone through the same rigmarole again only to be told all these months later that DFS still refuse to accept there are problems with the sofa and I now have to pay out for an independent survey, as they need evidence to take it any further. I cannot believe it, if you read the consumer law I've followed all the correct channels but it's got me nowhere. I even contacted the finance company but have heard no more from them. I wish I'd never walked into the store and bought the sofas. where do I go from here without spending out more money ?
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