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Found 25 results

  1. We are currently having problems with an integrated dishwasher. Since buying it in Mar 2016, there have been several faults when it needed an Engineer to make the repairs with new parts. The current issue means yet another repair will be needed taking the total to 5 repairs in just over 18 months. I feel we've got a 'dud' unit and the manufacturer are trying to get it to limp over the March warranty expiry date. Ideally like to have it replaced since i have lost confidence in this machine and it's ability to be useful much after the warranty expires. What are my rights in terms of requesting a full replacement? Thanks for any help/info.
  2. Hi, I recently collected a used car on finance(hp) from my local dealer, I have done about 200 miles in it and the vehicle had already done 50000 miles. Vehicle is an Insignia 2.0 cdti sri 2012. When I test drove the vehicle I noticed that the gearbox was a bit different to the one I was used to but thought it may be the characteristic of the box. Having now driven the vehicle a bit more it is apparent that the gearbox may have a fault which I am going to ask the dealer to investigate. Could I ask for advice on who is responsible for any repairs that maybe required and also what to do if I am unhappy with their response when I raise the issue. There is also a buzzing / humming noise heard in the drivers side of the bonnet which sounds as though it maybe a vacuum unit that needs replacing which again was heard when initially testing the car but was not mentioned to the dealer at the time. I have not had the car for more than 30 days as there was an issue with the v5 which meant I had to return the car until a new v5 was arranged and I could tax the vehicle. Nic
  3. Good Afternoon, Looking for a bit of advice. I bought a new car in July last year. It stutters and hesitates and can be quite dangerous when overtaking never knowing when your going to loose power. Fault is intermittent. After 3 months placed into approved dealer. They looked at it for about 5 minutes, never found fault (of course). Just before the 6 month mark I complained to the finance company and informed them I sought remedy of the fault. (Pretty much the exact words. I never said I wanted it Repaired or Replaced but 'sought remedy) Finance company contacted the garage I went to 3 months previous and on this information closed down my complaint because on the basis of that visit deemed there was no fault with the vehicle. They also stated their point of sale liability had expired which it had not because the contract was still under 6 months old. Their conclusion was that I now get the fault repaired under the terms of my warranty. I gave them an opportunity to review their position. They maintained it and stated that this response formed their final response on my complaint. I rejected the vehicle and raised a court action to enforce this. Finance company are stating that the court action was raised prematurely and they were not given an opportunity to repair or replace the vehicle (under the 2015 act). My argument however is that I did. I sought remedy of the fault and they completely shutdown my complaint pushing the liability for getting it repaired on to me. before I go on too much, thoughts? Should the Finance Company have offered to have the car checked and attempt to repair the fault? I think I am trying to work out the following. Is the onus on me to find the fault or is the onus on the Finance Company as the trader (under the 2015act) to attempt to find and repair the fault when a complaint is raised? Thanks
  4. Hi All, A friend of mine is having a problem that I'm helping with. He purchased a secondhand Mercedes sports car for £26,000 from what he considered a reputable car dealer (not main dealer)it was delivered Thursday 13th July 2017. They are FCA regulated (Ref No 658267 ) and a representative of (MBI) Limited (Ref No 312143) He paid £10,000 deposit cash and the rest on finance with Close, the first day he noticed problems which were reported the second day, he thought there were gearbox problems and noticed the active intelligent lights were not working. He was asked not to drive the car and either get it brought back or taken to a local garage to see the problem, he managed to get it into a Mercedes specialist on the next day - there was a 9 page faults list including electronics, possible not Mercedes front lights and engine misfiring on some cylinders. He did not drive the car as advised and called dealer supplied the report and asked for a refund, the dealer said he would consider it, I helped him draft a letter Monday 17th saying under the consumer right act - right to return, he would like the car picked up, and a full refund based on the independent report and his right to return a faulty car. I listed the main faults, I also noted the cost he had incurred in taking the car to garage getting home then having to pick it up again, he also had to pay for engine oil and other expenses. I sent this to the finance company as well asking for acknowledgment, they haven't as of yet. So far the dealer has refused a refund and said they won't accept responsibly until they have an independent report done, I pointed out that they have had that for 3 days. it's nearly a week and they have the car, the report, his money and he doesn't have any transport. Thoughts?
  5. hi everyone, A little advice needed please. on the 6th july I had a new polycarbonate roof fitted aprox 5 mtrs by 4 mtrs which has turned out to be a right bodge job done. Morning after fitting I noticed endcaps had fallen off, wrong material used on side frames, poly roof sheets had 2 inch gaps near to house so rain can get in, sheets were cut cut so badly it looks like they had been chopped with an axe, glazing bars lifting, scratches real bad big scratches. I contacted business owner who said ill come out which he did 3 days later to be told yes the fitters had codged the job and they will fit flasing to hide the gaps and cut glazing bars correctly and basically cover over all the bodges. I was told they would contact me last week about coming back but nothing at all heard. should I demand/ask the badged parts be replacedor have I got to accept his offer to cover over bodges?. Where do I stand please? any help/advice id be most gratefull for. I paid £1310 for 4 poly sheets , 3 glazing bars plus fitting to be left with a very bad bodged job.
  6. Bought a 56 plate fiesta diesel 14th July. 2016 First problem we had was the alternator failed. The dealer replaced it within a couple of days. Now we have a more serious problem where it appears that the ECU has failed. This was reported to them on the 18th November and they collected it on the 21st November. The car is still with them and were being fobbed off with excuses. I remember seeing something on CAG saying that any fault found within 6 months of purhcase is deemed to be there at the point of purchase and the dealer is responsible for the repairs. Is this still the case? When they come back with it finally repaired and they want to charge me, I will pay it to get the car back, but can I then start a small claims to reclaim the cost. We're also having to hire a car for the weekend. Boris
  7. A family member decided 10 months ago to replace his ageing car with a factory-ordered brand new one. He opted for a PCP deal having first undertaken extensive homework about total interest payable and likely future value etc. Of all the options open to him, the PCP deal together with further incentives he negotiated with the supplying dealership most suited his circumstances. Until recently, he had no cause for complaint. But then the symptoms of one or two faults (or a single inter-related fault) affecting engine and auto transmission became evident. The car has been into the supplying dealership which immediately sought the manufacturer's involvement. Some preliminary work was then undertaken according to the manufacturer's guidance, pending further work which will be carried out two months' hence at its first service. The car, which has one 9,000 miles from new, is said to be perfectly usable until the time of that service and that in any event, anything and everything is covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Fair enough. Except: delving into the Internet to research his car's emergent problems, he has discovered dozens (literally) of posts on motoring forums going back over several years, all of them complaining about the same problem(s) and about the hoops it was necessary to go through to get them fixed. In some cases, the manufacturer replaced the engine and transmission under warranty -- though only at the end of protracted arguments where some consumers were concerned. Also in some cases, the vehicle was off the road for up to a month while those repairs were completed. What isn't clear from any of those Internet posts is whether or not the posters had financed the purchase of the car outright from their own funds; whether it was with a bank loan; whether it was hire purchase; or whether it was a PCP. That actually strikes me as being of crucial importance. Currently, my relative's car is still showing symptoms of inherent faults, albeit those symptoms are now less noticeable than originally. He is resigned to living with them and to abide by the dealership's / manufacturer's guidance. However, he is worrying about what might happen if it turns out that the vehicle becomes unusable due to failure, or if he is ultimately told that it will be out of his possession for a lengthy period due to the possible scale of repairs required. The word 'possession' prompted me to post this query on here, because it seems to me that he doesn't 'possess' the vehicle in a strictly legal sense (i.e., of ownership), rather that he and the manufacturer entered into a contract -- brokered by the supplying dealership -- via which he pays a monthly premium to the manufacturer's finance company and the manufacturer in turn supplies a car fit for purpose and usage. Am I right in thinking that in the event of -- and I must stress: 'in the event of' -- the situation becoming worse and the vehicle failing to perform / being unavailable to him for short periods or an extended period, the essence of the issue here is as more about breach of contract than anything else? Advice appreciated; though things seem to be under control at the moment, it's surely as well to be fore-armed by being forewarned of a consumer's position when it comes to the PCP of a new car and what happens if that car develops problems early in its life. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Another car drama, me and cars just don't get on... Bought a 2005 Land Rover from a small dealer 250 miles away all of 9 days ago on finance, which decided to break down yesterday, dead alternator... I contacted the dealer this morning to say i wasn't happy and that it would need to be repaired, and offered them a quote from my local independent Land Rover specialist of £712.49... They went on to state that the warranty provided with the car would only cover repairs up to £300, well having been through this drama before (pre 2015 and with SoG) i know that the dealer is liable for the repairs to my 9 day old car but have been nice enough to offer to phone some other repair garages to get further quotes, none of which have yet got back to me. I feel i should immediately get the ball rolling with regards to taking action, i have no interest in waiting too long or playing games, i work for the emergency services and having a working vehicle is essential for me... I have drafted letters for both the dealer and finance company (attached) however i wondered where i would stand with regards to getting reimbursement for hiring a car? Thanks in advance Paul
  9. Hi I'm posting this on behalf of my Mum who purchased her car in November 2015. She bought a ford C Max 55 plate for £2795 which came with a 3 month warranty. She's barely driven the car only having covered 500 miles since, but the car is starting to have quite a few serious faults, mainly with the ignition and some warning system regarding acceleration. None of it sounds very good and the AA have had to come out a couple of times to get her started. She's booked it in to the garage she originally got it from to be repaired and was wondering if the dealer is responsible to pay for repairs under the Consumer rights Act as there appears to have been new laws made from October 2015? I found the following on the Which website and hope someone can confirm it to be correct...... First six months - if you take the vehicle back within six months of purchase, the dealer should accept there was a problem when the vehicle was sold and offer a partial refund or to repair or replace it. If the dealer doesn't accept there was a problem when the vehicle was sold, they'll have to prove this. Any advice appreciated as I'm really pee'd off for her as she bought this car in the real need of having something reliable as she's on her own and quite disabled. Thanks for any advice Lisa
  10. Circle housing are known for being terrible when it comes to repairs. I've just moved into a new flat a couple of days ago, I found 7 faults, 2 of which I fixed myself (loose waste pipes / light starter). but the other 5, are a bit more complicated. Window very loose and doesn't close properly, leaking copper pipes (only when water is flowing), toilet doesn't stop filling up (I turn this off at the valve when not needed), outside light turns on and off, and a heater doesn't work. I have reported the faults, and listed the issues, explaining that the water doesn't leak when the taps are off and I turn the toilet off with the valve. How ever I came home yesterday and found that they turned the water off for the entire flat. No notes or calls or anything. I tried to call but got the out of office hours message. The trouble is, that the repairs are only done mon-fri between 9am and 5pm. The exact hours I work. I was only given the flat because I am in full time employment! I have no idea how I can ever get the faults fixed. No one can tell me when they will turn up. I literally have to take two weeks off work as they can turn up any time. Not to mention my boss is being difficult and will only let me have half a day to sort out everything. I am stuck in this situation. I have no idea what to do about it.
  11. Hi, We recently bought a vehicle from Carcraft. We had the usual Mis-haps with being called back to sign paperwork they'd forgotten etc - but that's not the issue. We recently had the car MOT'd at their Radcliffe branch, and there were a few advisories. Some of those indicated rust, and also a leak (I think transmission fluid?) The car has been used for a month since this, and then - yep - you guessed it, engine management light came on. I pulled over immediately, and contacted them. They wanted me to take it to Radcliffe - which is a fair drive - and I wasn't prepared to do this given the dashboard was screaming at me to check the engine. They reluctantly agreed for me to take it to a Halfords - which was mercifully less than 1 mile away. I made it clear that I wasn't going to be able to pay - however when I got there it was £49.99 for the diagnostics test. Later that day we picked the car up - the work hadn't been completed as Halfords weren't sure if the repair that was needed was included in the warranty. After a few phone calls they agreed to pay for the work as a 'goodwill' gesture. The whole experience from start to finish has been dreadful. I'm not sure what a 120 point inspection is, but I was assured that the vehicle I'd been sold was roadworthy and reliable. The car is 2010 - and I'll be paying for it for the next 3 and a half years. Given the difficulty in getting a simple warranty repair done, and the number of faults that seem to be creeping up with this car - I'd rather like Carcraft to have it back. It's done less than 4k miles since we bought it. I doubt the previous owner/victim of this car had the greatest of driving credentials - as we found Cannabis in the doorwell. Bottom line, the outstanding on the car is: £5,500 I've spoken to the finance company - if they take it back we'll still owe £3,000 So sounds to me like I've been well and truly shafted. The total I'd pay if I keep the car is in excess of £10k - for a car that seems to now be valued at £2k. Carcraft won't budge on this matter - is there anyway I can force their hand?
  12. bought Focus ST from a dealer 2 and a half weeks ago, the dealership was 200 miles away so it was a 400 mile round trip to get the car, the car is on finance. on the way home i thought i could feel a slight vibration, it was late the next day i took it to a tyre garage to get the wheels balanced as i thought that could be what the problem is. i was told all 4 tyres are past it, the car passed an MOT the day before i bought it so i said they cant be.. the garage lifted it back up on the ramps to show me. the 2 front tyres are very bald on the inner edges and all cracked between treads. the rear tyres have plenty of tread but again they are all badly cracked between treads. one of the front tyres also has a slit in the side wall! now, before any one says "didnt you look at the car before you bought it" yes i did, but i was checking things like body work, interior, engine bay etc, i didnt even consider looking at the tyres since the car literally passed an MOT the day before! i instantly emailed the dealership with what i found, they asked me to get pictures for proof and also get a tyre report done, then email that along with pictures to them so they can resolve the issue. i did the above, and this is the reply i got!!! "Hi Stuart, I have spoken with the MOT station that MOT’d your vehicle, I have showed them the photographs you sent, and we have gone through each point on the MOT standards relevant to tyres and they have assured me that the tyres are legal. MOT standards are available online. The other major factor to take into account here is that you took the vehicle for a FREE tyre check. The purpose of these free tyres checks unfortunately are to sell you new tyres. Both ourselves and the MOT station are happy that the tyres are legal and if you feel they need replacing it will be at your own cost. I am sorry this is not the outcome you were hoping for, however this is the very reason we independently MOT every vehicle sold" obviously i wasnt happy with that reply threatened to take it further, but they just ignored me, i contacted trading standards, they told me i have rights etc which i quoted to the dealership, they ignored again. i then decided to get the car checked over to see if any other faults were apparent. there were.. . it has a split inner CV boot, it had a broken boost solenoid valve, and 1 of the tyres also has a screw in it (aswell as been bald and cracked) there is also a slight vibration from a driveshaft (probably slightly worn) again i emailed the dealer, and advised i will be getting VOSA involved as i dont think its even been seen by the MOT tester as it wouldn't of passed! as soon as i threatened with this their reply was "if your really that unhappy, please return the car for a refund" the car is on finance, which for me to get out of now has a higher settlement fee than what the car cost, the dealer is over 200 miles away (400 mile round trip) its already cost me in excess of £200 to collect the car, plus a day off work. I asked them if they are going to re reimburse me of the fees to return the car, and also that with illegal tyers im not prepared to drive it 200 miles on a motorway so they would have to arrange to have it collected. again no reply and they are ignoring me im happy with the car its self, im just unhappy about the faults, and dont see why i should have to fork out over £500 to put it right! what else can i do now? it desperately needs sorting, but im literally getting no where
  13. We picked our car up Saturday 31st, from a garage near sheffield, we got finance on the car, so though at least if things don't go right we can just deal with the finance co' So believe it or not, the car started playing up, pulling to the left and knocking around, we managed to get it home as it was closer than returning to the dealer ( safely anyway) after speaking to the rude dealer who said it had just been mot'd and serviced, and putting the phone down on me a few times, it was agreed to take the car to a local garage for them to have a look at . within 5 minutes been on the ramp the guy said this shouldnt have passed an mot, there were several things wrong, warped discs with ridges, track arm failure and front ball joint failure, he said if they were to mot it , failure was on the cards and a cost of £200 to get it right, however the garage said it had just been mot;d several times over , and telling me to shut up and if i'd have paid cash i wouldnt be on the phone?/ I contacted vosa , they told me to park it on the drive till they book a garage and they will inspect it themselves. Can i withdraw from this finance, send the car back, and wash my hands of them???? Regards M
  14. Hello I purchased a sofa from DFS in June 2014 via 4 yrs credit, received delivery in July. A leg has broken, the wood around the leg screw has obviously smashed, and two of the arm rests have also sunk, obviously the wood under the arm rest broke. A upholsterer manager is coming to look at it on Tuesday. I do not wish for the sofa to be repaired, as its obviously of poor quality and not fit for purpose, and will inevitably require numerous future repairs.I would like to reject the sofa under the terms of the Sale of Goods Act and get a refund. It is not fit for purpose, unsatisfactory quality and is unsafe (i hurt my neck when the sofa leg collapsed). Am I eligible to reject, considering i have had the sofa over three months? Please advise me:) Many Thanks
  15. Hi, I hope someone out there will be able to help me - I am currently having problems with a local car dealership who are insisting I return my temporary car and take my original car back. However I consider it is unsafe to drive, following three major issues in a 5mth period. The engine blew up in Apr 14, then the car had complete brake and steering failure in Aug 14 while I was driving it which was terrifying. I have tried speaking & writing to the dealership, HP finance company and manufacturer however they are all passing the buck and its difficult to work out who is accountable. Effectively I feel the product supplied is under parr - not of reasonable quality & I now feel unsafe in it. A day after the full brake failure, I received a call from the dealership saying the car was tested and ready. Later it turned out that none of the work had been done on the car and the car was still unsafe/unfixed when I was told that. I voiced serious concerns about this communication and said that following that and issues with the car, I no longer had faith in either the dealership or the vehicle make. On this basis, I advised all parties in August that I was unwilling to accept the vehicle back however they fixed it anyway and tried to make me take it back - to date no reasonable offer has been made. I have received a number of letters stating they want the temporary car returned and mentioning police action, lack of insurance, my car getting vandalised at their premises. The dealership have phoned me on my work number numerous times a day last week, despite me asking them not to phone that number they continued to do so. I have continued to make my mthly HP payments on time every mth and have not breached any of the terms of my agreement. I wrote to the dealership, finance company and manufacturer recently and pointed out I was still paying for a car and therefore it seemed reasonable I keep that until I was made a reasonable offer of an alternative or compensation. As I was paying it seemed reasonable whilst negotiations were made. Throughout this, the dealership have continued to make approaches to dump 'my' car back with me and take away the temporary car - I believe this is now verging on intimidation as they're hoping I'll give up and just walk away. However I cannot now go to another brand as they have my deposit and I also haven't had the car I've been paying for during most of this year. The last response was that an independent garage (of same manufacturer brand therefore not in effect an independent) had inspected it and said the brakes were fine. Due to issues encompassed, I feel no more reassured about the car, brand or dealership. Just to clarify I am 18mth into a 3y HP agreement Mar13-Mar16 but as a result of the lack of faith I now have in the vehicle and dealership, I have requested they release me from the finance agreement and repay a proportion of the money I have paid so that I am not left at a disadvantage as a result of poor product supplied. I paid £1000 up front & 19mths x £283 p.m. I have stumped up quite a phone bill, taken a number of hrs/ days off work, had an under parr product since engine replaced Apr 14 (noisy, extras missing, poorer acceleration, poorer fuel consumption, was also advised replacement was hybrid of two brands as they couldn't source one - this has now been denied by the manufacturer.) As I've not had 'my car' at all for 4mth of this year I'm thinking I would like to seek compensation along these lines- Goodwill return of deposit £1000 for all the issues I've had to put up with + 1/2 the mthly payments (Apr-Oct 14) £994 because I haven't had the car I contracted to. Do you consider this is a reasonable request and if so, who should I hold accountable? I am prepared to take this to small claims if necessary and was thinking I may write a letter of intended action if someone can point me to who that should be against. thank you for any advice you may be able to offer. They've told me I'm no longer insured in the temp car so it's now sitting outside my house and I'm without any car at all despite fact I'm paying them £283 p/mth....
  16. It's a 2002 Passat estate with nearly 190,000 miles. Yep, worthless in theory. But I paid a couple of grand. And a couple of grand is a couple of grand. I went to view it, and to be fair it has loads of receipts, it's been cared for, new brakes, 4 new good tyres, new timing belt, recently serviced by previous owner. Went on a test drive with dealer (well he drove it as he didn't let people test drive) and he said it was spot on. Which is was in all fairness. No nasty bangs or anything. We even tried the aircon and it seemed cool enough so I drove away happy, I admit. However a couple of days later, I noticed the car didn't reach operating temperature. I was a bit peed off but thought if that's all I have to worry about it wouldn't be too bad. £224 later it was fixed. I also noticed that in fact the aircon didn't work- now this peed me off quite a bit. It felt ok on the cold day we test drove it but clearly it was just the blower. I've now found out that the window demister doesn't work either, which now is getting annoying. I'm no mechanic and need to pay a mechanic for every fault and by the time I've fixed these issues I would have been better off buying something much nicer. I accept it's a very old car but with having to spend hundreds of pounds to fix it it now feels like a very expensive banger... I just don't really know where to go with this.... Help!?
  17. I might well be in the wrong place, but I have to say Consumer Forum Website has been a great help to me, It's been a great aid when trying to work out stuff about ATOS and ESA and even the car. The only problem I have is when posting a new thread, you're limited to 2 tags, so if you're title is rather long, it's quite hard to chose which words to use to get your point accross Apart from that, I don't know how I managed before without Consumer Forum before!!! Three cheers for whoever developed it!!! Thnx4tht
  18. i purchased a samsung rsh1 american style fridge freezer from currys in jan 2010 £699 it stopped working over xmas in 2011 failed again in 2012 failed again in 2013 each time i had it repaired through samsung as curries refused, the fault is a common occuring issue with these models where they freeze up tripping out the fan unit and subsequently tripping the house consumer unit. after its repair in 2013 it failed again a week later but this time the compressor failed i have a independent engineers report i have sent to knowhow they have accepted it was a manufacturing issue there offer is £335 which includes the refund for the report £48 would this be a reasonable offer, could i appeal the decision??
  19. Hello, // sorry for the long post, probably too much detail I bought a £15k brand new car about 6 months ago (6 months and 12 days) from a VW dealer on finance (HP), the car developed a fault (probably a minor fault, not sure yet though) with the clutch and had a problem with the rear wiper, the clutch being the issue I was mostly concerned of. As this is my first car, I was more enthusiastic about the fact that I have a car rather than noticing problems with it, also I didn't realise initially that there was in fact a problem with the car only after I looked it up and saw that it's not normal for the clutch to be like mine and then I reported it to the dealer. This took about 2 months and 15 days unfortunately (I guess?), when I initially emailed the sales person to ask about the problem and instruct me what I should do to have it checked, while he said this might be a characteristic of the car I insisted to get it checked out by a technician and presumably repaired if a fault is present. As expected, they got the car checked and found a fault, while it took about 1 week to get it sorted as they forgot that my car was there, for which they apologised but that was not a big deal for me as I'm not trying to cause anyone problems in general, they "fixed" the problem and I got the car back at some point in Nov. last year. The problem stopped for about 3 weeks and then it cropped up again, exactly the same clutch problem that happened before, as it was already close to holidays and such I kept going like this while keeping an eye on specialist forums to see what the problem might be, if I'm going crazy, and what options do I have. As the holidays passed I decided to book the car in for another check to see if they can fix the problem (and also adding another problem that showed up since last service check), I told the dealer about the problems at the end of Jan, about 10 days before reaching 6 months since the car was bought, and the dealer, after checking the car, he said for the clutch that it might be just wear & tear and I might have to pay for it, but I should not worry just yet until they confirm the problem. In the meantime I got really worried that I might have to pay for something that's obviously not wear & tear, also their technician confirmed that the usual price for this kind of fix, if it's wear & tear, it's about £600-700, which got me even more worried. After they kept the car for about 1 week and the car got a new clutch completely, the problems were not fixed and also they introduced a new problem which, as I could only replicate the new issue and the clutch problem I told them about 2 days (got the car back on Wed and told them Fri morning, as I didn't get the chance to drive it too much until Thu night) after I got the car back from service and also managed to get a technician to confirm and replicate these 2/3 problems, and now I'm waiting to book it for another service to get these (hopefully) fixed once and for all. Now I'm seriously thinking about giving the car back, I'm worried that if this problems comes back in the future I will have to a large enough (for me) amount to get it fixed and that's exactly what I wanted to avoid by buying a new car... so I know I would prefer to change the car but I don't know if that's a real option, obviously without having to pay the negative equity on the finance. Does it help at all that the I told the dealer just 10 days before the end of the initial 6 months? Would getting a refund be a real option as the repair was unsatisfactory? If so, should I ask them to inspect the car and reject the repairs that they might want to carry as a result of the inspection that's going to happen next week? I would appreciate if anyone could give any advice on what should I do or who might be best to contact about this, until now all the communication was between me and the dealer, also as of today I have told the sales person which initially sold the car to me that I'm thinking of replacing the car. Thank you! -John
  20. BT have provided us internet for the last 5 years. It is a slow connection (0.5->1.0Mb/s) because we live 5 miles from the exchange. These speeds we have always accepted as we live in a rural area. In the last few months the internet keeps dropping out and slowing to 50Kb/s. At this speed the internet becomes all but unuseable. BT can fix this temporarly by "resetting profile" at exchange but problem always takes several days to resolve then comes back again in 2-3 days. Now they are saying line has degraded and they will not repair the line and offer to terminate my service. This would leave us with no internet connection at all. Can they do this i.e. not repair a service they have provided for 5 years?
  21. Hi All, Very quick question, I've recently bought a used car. It has a couple of niggly faults: 1. Wheel Bearing - this is being sorted by the dealer 2. Automatic Head Light Adjustment Fault Its the 2nd part I need clarification on, it happened a week after owning the car, I've reported it to the dealer but they have stated that only major mechanical faults are covered under the warranty they have given me. They are only doing the bearing as it would have been bad before I took possession of the car. Its a 06 Plate Citreon C4 2.0 HDi paid £3999.00 Thanks.
  22. I bought a car on March 4th 2013 from a car dealer who trades from home. I paid £1700 for the car (2002 Focus ST170). It was up for £1995, i knocked him down to £1700. When i took the car for a test drive there was a random light on the dash, the dealer said it was the traction control. I trusted him, as he obviously knew about the car...or so i thought. This light turned itself off a day later. So i wasn't too concerned. It turns out it was a coolant warning light. It never returned after about 3 days of having the car. Within a week the Engine Management Light came on, i bought a OBD2 scanner to see what the issue was. It picked up 2 codes, one for a Lambda sensor (£100 not fitted), and one for a dodgy CAT (£600) i assume the CAT fault shows because of the sensor. I thought this wasnt a major problem, so bought a sensor off of a friend, but didnt fit it as i never had the time. I thought changing the sensor would clear both codes, i dont know though? It is something i could do, so i wasn't too worried, minor fault in my eyes. Things kept going wrong, the passenger door wouldn't open from the outside, the rear window washer sprayed water into the car not the window, the washer reservoir empties itself after a day or so. Then, on 7th May i was driving home and the engine died. I got the car towed home by Green Flag. I plugged the scanner in and it revealed a timing issue (P1383)...or so i thought. I got the timing belt cover off to discover the belt was missing most of the teeth. This has probably trashed the engine as the valves would have hit the pistons. I specifically asked the guy if the belt was changed, to which he replied, yea i think it was. Its a £500 job to do as its a weird engine, and there is no room, the engine needs lifting out pretty much to change it. What can i do? Ive done less than 1000 miles since having it, and now it is destined for the scrap yard. I will be £1700 out of pocket! Im very frustrated, i cant afford to lose that sort of money. I can sell it for spares or repairs for....£500! But i don't think this is right given what i paid for it. £200 car, yea fair enough, you expect problems. Am i right in assuming he, as a dealer has to provide a 3 month warranty? He is on holiday until 20th May. I tried ringing him and there was a message explaining this. He has pulled his website, im not sure because he is on holiday, or for other reasons. What are my rights? Can i get my money back as it was not fit for purpose? It can be repaired but will cost over £1000 to have it done. Is he responsible for this? Should a £1700 car last longer than 2 months before the engine fails, the CAT fails....i believe the engine light was turned off prior to me looking at the car. Im sure this can be proved with the right equipment, but its costly. Im really angry with the guy!
  23. hello my street was affected by the floods of june 2012 although my house was not flooded since then our lights have flickered and tv goes off then back on 3/5 times a day and now ive noticed our combi boiler turns off then back on i had my electrics looked at and my tv looked at both are fine and was told the floods had damaged the underground electrcity cables so i contacted northern powergrid who sent a engineer out and he told me that nothing could be done until a lot more of my street phoned up to report the fault then a team would be sent out to find and fix the fault i have complained to the powergrid people that its causing my plasma tv to keep turning off and im worried that it could cause my tv to break altogether if this happens could i make a claim against the powergrid people i had a letter off them telling me that electrical equipment connected to the supply needs to be designed to withstand a power cut and they are not responsible but i say my tv is only a couple of years old and it could withstand a powercut once but if its 4/5 times a day it will damage my set in the end
  24. Hi maybe just unlucky but I have a Zafira b 1.6 the clutch judders, the air con dosent work, the heater is only luke warm at best and the spanner light comes on with code p1113. Would you fix the faults? or try to get a refund from the dealer and buy another? I purchased the car on the 1st May and have driven 800 miles over the last 4 weeks. Bazza
  25. since purchasing a used focus lx from a well known garage only 3 weeks ago i have had to renew the clutch,pads and discs. is there anyone i can contact other than the garage as they have just fobbed me off?
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