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Found 4 results

  1. help and advice needed about a three piece leather sofa from DFS jan 2014 purchased a three piece sofa from DFS £3500 feb 2014 they were delivered 2 weeks ago called dfs to report leather peeling away on head rest monday last week repair man come out. told he can not repair it and will send report to store tuesday i visit the store. told by salesman they will get it repaired. and told its caused by natural oils in the hair and skin and not their problem but they will repair it as a gesture of good will. also told because we are pensioners and not working. sitting in it all day dont help. told the salesman we dont think the suite has been treated properly and wish it to be taken back as repairing one area is no good because other areas will go. salesman said that there is no way we can return it and all he will do is repair the affected area. tuesday last week. called barclays credit as we bought it on the interest free deal. informed them the suite was unfit for purpose. Barclay informed the will write to DFS to get the to resolved. today manager from another store called to inspect the suite. he says he stands by the report that it is a chemical reaction to oils in people hair and skin. told us we should have bought the after care plan that was offered at time of purchase which would have included a treatment kit that would have stopped it happening. told us we could not return it as it was not a manufacturing issue. he inspect the rest of the suite and he picked up on the other chair that the leather was also starting to peel on that. as a gesture of goodwill he would get the both headrests repaired and a free leather kit and gilders thrown in free because we are pensioners. we told him we just wanted to return the suite because we felt it was not fit for purpose. he said no because under the sale of goods act. there needed to be a manufacturer fault and there was no fault. we rejected his offer and he said there is nothing else we could do because they had fulfilled there obligation. we said we would go through the courts. and he said we wouldn't win because there was not fault in the suite any help or advice on proceeding i have a photo but because i,m new it wont let me post but hopefully it will let me soon also when we told him we were rejecting his offer. he said "i should be charging you for this" called barclays and they said they will but in it a claim handler to sort out. does anyone know what they will do searching on CAG and i cant seem to find many cases going to court. is that because they resolve them http://s15.postimg.org/k0075aa5n/photo.jpg
  2. Hi All. I ordered 2x2 seater sofas around August/September from DFS. I was advised by their sales team to go for the thicker leather as we have 2 dogs, so we did. We bought the insurance as well. We took delivery around October. We noticed a few weeks ago that the Leather has started to peel. On both sofas, in all 4 corners, the paint is peeling. Granted in one corner you can see a few claw marks from the dogs but this goes alot further than that. I informed DFS and they sent someone over that had 30 years experience in Upholstery.He's inspected the sofas and took some photos. A couple of hours later I received a call from the manager of the DFS store and bluntly said that because the damage was caused by the dogs, I will have to claim on the insurance. I've argued the point that we were told to by the thicker leather as it was more resilient to pets. Again he said to claim on the insurance. I mentioned that my Father had been an Upholsterer for 30 years and had a look and he agreed to send another person out. The other guy has just been. He was nice and polite. Again he seemed more interested in the claw marks than anything else even taking more photos of the claw marks than the other side. He didn't evn really look at the other sofa. I explained, again, that we had been prompted to buy the thicker leather as it was more resilient to pets to which he replied' Its not actually thicker leather...its a thicker layer of paint they put on'. Now I wasn't told this when I purchased these sofas. If I had I would probably stuck with the cheaper 'Leather'. I've the guy that I want the seats recovering as the new paint will not stick properly. He left on good terms with me. I've received another call from the manager, guess what, this guy has said its down to pet damage and to claim on the insurance. I've complained to DFS Head Office and am awaiting a reply. We've had sofas from DFS before and never had a problem. Any ideas where to go after this?
  3. We purchased 2 Supreme leather sofas from DFS in November 2016, and within 12 months the painted coating on the leather had removed from several areas at the seams, mostly on the side of the seats which are seldom used or areas that do not come into contact with the person sitting on them. We reported the problem to DFS and they sent out a DFS manager whom cleaned the areas and repainted them with touch up paint. The workmanship was very poor, the colour of the paint was not the same shade and the repair lasted no more than 5 weeks before it had worn off. The problem with the painted coating coming off has progressively got worse and now we have the paint peeling off one of the head rests. As the 2 year guarantee is up this November we contacted DFS again to come and see the problem. To keep this story short DFS has said that the painted coating on the seams is due to abrasion and the leather peeling on the headrest is from oils/grease from the scalp. After several telephone calls, emails and letters requesting a refund (reasoning that leather shouldn’t wear that quickly in these areas and not being fit for purpose if you put your head on the head rest), the current position is that DFS are saying that my rights to a refund or replacement ceased after I had these sofas 30 days, but they would come out and touch-up the paint as a goodwill gesture. We have since gone back to DFS and offered them an opportunity to repair the sofas, but with the following guarantees; The work is carried out by a professional repair person, as the repair carried out previously was unacceptable (different shade, poor, and lasted approximately 5 weeks) The paint/dye is mixed to correctly match the colour/shade of our Sofas. The paint/dye is applied in the required number of coats to the correct thickness. The repair areas are sealed after coating. The repairs are guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year and any other areas of the Sofas that show similar signs of peeling in the next 3 years will also be repaired free of charge to the same standard. Early indications are that they are not going to agree to this and also not give me any guarantees. Since researching leather finishes I have discovered that these sofas are pigmented leather (painted and lacquered) and that oils from the scalp can cause peeling. As putting your head on the headrest is a natural thing to do and as I was never told this when I purchased the sofas, can I request a refund or replacement under them being not fit for purpose? The sofas have been cleaned exactly to DFS’s requirements (dry wipe once a week and a 6 monthly clean with the leather cleaning kit supplied by DFS. If DFS are not going to budge on their goodwill gesture, I would like to take this further and I am prepared to take it through the small claims card, but I am not sure if I have a case. Does anyone have more details on similar cases that have successfully gone through the small claims courts that I could cite in further correspondence to DFS?
  4. Can anyone offer any advice on how to go about complaining about my peeling sofas........ Order placed end of December 2013, paid just over half of balance by debit card Remaining balance paid April 2014, by cash Delivery of sofas around June 2014, all good, happy with new sofas. After a few months noticed a slight cracking in the leather, by 12 months old the leather had started to peel, mainly on the armrests and the backrests, with one thing and another, a family bereavement and usual stresses and strains, I haven't had the head nor the energy to fight this but it is getting much worse and I feel that my new sofas should last much longer than this, after all they are from a range called 'endurance' which claims to be 'an exclusive high performance range' with 'advanced technology', 'increased durability', 'more enduring than normal leather'. The sofas are used by 2 adults only, no kids, no pets and for only a couple of hours each evening, due to us being mostly either at work or sleeping!! Not exactly high usage at all. I still have the tags attached to the sofas which boast 'virtually child proof', 'designed to withstand the pressures of a busy family life' and 'improves with age, guaranteed to stay looking good for years to come'. It really is getting worse every day and I'm ashamed to let anyone see it now. I really feel that it is not fit for purpose and wish that I hadn't paid upfront in full for it, if it was on credit I wouldn't give them a penny more. I would like to attach photos but can't as I'm new
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