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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. 8 weeks ago we ordered a new 3 pc suite from DFS. It was delivered today and we have a few issues we are not happy with. First one is that we ordered a 3 seater sofa and at the time were debating on a reclining one which had 3 seperate seat pads however opted to go without. we ordered a fixed 3 seater sofa which the sales man told us would be the same with three pads. Today it has turned up as a 3 seater with just 2 pads which is not what we wanted or ordered. When i checked online the dimensions photo shows 3 seperate pads and there are no 3 seater options with 2 pads advertised. Secondly the colour which is supposed to be grey ( as it says on the swatch in store) looks very brown. Three visitors have come round tonight and all said its brown not grey. Ive phoned the helpline about the colour and the operative said he always tells people who order this colour online that it is more of a brown than a grey ( even though its called grey?) When we ordered in the shop i did question the colour as the display one was grey and the sales man said it was just the lighting in the store making it look browny but it was definatley grey. Well its not!!! Thirdly i was sold " easy gliding feet" for an additional £50 which I was told were upgraded feet from the standard. These were self adhesive plastic pads put on the bottom of standard feet when the delivery guys installed it today. Probable cost about £5 from a diy store. Very unhappy. Purchase was taken on 4 years interest free credit 8 weeks ago. Where do we stand on rejecting this?
  2. :shock:Hi every one 1st time ad .. I am looking for some good advice on this if anyone can help me please .we purchased a leather suite cost £1876 within 3 weeks I noticed something wrong with the one side we phoned them next day and explained several weeks later their man came . he takes it apart to find the main frame as completely snapped in half he does no more and goes to his van gets some old wood and glue and screws cuts the wood to size screws and glues wood on . he didn't ask anything he bodges the sette up . then fills out his report writes Mishandled in transit. also writes retail delivery next to their word who now at this point we are no wiser of the extent of the damage but it turns out to be main frame snapped in two. therefore he and Scs have admitted to delivering a faulty settee not fit for purpose intended for . I can't see how anyone has a argument against this why even should we be considering a repair or a repair at all its not an option we did not even have say in the matter. after a year of trying to solve this matter with Scs we took them into court 5/9/17 lost the case on the grounds we let them repair it took the judge all of 4 minutes to make her decision I tried to explain things but you get to know its going straight over her head. we are wi5 pounds out of pocket and will be getting their solicitors Bill who knows the final amount we have 7 days remaining to a appeal if we decide to go down that route I have to watch in case we lose again. we tried on Ombudsman they can't help our solicitor doesn't deal with these matters made couple inquires today and been quoted £160 plus vat per hour . there's but more to this story but I don't want to bore anyone to much . I think I still have a very good case we have copy of their report we have a pictures of the clean snap on the frame that their solicitor described as a very very minor split . I told her to get some glasses their bunch have tried every trick in the book to get out if it even tried moving dates to go outside the 30 days of returns to even telling lies over the phone sorry but i had a good go on him if theres anyone can help me point me in the right direction i will chase it with more money if it comes to it, can text me if it helps [removed] thanks to every one who as viewed this ,all thanks to s c s.
  3. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobisystems.editor.office_registered
  4. Not sure if anyone can help but am throwing this out there just in case. Bought a 2+3 suite from Very last June on buy now pay later. Payment not due until June 2016 but have been paying it off anyway. A problem started to develop in November when the base and back cushions were distorting so badly that you sank into the corners when sitting down. It was not a cheap suite at £1800 before sale price of £900. I contacted Very who said they would send a specialist out but if no fault was found we'd be charged £45. The inspector came last week and completely stripped everything down to the bare bones. He took all the base and back cushions out of their fitted covers and told us they needed re-dressing. He proceeded to pull apart the filling material then pummelled them repeatedly with his fists. He said that because a cheap cotton wool type filling had been used this would have to be done with each cushion every day. He then struggled for a good 15 minutes trying to re-fit the covers (he was sweating). I asked how I was supposed to do this daily given my obvious disabilities and arthritic hands but he had no answer. He also told me that if the catalogue description said 'plump cushions daily', this would be Very's 'get out clause'. The description does say this but I would have thought that this would refer to the scatter cushions that come with the suite. Very won't answer my emails apart from telling me that no structural fault was found and I have been charged the £45. I've never bought a suite before that requires removing the cushions from fitted covers every day and then having a full upper body workout in order to make it useable again! Does anyone out there do this to their suite, I don't know what to do now apart from contacting trading standards but not sure of my position?
  5. We bought a 3 piece suite from CSL last year, ordered in May, delivered in August. Through a fluke we recently discovered we haven't actually got the suite we had ordered. What was delivered is a similar suite, same colour, roughly the same size, but different name, and £795 cheaper than what we ordered. We are still paying for the suite we initially ordered. CSL (now Sofaworks) have offered to pay us the £795 difference or we can re-order the suite we asked for in the first place. We have been back to the show room to check out the suite we originally ordered and have decided we still want what we ordered as it's nicer. CSL are saying that because we have had our suite now for 6 months we must pay them £500 as a usage fee. We don't have small children, we don't have pets, we don't smoke and we don't sit on the suite eating our dinner. Effectively the suite is still in 'as new' condition. I feel aggrieved that I should have to pay CSL a £500 usage fee, for a delivery error which was fundamentally their fault, but which we have only just discovered. If anything we feel we should be compensated as for the last 6 months we've been paying for a suite we didn't order. Can anyone advise me where I stand here? Am I obliged to pay CSL for their error? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Andy
  6. Hi, I'm new here just joined tonight... I have a manager coming up tomm from DFS Our suite wil be a year old next month. But since last year they have replaced the 4 seat cushions u sit on Put foam in the bottom part of the suite on both 2 seaters where cushions would go They also came back and put more foam in the back of both 2 seaters They then had 2 replace 2 of the seat cushions cause the smell on them was really bad They they came back and put foam in the back cushions on both 2 seaters They sent a guy out last week as the cushions u sit on wont stay on settees now every time u get up u have to lift the back cushion up and push ur cushion that u sit on back onto settee. This time i didnt let them repair it I handed a letter over for manager saying i am rejecting the suite as u have repaired it 5 times up to now..... Now the manager of the shop is coming tomm ... Any one any tips for me please before he arrives Thank you Pep
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