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  1. MBNA sold debts that belonged to both me and my husband. Idem bought mine, Moorcroft bought my husbands. I emailed Idem regarding reduced payments that I would make, and eventually they responded agreeing to my reduced amount. However, Moorcroft ignore emails (sent day after day) and they will not reply despite my husband requesting that they not call, but put in writing instead. They call anyway, and to whomever called, I asked them not to call, but to respond to my husband's emails - however, the chap then called my husband's mobile immediately! I got
  2. Hi, I find myself in a difficult situation. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea 10 years ago and then issued with a cpap device. I was never told at the time by my Gp who referred me or by the hospital consultant that I had to report this directly to dvla. I assumed as it was controlled everything was ok. Recently I had an issue with sleep apnea being uncontrolled. my machine had a problem which has been replaced with one that wirelessly reports data to the hospital. They say sleep apnea is now controlled again. So far so good, again no mention of Dvla. Recently
  3. This is an interesting one.... I have an outstanding default from MMF (now lantern – ROFL) for a payday loan last paid in feb 2012 (the loan was paid 10 fold over this was the point i said no more). The default was registered in May so its just due to be dropped off my credit file and statute barred, so I thought it prudent to down load a copy to keep on file. To be honest I haven’t really paid much attention to this one as i had bigger dragons to slay but on printing out the report I have noticed a discrepancy in the reporting with a payment of £1 showing , then disappearing, then
  4. I recently won against PRAC financial in a claim they made against me for a disputed PDL. (The dispute is still awaiting FO decision). Exact reasons the judge quoted were no evidence of assignment of the debt to PRAC and no evidence of a Default letter sent. Also their default was in the wrong company name. My other thread regarding the claim... https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?484274-PRAC-BW-claimform-old-PaydayUK-PDL-Debt-***Claim-Dismissed*** Today I had an email about a change to my credit report. Turns out the change is PRAC report
  5. Poor reporting by the BBC. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43912327
  6. Initially i was excited about having a new bank on the high street. They market themselves as different to the others and I fell for it. Now i'm stuck in a situation that's really running me down mentally. On Tuesday, I noticed that there were a number of transactions leaving my account for a gambling site I hold an account with that I didn't authorise. I spoke to their live chat who locked my account and asked me to report the transactions to the police and my bank as it was believed to have been hacked. I report the transactions to Metro Bank as soon as i could an
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if someone could please share some knowledge on this. Also please be kind A friend told me about this forum I checked my credit file and found that an old loan (which I am still paying off) has appeared. This was originally a Credit Union loan, which was closed in April 2012 and then transferred to a Debt Collection Agency. Since this has occurred I made a small amount of payments and finally agreed to £20 once I got a decent job. I actually was planning on paying this off this month, ironically enough! However, the Union has defa
  8. Lending Stream Hi there, in March 2011 I took out a loan with lending stream (amongst others), which I didn’t pay back, Due to a gambling addiction (addiction fixed now:-)) All of my accounts at the time fell into arrears and therefore default, which I deserved But upon checking my credit file, all of my other accounts show a default date of around may-sept 2011, yet lending stream show there’s as Nov 2012 With the 6 year rule I was happy to wait till sept 2017, but lending streams is a more than a year later, I thought It was a reporting mistake so I called them, and the
  9. In 2011 I opened an Argos card account and have never missed a payment or paid late. With that in mind, last year due to personal circumstances I have defaulted on a financial arrangement with a different organisation. Upon checking my credit file regularly I have seen that Argos are reporting that my account with them is showing; The account status is currently under review due to a query. Argos have been reporting this same status since May 2015 - long before anything else went into arrears. Are they allowed to do this and if not, what course of action can I take again
  10. Hi all I am in the support group for ESA and also receive PIP, I have several conditions/illness related problems that prevent me from working. I have developed two new problems, the first being postherpetic neuralgia, a neuropathic pain after having developed Shingles. The second problem is I am now having to take medication for High Blood Pressure. I am not sure if I need to report these to the DWP or not, any advice as to whether I should would be most welcomed. Regards
  11. I have a Gas debt with NPOWER we I have been paying off weekly via pre-payment meter for approx. 36 months. This has been working fine. They have in the last month suddenly reported my account to be in default with Experian which has destroyed my credit score. They say this will remain until I clear the debt completely. Their customer services said that this was a change in policy of how they report debt on pre-payment meters (had I been paying this off via DD then it would be an issue apparently - I am now trying to move to DD). I have a complaint in with them now, and I ha
  12. Which? is urging Government, regulators and businesses to renew their efforts to call time on nuisance calls and texts as complaints continue to rack up in the tens of thousands. After finding that a quarter (24%) of people don’t know where to complain when they receive an unwanted call, Which? are making it easier by launching a new online complaints tool so offenders can be identified and punished. They are urging consumers to report nuisance calls and texts to give regulators the vital evidence they need to take action against companies breaking the rules. This tool is powe
  13. All, This may help some folks if this is actually the company in question's process but I wanted to check first if it was above board or not. The scenario is 2 defaults from the same creditor, which were taken over by a 3rd party, however the earlier defaults were left on file and new ones added. 2 defaults for the same account. This has been sorted but it showed some quite interesting discrepancies. The accounts had the same start start date but different default dates and amounts. I put this to the original creditor and received the following response, with account nu
  14. After 6 years my Bankruptcy has finally been removed from my credit file. A default for one of the loans included also gone. However I have an old RBS bank account and loan account that for some reason weren't defaulted but were included in the BR that are still showing on my Equifax credit report as partially settled. I would like to get these removed. What are the chances?
  15. Many people will have been watching Tesco's recent debacle. I have lost over £5000 with the share price fall, over the last 4 months. Tough, you may say. The reality is that I bought my shares based on the financial accounting data published by Tesco in their annual report. Yesterday, I watched the new CEO Dave Lewis, parachuted in from Unilever. He said the "accounting errors" appear to have been undertaken for several years. They have declared £265 million in profits they actually don't have, and won't have. A definition of fraud is: " the intentional misrepresentation or con
  16. Hi Guys A strange one. Just had a response from Lowell Financial that they are as mentioned before, removing the defaults for 5 accounts for me. However on the email it says; Now i thought Lowell took full control of the default like some other debt purchasers, etc, but maybe they dont?
  17. Hello Can anybody advise me what to do. I had a credit card with Natwest in 2002. I got into problems and ended up on a Debt Management Programme about 10 years ago. All the creditors defaulted my accounts except for Natwest. As a result my credit file shows a report of 6 and this has been happening for the past 10 years. All my defaults have dropped off my credit score. I stopped paying anything to natwest so that they would have to default me but they have still not defaulted this account and report a 6 every month. My credit file is clear now except for this account. Is there anything
  18. Hi i just recieved a letter from old friend bc today, claiming they have been reporting inaccurately to cras. Im pretty sure ive paid nothing since november 07, but it coudl have been 08. i remember finding cag around 07 time, and sending off for cca. the original cca letter copy i have is dated 04/08, and i wouldnt have paid anything for a few months before then as i was not working. After the usual back and forth, i asked if they had a signed agreement with cputr in mind, this would have been around 08/09, and this is the first i have heard of it since
  19. My partner has a loan with mutual that he has paid on time every single month. Mutual has reported to the CRA that payments received on time every month. As the balance was down to him owing £250 in October he decided to get it paid off by Christmas so in October he paid £180 (leaving a balance of £70 to be paid this month). He had an email from Equifax last week stating derogatory info had been placed on his credit file. It was from Mutual - they have reported him as a (1) , we contacted his agent who said their system is up to date so its correct. Contacted Head Office who refu
  20. Hi folks Can anyone advise what to do if the OC and a DCA is reporting the same amount of debt on the CRA report? Many thanks Doc
  21. Hi, How would a company report to a CRA the information? Could a landlord managing agent do it? How would they go about doing that? I assume you have to register with a CRA or employ a debt collection agency? Thanks.
  22. Hi, Just been checking my file with Equifax and according to that i've not paid my EON bill since Feb 2012, however i've made payments every month since then. See the picture for how it looks on my file.. [ATTACH=CONFIG]43894[/ATTACH] I spoke to EON last year September maybe, about this and they advised that because there was still a remaining balance they have to report missed payments. after May i set up a direct debit to pay a fixed amount, but since then theres not been any updates, despite payments being made correctly, surely its not right that they are still reporting
  23. Hi, I have an on going dispute with Link Financial. Link say they assigned the debt from GE Money Home Lending but have to date not shown any proof of assignment. They have however provided me with a copy of the Application form and a copy of the CCA from GE Money Home Lending. The main problem I have with Link is that they are recording adverse data at the CRA's yet the CCA and conditions do not allow for any recording at CRA's. Link have today written to me and said that the application form states that they can report to the CRA's yet this document does not form part of the CCA and is not h
  24. Hi All, I am a manager in fashion retail shop . My assisiatnt manager was stealing customer credit c details to shop on line and getting delivered to our store without my knowledge . 29th Dec , I worn my assistant manager uniform jacket by mistake, I felt some bulky stuff in his pocket when pulled it out they were credit card nos written in his own hand writting , I was shoked but not surprise Because I always had suspicion he was upto some thing . I already noticed there were few parcel deliveries on my holidays and days off .After asking other staff , I established this delive
  25. Hi, hope this is the right place to post. I received a threatening letter from a DCA shortly after they bought my debt. Letter was a threat to put a charging order on my property. I've since discovered from reading the OFT rules on unfair practice that a threat that a legal action eg a charging order before any court has made a judgement is deemed unfair. Can anyone tell me or point me to other threads of how I go about reporting this to the OFT. I have copied the original letter from the DCA and they have since sent me a screen print of correspondence sent to me whi
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