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Found 15 results

  1. MBNA sold debts that belonged to both me and my husband. Idem bought mine, Moorcroft bought my husbands. I emailed Idem regarding reduced payments that I would make, and eventually they responded agreeing to my reduced amount. However, Moorcroft ignore emails (sent day after day) and they will not reply despite my husband requesting that they not call, but put in writing instead. They call anyway, and to whomever called, I asked them not to call, but to respond to my husband's emails - however, the chap then called my husband's mobile immediately! I got a statement from Idem, and in exactly the same marked envelope (same return address, same statement format) my husband had one from Moorcroft. Does anyone know if this is the same company??? It's really cheesing me off that Moorcroft ignore all the emails. Also, they're sneaky so-and-so's: they are based hundreds of miles away from us, and yet they call the landline using a local number that they must buy to use, to look like they're someone local calling us - idiots! It doesn't take long for me to recognise the number and ignore it. But, they're making me so mad!!! I think I'm wasting my time re-sending the same emails but at least it proves the point that they're ignoring us, dispite contacting them on a daily basis!
  2. Please can anyone help with advancing this? I would be really grateful if a Default Notice 'Expert' could kindly offer me any advice. I have a long standing dispute with a Creditor on my DMP – MBNA/Moorgate (sold to IDEM post complaint Oct 2016). Original creditor MBNA on DMP May 2009, sold to Moorgate 2012, Default Notice from Moorgate Dec 2013 but binned by them (even though letter to terminate agreement thereafter also and no other monthly statements received), they didn't record the Default Notice with CRA either, I have (Moorgate) arrears markers from 2013 to current. I have thus far complained to MBNA (& Moorgate) to request a Default Notice to be issued and recorded from the start of my DMP May 2009 (when the arrears started – as comfirmed on all their MBNA statements I have and evidenced to all, as I defaulted on original T&C paying reduced monthly payment under DMP), MBNA refuse to add a Default Notice as ‘relationship continued’ and I entered into a payment arrangement with them’, Moorgate refuse more or less on same grounds and say their previous Default Notice was scrapped as they were contacted re payment continuation, so didn’t record. The Adjudicator at the FOS has come back to me, she says MBNA have ‘foggy’ evidenced that I continued to meet most of my monthly payments with them (??!!), she seems ‘Exacerbated’ of her telephone conversations with Moorgate, and has decided to not uphold my complaint altogether as she doesn’t think either have acted unfairly??? She has said I can ask an Ombudsman to take a look also… .but that they are ‘likely to agree with her’. I am quoting the ICO guidance version 3 2007 to FOS, however the Adjudicator has said ‘More recent ICO guidance states that there are exceptions and a Default Notice shouldn’t be added if a payment agreement has been entered into, such as a DMP.’ I have sent the Adjudicator absolutely everything so I am confused, am I barking up the wrong tree here, I don’t know what else to say to them other than the enormous evidence and several emails that have taken place …..please can anyone offer some advice (it will be on my CRF until 2026 ?) Moorgate have told the adjudicator, if I stop paying now for 3 months, they will re-place their original Default Notice of Dec 2013 as this pertains to the current arrears. Do I upgrade to an Ombudsman and stick with it for MBNA Default May 2009 or / stop paying 'now' IDEM and expect DN Dec 2013 reignition from Moorgate (?!) Thank you so much for reading in advance… Arrears with MBNA May 2009 until sale to Moorgate March 2012 (MBNA told Moorgate the account was up to date - this is totally untrue as was mounting arrears against T&C although of course MBNA don't record these) Plus x 3 seperate missed payments with MBNA Moorgate arrears from September 2012 4 seperate missed payments with Moorgate to date. Moorgate sold to IDEM in December 2016 after my complaint.Save Save
  3. Hi everyone I sent some CCA a few months ago, some had copies some didnt. Moorgate have 2 of my credit cards and they couldnt find the CCA ...until now. It was an MBNA credit card i took out Theyve sent me a copy of my original agreement in 2003, its signed so i guess im still owing this one? As long as its a proper, signed copy i still owe it correct? thanks
  4. Hi there my experian credit score is 577 and I really could do with sorting this out as soon as I can. Backstory: A few years back, I had far too many cards with way too high credit limits and spent more than I should and could really afford. I managed to get a check on myself and stopped the spending, did some balance transfers etc to try and make things more affordable. I missed the odd payment here and there due to lack of being organised or simply not having enough money in my account that month. Then, out of nowhere, some of the credit card companies raised my interest rate from single figures up to over 30% which then made actual payment of these monthly bills unafordable. I contacted them all individually about my circumstance and they said there is nothing they can do - the interest rate was raised due to me being high risk, even though if I missed a payment, I always paid the following month. Being stubborn, I just stopped paying them and when the phone calls came, I told them I would have been able to pay them if they had helped me/worked with me but 30+% interest was too expensive on over £15k worth of debts, across 4 cards. Onto present day, of the 4 cards, 1 is long paid off, the other 3 I am still paying. Here is the detail: Card 1: it was on MBNA and moved to Britannica Moorgate and I'm paying them £90 a month. Strangely, its showing on Experian as an Active account rather than a default account - credit card - up to date - with a balance of £2503 It says its an account from 2007 with a £90 x 103 month payment schedule but I didn't move to Moorgate in 2007 - that would have been around August 2010 more like but I can't find any more info of exact time I moved to Moorgate. There is nothing at all showing from MBNA on my Experian report Card 2: Capital One - Showing in the 'defaulted account' section with a £2013 balance - account from 2004 but default date is August 2010 - default balance was £6800 at that time Card 3: 1st credit limited - Showing in the 'defaulted account' section with a £877 balance - account from 2000 but default date is March 2013 - default balance was £2727 at that time. I can't understand why its showing as March 2013 as I stopped paying them all at the same time so it should be 2010 surely? I can't remember who the credit card provider was for this one (maybe HSBC) but my debt must have been passed to 1st credit and then they initiated the default from when they took over the debt , rather than when I stopped paying? In summary, my number 1 priority is to fix my credit rating as quickly as possible and would be interesed to know what people think is my best approach of achieving it? I can provide more info if that helps? After recently sellling my car, I’ve got a few thousand in the bank so while I’m not in a position to pay them all off in full, I’m not far away either, maybe £1.5k shy. Thanks for reading and also thanks in advance to anyone who replies d helps guide me towards the right strategy to repair the errors of my past ghosts
  5. Hello All, I would dearly like some advice, if youcan provide. I got into significant debt (132K) with 29creditors. This was due to my ownstupidity thinking I was managing my debts. In the end, I was taking out cash on credit cards to pay monthly minimums! How stupid can you get? I’m sure others have done this too! In mid 2010 I just didn’t have the money to continue to pay. All accounts were defaulted and I utilised the fantastic services of CCCS, now StepChange. They set up a DMP for me which meant I could be debt free by 2021. I have been paying these debts since November 2010 and have been able to increase payments as smaller debts have been paid and my disposable income has increased. I’ve been fortunate never to have missed a payment. Unfortunately, mostly due to the debts my marriage came to an end. This meant we had to sell our house. It did mean some disposable capital was available and this coupled with a loan from my sister meant I was in a position to offer al lcreditors a partial settlement of approximately 60 to 75%. I worked with StepChange to ensure the amounts etc. were correct and decided to send the letters myself to all remaining 22 creditors. From these, some came back and counter offered however in total I have been able to agree with and pay-off 19. Three have declined these all are managed by Moorgate /Idem Servicing. Who was original company: MBNA What type of debt: Credit Card Amount: At default £ 13500, 12400 when transferredto Moorgate in 2012 Now £8900 – I Offered £6000. When account was opened: Originally opened July 2006 Which company owns the debt now: Moorgate Is account defaulted: Nov 2010 Who was original company: MBNA What type of debt: Credit Card Amount: At default £ 1750, £1470 when transferredto Moorgate in 2012 Now £1068 – I Offered £800. When account was opened: Originally opened Jan 2006 Which company owns the debt now: Moorgate Is account defaulted: Nov 2010 Who was original company: Halifax What type of debt: Credit Card Amount: At default £ 1300, £1275 when transferredto Moorgate in 2012 Now £795 – I Offered £600. When account was opened: Originally opened Jan 2006 Which company owns the debt now: Idem Servicing (Moorgate) Is account defaulted: Nov 2010 I have spoken to Moorgate on a number ofoccassions and asked them to re-submit slightly higher offers and each time they have been rejected. Due to divorce, my disposable income will be less and I told them this and that I would be reducing my monthly payment soffer for the largest account from £105pm to £40, at least for the time being. In regards to the larger debt, about £3000of this was in default/late payment/interest charges added after I stoppedpaying, until the DMP had been agreed. I have asked them over the phone to provide a true copy of the CCA and they have said because they weren’t the original lender, they will have to request these and it could take up to a month. They want me to continue with my monthly payments in the meantime. Is there anything I could be doing to tryto persuade them to accept the partial settlements or should I just make thenew reduced payments and accept the situation? One thing to note, Moorgate have been verypolite with me and thus far haven’t been aggressive. Any advice or guidance would be welcome. Thanks you
  6. Guys im trying to negotiate f and f settlements with moorgate, but they just wont play ball. How can i make them accept? Ive explained that our income will drop next month due to maternity leave, but no avail. Im offering 75% of the balances, which i think is really reasonable, and its the best we can do, any suggestions please? Its also really hard to speak to them over the phone, they refuse to discuss settlements over the phone, which makes it so much harder.
  7. Hi When MBNA sell a debt on to a debt collection company, in my case Moorgate, should the original defaulted MBNA record stay on my file? I had two MBNA credit cards, both defaulted in 2011 when they sold the debts on to to Moorgates, (having not missed any payments!!) yet both MBNA remain on my credit file as closed in 2011. The Moorgate accounts are on my file as well, shown as closed Feb 2015 because I've just paid them off. Should these accounts be duplicated? When First Direct sold my debt to Arrow Global the First Direct account disappeared. Thanks you
  8. timn

    HSBC & Moorgate

    Hi, I am a little confused about something and was hoping someone can help. I have been on a dmp for the last few years and one of my debts was an hsbc credit card. As far as I am aware the debt was sold to brittanic recoveries and then being serviced by Moorgate along with another of my debts (MBNA). However, today my HSBC debit card was declined and I was locked out of internet banking. I called HSBC and they said it was related to my credit card account but that department was closed. After insisting on an answer I was told that the accoiunt was frozen and funds allocated to my cc debt. My question is are they allowed to do this if the debt has been sold to someone else? Seems a little odd to me. Thanks Tim
  9. hi i had an mbna cc from 2001, sold to moorgate 2012, there was an arrangement on it to pay 57.00 per month from 2008 as balance was well over 5000. i paid mbna all this time, i didnt know moorgate purchased the debt and they rang and wrote saying to change my standing order to them, i refused saying ive no agreement with you bla bla. they then wrote saying my account would be paid late as mbna takes 2 weeks to give them the money, i again said not my problem my agreement is with mbna not you. ive since (apr 14) found Removed website read up etc and stopped all payments and sent the letters requesting CCA agreement etc ive also sent mbna letters requesting the accounting of the account as it was sold to morrgate. MBNA have not written back at all. moorgate are treating as complaint but are in tact agreement and nearly at estoppel in 5 days time. i am wanting to claim the money back paid since it was sold, as its all unfair, i bet ive paid in the region of 20,000 for a credit card they gave me when i was 20 with a limit of 5000, stupidly i did use it as a twenty year old who wouldnt, but its been a hold on me all my life and to me they shouldnt of gave the high limit in the first place being a first credit card, second mbna have recd money on an account that they sold so is this right, and please could someone point me in the direction i need to go to start this claim against them. oh and moorgate havent provided any info requested so all this will be my defence.
  10. After a bit of legal advice. Britannica Recoveries SARL issued a claim against me in Last year which they failed to submit the DQ and Court fee for and are currently struck out. Have a hearing tomorrow when they are trying to reinstate claim. They have changed the name on the Court proceedings to Paragon Personal Finance without any application to or permission by the court. Thereby the claimant has changed. Being represented by Shoosmiths. I am sure this cannot be allowed to progress but is anybody able to give me the correct legal argument? Also does anyone know why they would do this - are Britannica restricted in their dealings in the UK etc?
  11. Sent a cca to MBNA - they sold to Moorgate Sent a cca to Moorgate on 13th November - they cashed in cheque on 20th November - heard nothing since then - absolutely nothing. I have had three reminders that I owe them money... but nothing else. Any words of wisdom from the esteemed people on here?
  12. Had been on a reduced payment plan with A&L for a credit card and have paid every month the agreed amount for at least 2 years. Out of the blue I get a letter from Moorgate saying they now own the account and to continue making payments to them. Should I have had a notice of termination or something from A&L or something? All seems a bit odd to me as I have heard nothing from A&L.
  13. I would be grateful if you could help me with my case. Things became difficult for me and I had to default on my loans and obligations. I had a loan with Egg. who transfered it to Barclays then Moorgate Britannica. I am registered with the cccs and have made the £1 to all bar these. I requested that they send validation that I owe them this money and the only response I have had is a court hearing. I appealed to the court and now have a Defence filed questionnaire. Have I done the right thing and what should I put in the questionnaire? Ps, I rang Moorgate this morning and I know I should have not to tell them that they are taking me to court through Earlswood and they said that I have to deal with Arden(Strange) I rang Arden (I Know) and told them that I had written to their solicitors and I had no response and they have now passed on the details to their legal team that will forward the stuff to me. Do you think that Moorgate have a legal claim to this debt and what should I expect to arrive in the post and will it be enforcable? Thanks.
  14. Hi, I had a credit card with MBNA which due to my circumstances I am unable to make the required payments. They accepted my offer of £1 a month but after approx. 6 months sold it onto a company called Moorgate. They (Moorgate) have now written to me demanding the total sum but they now claim it is a loan I have with them. Can they change a credit card debt into a loan as I have never signed an agreement with them or had any previous contact off them. Do I send the usual letter requesting they supply me with a copy of my CCA agreement or do I ask for a copy of the loan agreement? What do people think is the best step forward for me with this one? Thanks in advance
  15. Hi guys I have an existing 'debt' that was with Virgin for a credit card in the region of around £25k, although I think I'm about to dispute the debt. Hopefully one of you lovely people will be able to help me clear up a few questions I have. Since the time of my original application for a CC from Virgin, they have been taken over or otherwise transferred to MBNA. After writing to MBNA requesting a copy of the original Credit Agreement, which was with Virgin, they have responded by sending a copy of an online form that they have printed out. Firstly, is the online form a valid agreement, based on the fact that it is absent of my signature but includes a sentence stating that by ticking a box I am electronically signing the document? Secondly, considering that the original agreement was with Virgin, does the fact they have issued me this printed version of an online form with MBNA as the party to the agreement instead of Virgin make it null and void? I could do with a little help and advice as to how I should proceed and what the response from them actually means. Thanks in advance.
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