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Found 16 results

  1. Had 250ltr of our hot water tank leak through the ceiling recently. There was a little damage there before (shower leaked a few years ago) but it was too much hassle to fix. Now the damage is much much worse. The insurance are paying for the flooring but are refusing to pay for the ceiling saying I've not experienced any financial loss because it was damaged already? Is this normal? Surely its like saying you can't have a new carpet if its wrecked because there was a fag burn on one corner?
  2. Hello All, I would dearly like some advice, if youcan provide. I got into significant debt (132K) with 29creditors. This was due to my ownstupidity thinking I was managing my debts. In the end, I was taking out cash on credit cards to pay monthly minimums! How stupid can you get? I’m sure others have done this too! In mid 2010 I just didn’t have the money to continue to pay. All accounts were defaulted and I utilised the fantastic services of CCCS, now StepChange. They set up a DMP for me which meant I could be debt free by 2021.
  3. Guys im trying to negotiate f and f settlements with moorgate, but they just wont play ball. How can i make them accept? Ive explained that our income will drop next month due to maternity leave, but no avail. Im offering 75% of the balances, which i think is really reasonable, and its the best we can do, any suggestions please? Its also really hard to speak to them over the phone, they refuse to discuss settlements over the phone, which makes it so much harder.
  4. If anyone can help with the following it would be most welcome - I have a deadline for this of the 30th September 2014. I will keep it as brief as possible.... I have had two credit cards (HSBC and MBNA) for ~ 7 years. During this time I kept up with monthly repayments of ~ £50 a month. 18 months ago I entered a bout of ill-health which culminated in me having to resign from my job. At this stage both cards were at ~ £2000 each. I went on to benefits which gave me enough to live on but not enough to keep up with the card payments. I informed th
  5. Hi, I'm just wondering whether anyone has any experience of court for a personal injury cases. There are two companies/organizations that the claim is against - each denying responsibility and pointing the finger at the other. The accident I had severely exacerbated an existing but well managed condition and a medico-legal expert has found that it brought forward my need for surgery. I know the particulars of the claim have to be with the two organizations within 4 months - but as they both deny liability I am assuming this will go all the way and I don't really know what t
  6. Hi all, I've been reading a ton of info on the web and pieced together some info, but I'm really confused and could do with some help with quite a complex problem. Seen some really aggressive responses on other sites, but hoping you lot can help! I got into financial difficulty about 6 years ago (redundancy, ill health) and immediately tackled the situation head on by going to PayPlan and arranging a DMP which I have been in for the duration. I'm clawing my way back to normality and I'm in a position now where I can start to settle. I've been through my cr
  7. Hi, I'm new to the CAG I'm I am sorting out a similar situation where ocean money have passed a secured loan through to reliance property loans and I want to offer them a lump sum to get rid of the loan. Two questions I'm wondering if the poster had any success with offering them a percentage ? also more generally, whether that approach usually works ? thanks in advance...
  8. Hi, Im considering offering a full and final settlement for two debts I have outstanding. Was just wondering if anyone has had any luck with offering full and final? If so, what percentage/amount did you offer? I havent got access to much so wondered if its worth it or not. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  9. Hi, Due to bad errors in judgement, I have accrued 4 defaults on my credit file which I have recently been made aware of, 3 defaults (700+, 500+ and 500+) are from Lowell dating back to 1/2012 and the other default is with Natwest (11K+), 12/2011. I have come to realise that I am fully liable for these debts and wish only to sort out the issues now rather than later. I see various posts saying to avoid communication with DCAs but if it is my debt, I do not see what other options I have... The natwest default has been passed to moorcroft, who recently sent a letter to my parents
  10. Further to my other thread regarding my PDL debts, I have had a chat with a family member who would be willing to help me out and give me an interest free loan to clear the companys that I owe money to. What im looking for advice on is getting a full and final settlement for some of these loans, namely the ones I have rolled over in the past. Does anyone have any experience of this?
  11. Hi all, First time poster, long time...non-poster. Very long story made very slightly less long: we've just passed another anniversary for a major but fully covered and accepted home insurance buildings claim (cue champagne with a chaser of salty tears). After a protracted and life leaching dance with the Loss Adjusting firm over issues such as: process (lack of); information (lack of); support (lack of); surveyor (lack...you get the idea) to help get the claim processed, we now finally have an approved Schedule of Works from a personally engaged building contractor and have
  12. i need assistance with employment law, and personal injury claims. i would appreciate any advice that fellow CAG's can provided Work Related Breakdown i suffered a work related breakdown a year ago approx, however despite the problems at work i loved the actually job itself and always intended to return to work when i was well enough to do so, however i was pre empted financially and returned October last year and at that point formally started my grievance. like most people i had not idea of how a grievance procedure would work, so it was a massive learning curve. it is so unbeli
  13. Morning all - Used to be registered, but seems to have forgotten my password, so had to get a new ID! Good new, now debt free, and credit rating has shot through the roof in the last few years, so things are on the up and up thanks to advice given here - without you guys, I would've been pretty desperate! So onto my new enquiry. History Back in 2003, I took at a loan with Welcome Finance for £1000. At the time I was informed that without taking PPI insurance, I would not be able to get the loan. So the dotted lines were signed and payments started. All well and good.
  14. Hi all, I have five debts, all around the 2k mark, I defaulted on them in 2007 and then moved overseas. I have been paying all the DCAs 5 pounds a month since then, but haven't been in contact with them at all, other than to check the current status of the debts recently (they are all basically laying dormant collecting the monthly amounts quite happily). They all have defaults but no CCJs. I am in a position to pay these off now as partial settlements, but I have a question that hopefully someone here can help with: Will the mark of 'partially settled' effectively 're
  15. Out of interest I was wondering what sort of settlements members have had accepted as full and final settlements?
  16. Hi folks, I'm in a position to pay off a lump sum on my credit cards. I currently owe approximately £4000 to MBNA (Virgin); £3,300 to Barclaycard; £4,000 to Ulster Bank; £9,500 to Halifax and £6,000 to Santander. There has been some history of late payment on all accounts but nothing too bad. Barclaycard has already closed my account although obviously I have to keep paying it off. Halifax have just sent me a letter telling me they are closing my account in 2 months time. I want to make full and final settlement deals rather than partial settlement deals, how can I best go
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