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Found 4 results

  1. hi guys, so i have the name, mobile number, email address and bank details of the professional that i hired, unfortunately they never gave me an invoice and i never gained their address. The job they did was below standard and they even damaged our property for me to be able to take action against them i need their address, so since i know you need to obtain a court order for the bank to release the address, what form do i need for this to happen.
  2. After a bit of legal advice. Britannica Recoveries SARL issued a claim against me in Last year which they failed to submit the DQ and Court fee for and are currently struck out. Have a hearing tomorrow when they are trying to reinstate claim. They have changed the name on the Court proceedings to Paragon Personal Finance without any application to or permission by the court. Thereby the claimant has changed. Being represented by Shoosmiths. I am sure this cannot be allowed to progress but is anybody able to give me the correct legal argument? Also does anyone know why they would do this - are Britannica restricted in their dealings in the UK etc?
  3. I was reinstated in my job after i resigned during a grievance hearing. I filed a grievance that my manager was treating me unfairly. After this happened i was temporarily moved and my manager visited and wanted to performance manage me. I always had a record performance, never been performanced managed. Hence the director sensed something was not right and reinstated me. gave me a new store in same district with same mgr. i was asked at the hearing if i could work with my mgr again and i specifically said, yes providing she treats me fairly, with respect and dignity as per policy. It has been 8 mths and i have had a life of hell at work, been given 2 underperforming reviews by my mgr, put on a performance improvement plan, received a first warning, successfully got off the plan with higher scorecard than the entire district, being told i'm too 'soft', i should have sacked some ppl by now. The last straw for me was recently when she copied an email to HR accusing me of gross negligence, threatening to investigate me. and started conducting a disproportionate investigation. I became so stressed under her leadership, i could not sleep, had lower abdominal pains,i lost weight, i lost my hair, i was not functioninig normal, i had panic attacks and anxiety, diahorrea, vomiting in addition i had a gynaenecological health issue which she knew about which made me ill worse and caused severe bleeding. I was signed off for 6 weeks for work related stress and gynaecological issues under investigaton. during this time i filed a grievance. The six weeks expires today. The grievance meeting is scheduled for this monday. i want to go through the grievance procedure fully again but cannot continue working for employer, as i felt they placed my heallth and my well being at risk. any advice as to what i could do. ive worked with company for 7 years. and i cannot afford legal advice, spoken to acas who said i need to try and resolve with my employer..
  4. Evening all, my first post on here, hopefully someone can offer some advice. My wife was recently made redundant, as the company she was contracted too went into administration, and at the time her employer had no other position for her although they were really reluctant to let her go. She received all her redundancy pay and PILON. All OK so far. She signed on for JSA, presented the letter of redundancy to the job centre and JSA was awarded. Still OK. Six weeks after finishing, she received a call from her employer with the offer of a job as a position had become available. This would include continuous service provided she reimbursed the company with the payout, and the balance of the PILON. Now the problem... She received her P45 from the job centre to give to her employer, this gives a date of leaving ( IE signing off JSA) and the company has to fill in a start date. What would the employer put as her start date? If the company as they say allow her continuous service, it would appear that she has wrongfully claimed JSA. We really don't fancy HMRC on our backs. If the service is not continued, then she would have lost 14 years service, and any future redundancy payout, if she has to reimburse. Sorry for the essay, but it seems very complicated to me and thanks in advance for any assistance.
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