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  1. Guys im trying to negotiate f and f settlements with moorgate, but they just wont play ball. How can i make them accept? Ive explained that our income will drop next month due to maternity leave, but no avail. Im offering 75% of the balances, which i think is really reasonable, and its the best we can do, any suggestions please? Its also really hard to speak to them over the phone, they refuse to discuss settlements over the phone, which makes it so much harder.
  2. ok today i have received a letter to say they have applied to the court for a charging order aginst out property. What can i do please? also, will i ever be able to re-mortgage now that i have a ccj, or am i going to get charged a stupid rate of interest until its off my credit file?
  3. andy- i pleaded that i didnt acknowledge the debt, or it was in dispute, i cant remember the exact phrase used. I posted a copy to the court, FOS, and nationwide, all sent by recorded delivery. Sorry i dont know if the judgement was forwith, how would i find this out please? sickboy- yes loads of charges have been added. i will look through what paperwork was sent to me, to make sure nothing is missing. I feel they have obtained judgement by default, as i havent had the opportunity to complain, is this actually a defence tho, can i have the judgement set aside for this reason alone?
  4. andy yes i did receive a summons, which i replied to, with the copies of letters sent to nationwide detailing my complaint. But when i received the judgement, it said that i had failed to reply to their previous letter, which isnt true. is there anything else i can use to get it set aside please?
  5. guys what details did you need please? I angry that i have received today in the post a copy of my original signed application form and a copy of all statements over the years. BUT the letter in response to my complaint is dated the same day as the judgement was issued, thus giving me no right to escalate my complaint. Furthermore Nationwide would have had to instruct the court days before they responded, so that the 2 dates co-incided. I think its also no coincidence that they posted there response 2nd class to ensure i received the judgement 1st. Please can you advise me what steps
  6. guys, ages ago i sent the above letters to Nationwide, the court to defend the claim, and the FOS to complain about Nationwide ignoring my cca request. I have only received a letter from Nationwide acknowledging my complaint, nothing else. Today i have received the forms through from the court to say i didnt reply to the original letter, and i now have a CCJ, what a joke!! What do i do now???
  7. ok guys more help needed please. i have today received 2 letter from nationwide. 1st oone dated 26th August- stating that they cannot reply with the written request for a CCA as the written authority does not match their records. Surely this is just another tacttic to avoid sending me an oca?? I sent the CCA letter from here, it contained the Credit Card number, my full name and address, etc, all of which they could have matched my account details from. 2nd letter the county court paperwork. crucially dated 19th August. Which shows they issues the CCJ action before responding t
  8. ok this morning i received a threatning letter saying they are taking me to court, and quoting massive fee's for land registry search's and agent fees. but no response to my original cca, where now please??????
  9. nope didnt get a letter to say anything until i got the one returned on nationwide headed paper. I will just send the CCA again to Nationwide- i think thats just easiest? unless any-one has a better idea?
  10. right i have just had my cca request returned to me on Nationwide headed paper, stating that all 'payments' must include the customer account number and customer name. Surely if i received a letter on KPR headed paper, its logical to may the CCA request out to them? And its not a payment as such is it???
  11. ok thanks for your help, I will CCA them tonight.
  12. its for a credit card that i defaulted on, i did apply for it a while back, so its worth a try. my problem was that the charging order costs about 600 in court costs, and that s just adding more years i have to pay them! and after all that i can only pay them what i can afford. This really is placing me and my wife under a lot of stress at the moment.
  13. I have an account passed to KPR, they are threatening me with a charging order unless i pay 3% of the balance each month, basically contractual payments. I'm going through a debt management company, and there is no way i can afford this. if i could afford this i wouldnt need a debt management company! what can i do? at the moment they are the only creditor still adding interest and charges, and these amount to twice what i can afford to pay them every month, i'm going to be paying this back for my entire life at this rate.
  14. yes he was a sole trader. he has been making payments through the CCCS, i'm just looking for help as to weather the agreements would be enforceable or not, as he is working 6 days a week at the moment, just to afford to pay the bills and eat!
  15. For a few years now, my Dad has been trying to keep his business going, and finally resinged to the fact that he couldn’t make it work last year. He advised all his creditors this was the case, and has been paying as much as he can afford through the CCCS ever since. 1 of the accounts has been sold, and a solicitors have taken it on. They took out a CCJ against my dad, and added court costs, etc, whilst my father was still making payments through the cccs. The consequence of this is that it will take dad apprx 18month to just pay the court costs added! What makes this more pointless is t
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