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  1. Hello. I've had a reply from Idem. My husband has had exactly the same letter. The letter advised that they issued the DF notice themselves, and not MBNA. A copy of which has been enclosed. They are asking that we contact them within 14 days to confirm our ongoing intentions towards the accounts. Failure to do so, will result in litigation being taken. They have enclosed DF notices sent in Nov 2018. Do I just ignore this?? It doesn't answer all of the points noted in my PAP. Obviously, I don't want them taking us to court. In the meantime, Westcot has written to me again (another "penalty notice") to let me know that they've checked the electoral roll to make sure I actually live at my address........they're calling me daily too. Thank you.
  2. If I comment as per #304, "wetcloths don't buy debts they only chase. you've met them before" I can't put that lol. Can Idem revoke a default notice considering they aren't allowed to action them, but do any way. I want to avoid losing those default marker? I can't find much about Westcot - they can't be very big then??
  3. Is it normal for them to bounce from DCA to DCA? Quick question about commenting about the default on the PAP paperwork. I am obviously glad that Idem has defaulted us even though I know that they can't. However, could they revoke it if I say that the default notice is invalid? I have ticked the 'disputed' box because of illegible/incomplete return to S78 request. But I'm worried that if I put 'invalid default notice' they could remove it and I'm back where I was with forever AP markers. Thanks.
  4. I received a letter today. So Idem has now "instructed" Westcot Credit Services to try and get the money from us. Resolvecall seem to have stopped calling/writing. We are still within the 30 days to respond to their PAP letter so why have they passed this to another DCA before our response? Are Westcot just like Resolvecall?? Has anyone had any dealings with Westcot? TIA.
  5. Both of my CCAs were pretty much illegible. My husband's form is quite clear though, but it was a simple 2 page form, which refers to lots of T&Cs. The actual T&Cs that accompanied the CCA was a photocopy of what would have been their standard T&Cs at the time apparently - not necessarily the exact ones he would have seen. I have now had the same PAP letter for my 2 accounts saying that they're referring my accounts to their litigation department so all 3 accounts now passed to their litigation department. So 3 PAPs to complete. I have the CCAs so there's no point in asking for that again is there? But in box D, what do I write as to why I'm disputing it? I will get these sent back to them over the next few days. Re. post 232, if I had all the time in the World and a scanner I could have uploaded these docs. However, I will have to buy a scanner to scan the hundreds of pages, but I will. I will do this as soon as I possibly can. Thanks for the help.
  6. So an update, and I must admit I am getting a bit worried now. For my 2 DFd Idem/MBNA accounts, I get automated Resolvecall phone calls which I ignore. Someone did call out and they left a card. Nothing else. Automated calls carry on, but not daily. But for my husband's 1 DFd Idem/MBNA account he doesn't get the phone calls (I assume they have no number for him) but a large A4 letter arrived from Idem, to let him know that they are passing his details to their litigation department (I haven't had this). They have enclosed the previous 2 years statements (they bought the debt in December 2016) and a 'pre-action information sheet'. They are asking him to complete an income and expenditure sheet. They say (and this is what worries me) that is they don't hear from him within 30 days, they will look to take further action. They then may: * Obtain an attachment/arrestment of earnings order * Obtain a charging order against your property * CCJ They say we have to do this to avoid court action. Having looked on this forum, I can see that Idem DO take court action so I am pretty worried now. Looking on another site, there's a letter which people have been advised to send back, which demands that they prove that the debt is unenforceable. Why does my husband have this and not me?? HELP PLEASE!!!
  7. Well no, not really answered my questions. Whether they have power or not (I know they don't), I am worried about the doorbell ringing, so I asked: Does anyone have any experience of them calling? Am I likely to get a scary bloke turning up in the evening? Do they come in working hours? Do they come back if we're not in? When/if I speak to them and tell them to leave, will they come back?
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