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  1. Talking of PPI its a shame I can't claim against unenforceable debts
  2. Hi All, long time no log in!! I've been battling with Vanquis since their email to me around July time of this year when they advised me that they were uping the minimum payment so that my balance 'can be paid off quicker'. Yeah, right!! Since this increase in the minimum payment, i've been sending them around £190.00 a month since August (my balance was over £3,500) and although i've seen the balance reduce, if you're clearing your balance quicker, surely the more it's reduced the less your minimum payments should be getting every month. Not with these theiving SOB's
  3. Hello all I am finally sitting down to deal with my SAR for PPi claim. I was all organised and have my cards with account number to send SAR however cards have vanished.... Now I no longer have account/card numbers what changes do I need to do to SAR when I am missing these details? I followed one of the ads on CAG which lead me to a company that does searches for you - Is it better for me to do it this way? Will them running this check effect my credit rating / will they need to run searches. Tired and old ! OSW
  4. Hi Just received a claim from Howard Cohen this morning. Just wanted to check what I need to do. 1st - Acknowledge claim. Can this be done online? 2nd - Send CPR18 to Howard Cohen, as belows [template removed - dx] 3. Wait for reply.
  5. Hi guys Around 2 years ago, I asked Cabot for a CCA request for a loan i had. They said at the time that they couldnt find the documentation so it was not enforceable. Ive recently had a letter form them saying they have now found this CCA agreement and that the debt is now enforceable! Theyve sent me a reconsituted copy but im wondering if this is now a debt i have to pay? If you look at the scan ive added, it looks like the document is missing something, and also surely there would have been more than 1 page of t&c's?? Is there not a time limit that they have to
  6. Mystery of 2 unknown British soldiers finally solved READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mystery-of-2-unknown-british-soldiers-finally-solved
  7. Hi All, Cabot Group £231.13 Default date 15.1.15 OC Fashion World I received a so called reconstituted agreement from them, along with a letter saying they now consider the agreement enforceable. It looks like something a 10 year old could knock together on Word, but I was hoping someone who knows better than me could tell me if it's enforceable. Neither the agreement or the terms & conditions are dated, if that makes a difference. They also sent a statement of charges. About £30 of that £231 are interest charges ! Should I just sit tight and wait for a claim
  8. Two World War 1 soldiers have finally been identified a century later READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/two-world-war-1-soldiers-have-finally-been-identified-a-century-later
  9. Final resting place of a Yorkshire born WW2 soldier killed in the 'Bridge too far' Battle of Arnhem is finally marked after almost 73 years READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/final-resting-place-of-a-yorkshire-born-ww2-soldier-killed-in-the-bridge-too-far-battle-of-arnhem-is-finally-marked-after-almost-73-years
  10. Grave of Kent born WW2 Pilot Officer finally rededicated after 77 years READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/grave-of-kent-born-ww2-pilot-officer-finally-rededicated-after-77-years
  11. read the full story : - http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-4665706/Now-finally-banish-charity-junk-mail.html
  12. Grave of brave Sussex born WW1 sailor finally rededicated almost a century later READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/grave-of-brave-sussex-born-ww1-sailor-finally-rededicated-almost-a-century-later
  13. Grave of brave Nottingham born WW2 airman finally rededicated READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/grave-of-brave-nottingham-born-ww2-airman-finally-rededicated
  14. World War 1 soldier who was killed in the Battle of the Somme finally laid to rest a century later READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/world-war-1-soldier-who-was-killed-in-the-battle-of-the-somme-finally-laid-to-rest-a-century-later
  15. World War 1 soldiers finally honoured after over a century READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/world-war-1-soldiers-finally-honoured-after-over-a-century
  16. Hi everyone I sent some CCA a few months ago, some had copies some didnt. Moorgate have 2 of my credit cards and they couldnt find the CCA ...until now. It was an MBNA credit card i took out Theyve sent me a copy of my original agreement in 2003, its signed so i guess im still owing this one? As long as its a proper, signed copy i still owe it correct? thanks
  17. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/british-battle-of-jutland-sailor-killed-100-years-ago-is-finally-honoured-after-his-grave-site-is-identified
  18. I received this :- From Mrs. Alice Idris Abidjan- Cote D'Ivoire May I Humbly solicit your confidence in this Transaction, as Being utterly confidential and top secret. But I am Assuring you That you SHALL BE very happy at the end of the Day. I Decided to Contact you due to the Urgency of this Transaction, as I wish to Repose my Trust and confidence on your Discreteness and Ability in Transaction of this Nature. Let me start by Introducing my self Properly to you, my name is Mrs. Alice Idris, I am the Regional Bank Manager of BOA Bank Abidjan-Cote D 'Ivoire I Came to know about yo
  19. I was a customer of scottish Power for a very short time and they failed to send a final bill upon leaving them. they did, however send the debt collectors round to an address some 300 miles away that had no association with mine and failed miserably in getting the address removed from my data and couldn't be bothered to send me a bill at my correct address. When I got the Ombudsman involved they still dragged their heels for 6 months and still did not produce a proper bill, just a letter demanding payment for nearly 3100 more than the actual amount that would be due. they didnt tell the
  20. Hey, I'm hoping I can get some advice here for my problem. I finally got a job this week after a few years grabbing my ankles for Mr David Cameron at the Sanction Centre! It starts on Monday, and I've got exactly £9.30 in my bank till my final JSA comes through on Wednesday. The job is monthly salaried. My train fare will be £12 a day 6 days a week, (maybe actually a bit less on the Saturday as that'll be Off-Peak travel) but e'en so, even if find a way to borrow Monday and Tuesday's fare, then I can't afford to pay that for the next 5 weeks until I first get paid! I signed on
  21. Nothing more to be said... Can we put this in the newsletter please [ATTACH=CONFIG]56933[/ATTACH] This debt was mine form 2010... So almost SB anyway....
  22. Hi all I'm finally managing my plan myself, no more paying fees to a company!!! I have SAR my mint card and there is no PPi, but I have noticed several of the below: Late payment fee 12.00 Over limit fee 12.00 I remember reading that you can claim for some fees, are these included, how do you do it? Thanks a lot
  23. A summons, so what next? Took them some time but finally Cabot via Mortimer Clarke issues a summons against someone who Cabot were made aware as vulnerable' who have no assets and where Cabot without a doubt have mismanaged the alleged debt this has had a detrimental affect on the mental health/well being of the now 'defendant' I should add that when Cabot were first made aware of the vulnerability of the alleged debtor some five years ago (last payment made to them) they still continued to pursue. It should also be noted that the alleged debtor at the time w
  24. Well it's my turn now to face the dreaded Atos. A bit of background. I have Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression and currently waiting to get a support worker via a charity. Anyway I got the dreaded letter today and I am so scared about it that I cannot sleep. I can feel my heart pound out of my chest. All I've seen is doom and gloom about these people that they fail nearly everyone. Has anyome had a "decent" experience specifically those with MH problems? What can I expect? Any advice or tips with how to deal wirh them? Before anyone requests I take someone.
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