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  1. Ive just checked, its asked for in the list in the PAP
  2. surely better to write? dont want them to get her on the phone and give em a captive audience
  3. Honestly dunno, shes worse than me for chucking stuff. She was going to ignore this as she thought they were just trying it on but i still get those "try it on" letters and they arent like this one i save every bit of paperwok now but that was after getting my fingers burned but she needs to start saving hers too
  4. ok ive printed out the CCA and the PAP letters as on those posts, ill get a postal order and get it sent off i love getting those "we dont have this information at present..." letters, lets hope this is another of them thanks
  5. wont the date of assignment be part of this CCA request?
  6. Exactly what we thought, her online banking doesnt go that far back i tihnk she'll have to request statements and check herself
  7. Dunno how she forgot, shes under the impression she hasnt paid it for 6 years or so, but i know myself how easily these things get forgotten It says to send the PAP form to their solicitors - there is no mention of solicitors yet so just send it to PRA?? thank you
  8. Hi thanks for that Id already emailed from my email address before i saw these replied, they just responded and said as below: Thanks for getting in touch. Our records indicate that your account defaulted on 30 November 2010 and the last payment made to the account was on 30 September 2016. This means your account is not ‘Statute Barred’; under the Limitations Act 1980, we have six years from the date the debt was last acknowledged to collect the outstanding balance, after this time the debt becomes unenforceable; this means that we are unable to pursue this through the Courts but the balance is still due. Your account has been selected as being potentially suitable for litigation as we believe you may be in a position to resolve. We would like to work with you to prevent any litigation. We are committed to working with you to come to an appropriate resolution and have put your account on hold for 14 days to give you time to consider how you would like to move forward. If you don’t contact us by 5 June 2019, your account will reopen and we will contact you to discuss how we can help you. Questions? We’re happy to help, contact us by: responding to this email; visiting our website (pragroup.co.uk); where you can make a payment, find answers to commonly asked questions and complete a budget form; or calling us on 0800 877 2772. Yours sincerely Customer Solutions Agent PRA Group (UK) Limited What are her next steps? to ask for a copy of the CCA? Has the law changed recently that debt collectors can take people to court on behalf of the creditor? i assumed that creditors only pass debts on if they cant lititgate themselves? thanks
  9. Not sure when it was taken out, it says on the letter the agreement started in 2002 but that must have been when the card was taken out Can you email this SB instead of posting it?
  10. Hi Dont know date of default, or last payment made but its def not on her Experian file Can they just take her to court after this letter with no other warning? Can they just take her to court with no other notice?
  11. Hi, yes it says got 30 days to reply, and theyre going to issue a court claim but surely if its not on her credit file it must be over 6 years old, or does that only matter if payments have been made in last 6 years? thanks 20190521_164451.pdf 20190521_164350.pdf
  12. Hi all My OH has today received a letter from PRA group saying they are considering court action. Theyve sent the letter i attach here, and an income/expend form and another form with some basic questions on. She did have some debts from a while ago, but she says now that her credit file is all clean so do you think this is a serious letter or are they just trying it on? She thinks that as she hasnt paid for a few years. Shes under the impression that soon this will be over 6 years since she paid anything but i dont think its anything like that length of time. Its form an old Barclaycard debt, we thought all these were sorted/passed now but obv not! Were due to get a new mortgage deal in July so we dont want another CCJ on her file (she had one from when all these debts started but thats gone now) Should see apply for copy of CCA? thanks
  13. are small claims actually in a court? im wondering if im allowed to choose a local court?
  14. I think ill tell them it doesnt conform to OFT guidelines and let them take me to court, for £600 owed they have a lot to lose with solicitors fees and ive got nothing to lose
  15. This seems very fishy to me, i know how we forget things but both me and my OH have no idea of why we would take home info loan out when we werent moving then. Its addressed to me, with my first name spelled wrong, only my name on it and yet my OH sig is also on it Why would her sig be required if its only in my name? I think they know its missing required stuff, im going to make a complaint Do you know if these guys often go to court? they are not allowed to claim legal expenses for such a small amount i think - is that true? I might take it to court and fight it
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