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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, I'm not sure if I have a problem or not really! I keep getting calls from people asking about our loan with First plus and whether it had PPI on it, with all of them I have told them that there is no PPI showing on my agreement and that was the end of it, but today someone called fom FusionConsumer solutions and told me that although it does not show on the agreement First plus may have been adding it into our payments!! She asked when I took the loan out which was approx 2006 for £100,000 and what our payments were, then she worked out that we were paying approx £500 per mo
  2. I have a credit agreement for home insurance. £20 a month. Direct debit accidentally cancelled by the wife. I contact the 5 days later to pay the missed payment. They want to charge me £30 for the missed payment. Does this come under the unlawful charges similar to the banks? I thought charges had to be not profit and their true costs? Their only cost so far has been a single text message to me. I set up the direct debit again with the bank.
  3. After checking out of a property about 9 months ago (after a 2 year and 5 month tenancy) we received a letter of claim from the landlady. We negotiated through the Agents and came to an amount which we both agree to be a fair deduction from the deposit. (Although we believe we were very generous). The Landlady refused any offer and said that she want to take this to court, and after 9 months send her letter of demand. She refused any input from a mediator like the TDS and did not even received our responses to the agent about a number of the issues on the list of claims. Therefore h
  4. Hi so, I will try to be succinct! We all know the law changed, but I didn't quite get it. I bought a car second hand, it came with a tax disk, I thought I was fine for a few months. Obviously I wasn't, I understand that, and am happy to pay a REASONABLE amount because of this. I was caught on camera on 21st December near Oxford. I was caught on my home street in London on 13th January. I was clamped on 14th of January, costing me £100 to get out. I taxed my car that same day. On 15th January I get two letters, both dated 14th January - obviously these would not be received unt
  5. Our workplace, a data entry organisation has come up with two new rules. As yet, I have only heard about this third-hand but expect to hear it from management when I go on my shift tonight (night shift). Apparently, if we want to go to the loo, we have to raise our hands like little kiddies in school and ask for permission. Degrading and humiliating in the extreme, especially to female members of staff - there are only 3 of us on our shift. Second, and utterly stupid "rule" is from now on, we cannot leave our desk. If we want something on another desk we have to stretch across. W
  6. Hello. I am currently getting income based JSA for about 1 year now. I stay with my mum, But all of a sudden my mum is saying i need to pay £27 towards to rent as the council will only pay £109. So why now do i need to pay. I have a brother who gets ESA, and my mum gets income support. What are causing the housing benefit deduction, My brother only started claiming ESA this year in march, And all of a sudden the housing benefit is cut. So could someone help me because i am getting the impression the cut is because of me but i have been getting jsa for around a year and
  7. Hi I had a letter from Marstons a few months ago stating I owed an outstanding amount from a fine and marstons fees 82.00. I sent them a ltter asking why the fees are so high,and they just advised thats what the fees are,as from some time last year.I paid the fine immediatly but held back from the fees,as I beleived one letter from them does not cost 82.00. About 8 weeks on,i have just had a doorstop visit by the creeps and they have told me that in no uncertain terms that I now owe them 300.00.Pay up or they will take my car.. It was a saturday morn,I was a little intimida
  8. A while back JCP asked me to apply for a number of jobs with low hours and high travel costs. The vast majority either ignored my application or got back to me telling me that I lived too far to be considered. However, two of the employers have been completely moronic and have actually offered me job interviews. I wasted £10.50 travelling to one yesterday, where the interviewer immediately rejected me for living too far. However, my upcoming interview is much worse. The job is six hours a day and five days a week, which sounds nice enough compared to most jobs out there. It's minimum wag
  9. Hi all I hope somebody can help. My wife recently sold her car and I gave her mine. When she called Hastings to update the policy, the quote she was given to change the car was very expensive compared to others she had received. She advised them of this and they offered to reduce, but that was still not competitive. She has now asked to cancel the policy and they are charging her for the £55 cancellation fee, plus outstanding amounts. I feel that this is totally disgraceful. I can understand the cancellation fee (although I still think this is steep as my last policy wit
  10. Hi, Hoping someone can help... Used my Topshop card to purchase £18 worth of goods. Statement came through in the post mid August and was due to be paid by 30th August. This left approx 2 weeks for the balance to be paid. During this time I was hardly at home (various trips away) and only managed to pick my post up on 2nd Sept. I paid the balance off there and then online. Had a letter through a week or so later stating I owed £12 in late payment fees, which seemed rather unfair (only 3 days late and a very small debit of £18) so I challenged it via email. Got a letter acknowled
  11. Who agrees with me: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ian-brady-moors-murderer-died-1364973
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