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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I've been caught shoplifting a ring and necklace from topshop. Don't know why I did but it happened and never felt worst in my life. I've had sleepless nights since and not sure what to do about it. The security guard took me to the back, took my details - i gave them an address which is now old because I've just moved house - so not sure if i would get any RLP letter, though i shouldn't. While waiting in the room they put me in they went to find out the price for items which was about £22. They came back and said I could pay for the products or they can call police and of course accepted to pay for them. I apologised and after they took my picture, i paid for items and was escorted out the back. they gave me a letter saying I am banned from all arcadia group stores which confused me, I asked how long for and somebody said for life, then another security guard said 2 years and then another one said 1 year. Im not really sure what to believe?? As no length of time is stated on the letter.. My most important question I have arises from the fact that I have been banned from Arcadia group shops, and so I have to find excuses for my husband so that we do not go in there. I have since been in contact with the loss prevention team and I did firstly thank them for not getting police involved, then apologised and asked if I could be forgiven as my intentions are to shop in those shops. He emailed back a bit rudely (which I guess i understand why) and said he will pass on my email to the manager and its at his discretion whether I can go back. I have literally been so stressed out and it has been over 2 weeks and have not heard anything else from them. I just want to ask if anybody knows how long the ban is for and if there is anything I can do as I feel like my stupid stupid actions could literally break my marriage . Worst thing is my husband can sense something is wrong and i literally wake up shaking sometimes I feel so so sorry and so ashamed for the incident. Anyone has any advice?
  2. Hi, As advised I have started a new thread regarding this particular account on my credit file which I am looking for advice about. I took out a store card with topshop in 2003, in 2006 I got in to difficulty with my debts and offered to pay a token amount per month. I have a letter back from them from 31/01/2007 saying that they accept my offer per month. I paid this until October 2007 (this is the last payment I can see on bank statements) and then couldn't keep up to my arrangements so stopped paying. I have no correspondence from them except the letter in Jan 2007, I'm not sure that they haven't sent my anything and I've got rid of it but I don't recall getting anything else from them. I have moved several times since then and haven't heard anything from them definitely since April 2009, nor have I contacted them since at least this date. The address on this account on my credit file is where I was living in Jan 2007 which I left in Feb 2007 which makes me think even more likely I have not contacted them since this letter. I have just got a copy of my credit file from Experian and they are recording the account as 6 payments late every month, they have been doing this for years. The account is being recorded by C L Finance Ltd and shows that the arrangement started on 01/03/2007. Where do I stand with this debt and my credit file. I am not in a position to pay off my debts yet although I don't expect to not pay them at some time in the future. The account has never been defaulted just changed to AP. Will this become statute barred in October this year as that will be six years since I last made a payment, providing I haven't contacted them since the letter in Jan 2007. Or will this remain on my credit file marked late AP for six years from if I clear the debt? Thank you for any advice.
  3. Hi All. My wife had a Topshop store card from (approx) 2002-2006. She believes she was paying pointless PPI which she would now like to reclaim. I can't find any record of the card on her credit file. Who can I write to for confirmation of the card's existence and details of the PPI paid on it? Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi, Hoping someone can help... Used my Topshop card to purchase £18 worth of goods. Statement came through in the post mid August and was due to be paid by 30th August. This left approx 2 weeks for the balance to be paid. During this time I was hardly at home (various trips away) and only managed to pick my post up on 2nd Sept. I paid the balance off there and then online. Had a letter through a week or so later stating I owed £12 in late payment fees, which seemed rather unfair (only 3 days late and a very small debit of £18) so I challenged it via email. Got a letter acknowledging my complaint in the post then a few weeks later an email saying the case was closed. Today I received another statement with ANOTHER £12 charge added, and a separate letter saying there was a delay in responding to the case. Any advice on what I should do? I appreciate this isn't a great deal of money, but it's the principle. £24 charges on an £18 balance (which I paid off) seems ridiculous! Thanks in advance
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