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  1. I've been sent the data, having sent a SAR to BoS. This credit card ran from 1993 to 2003. There's about £800 worth of PPI payments on there, but when I put the transactions into the calculator at 24.9% contractual rate, the claim figure comes out at over £15000..... That seems excessive and I'm just wondering if I've put the wrong figure in or if anyone else has had success with a claim this size. Here's the big question.... Is 24.9% the right figure? I'm told it was but have no proof, and there's no interest figures on the monthly statements. Does anyone know if this
  2. I wonder if someone can help me - Ive got a interest only mortgage with GE MONEY which has been in arrears but OK now. Over last few years have had a few payment arrangements with them and as a result they have added lots of £40.00 admin fees. I think these add to over £2500 throughout my hardship. I just wanted to check that was all above board, seems a bit harsh in times of hardship that they actually made more money out of me. Any advice as always is appeciated!
  3. So for a quick recap, I had an account in 2009 with Vanquis. Account was sold to Arrow and Rectums put in a claim form. they never responded to my defence so claim was auto-stayed. Full thread here if anyone wants to read: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?477307-Arrow-restons-claimform-old-Vanquis-Card-debt-statute-barred Now I don't know where my head was, but only found out a few days ago that Vanquis are refunding people. Looked on their website and they state if you owed Debt purchaser money, it would be offset, etc. This can be found here: https://www.v
  4. hello am I correct that late mortgage payment fees/field agent visit fees can be reclaimed via the small claims courts?
  5. Does anyone know of a website that I can use to refund my money from a dormant back account as I had an old TSB bank account now Lloyds which has a small amount of money which has since been closed (tried mylostaccount.org before). I've already been in my local Lloyds branch today and they advised to me to reclaim the money. Thanks
  6. Is it possible to reclaim catalogue fees from Littlewoods/Very on accounts over 8 years old now and have subsequently been sold to DCAs? i would like to know if its likely to be successful.... so i can get some money back and use it to pay off some other debts If so i understand i send them a subject access request but i havent' got a clue what the account numbers were etc? any way around this? what do i do?
  7. Hi all, after 3 attempts, GE Money have FINALLY sent me a working SAR. First disc wouldnt recognise the password, second disc was completely blank! Anyway, Ive spent most of the morning going through this stuff and it doesnt look like they hit me for any insurances. But going right back to the beginning of the mortgage there is a list of charges that Im not sure about so could anyone advise if any of these might be reclaimable? Purple Loans Arrangement Fee £352.00 Lenders Legal Fee £170.38 First National Completion Fee £100.00 Insurance Fee £25 ( for processing documents relatin
  8. Hello I would like some help please. I was a member of virgin gym, I cancelled my membership in March 2017. In April/May the gym became David Lloyd Gyms. I was contacted by David Lloyd in September to say I had 3 months gym membership fees overdue. I told them I cancelled my gym membership in March. They then passed me on to a debt collecting company called ACE. They kept calling me and told me the amount I owed had increased. I told them I cancelled my membership in March. They said they would investigate. After 8 weeks or so, ACE called me
  9. I had a Halifax Current Account for 7 years. I know that during that period I had received numerous bank charges for being overdrawn. At the time, I was on the sickness benefit called Incapacity Benefit. Would I be able to use the Social Security Administration Act 1992 Section 187 to reclaim all the bank charges?
  10. I left lloyds in June 2017, I was made aware that I may not receive my bonus and expected not to. I however did get paid my bonus for 2016 which I worked in full, worked my notice period in 2017 and thankfully left the bank. No one mentioned about this being paid back. Over 2 months after I left I then started receiving letters explaining I now had to pay back my bonus and that lloyds had paid it in error. Am I legally bound to pay it back seeing as they have paid it in error. As it's taken them 2 months to let me know I have now spent the money and am therefore not
  11. Hi I had read that if you had a store card Santander are the main bank that deal with these complaints so decided to try their new online complaint form: info.yoursantander.co.uk/ppicomplaintform All I had to do was say what stores I had the cards with and fill a few details in and they did all the work for me. Really recommend using this if you are unsure as to what cards had ppi on as it saves you losing such a large amount of your money due back if complaining through a company as it only takes a few minutes to fill in I had accounts with currys, Debenhams, Dorthy
  12. Hello all, I am hoping to get some advice as to how to proceed with my complaint regarding barclays bank charges on my account. My history: Since my original account was upgraded to a First Additions account in 2006 with a personal overdraft I was under the impression at the time that increasing my overdraft limit incurred fee's onto the account and was paying initially £5 per month until upgrading in 2006 with a larger limit for £11.50 per month. My account was upgraded again to £14.50 a month (additions plus), and i cannot recall if this was automatic or whether I was gi
  13. Hi I did some work temporary for a company from October - December 2016 Today they have sent a letter saying it has been discovered that I was overpaid on my January pay by £435.70 and they want it repaid as it states in my contract 'if an administrative error has been made on pay, the company reserves the right to recover the overpayment' I asked for a copy of my signed contact showing this. They have sent me what looks like a standard contract template with my name in and wrong start date. I then went back and asked for the actual signed contract with my signature on
  14. Hi, really hope someone can help me. Sorry am not good on a computer and never posted a thread before. A 40 something dinosaur I am afraid!!!! Today I received a visit from the lovely Sherforce who have towed away a car that does not belong to me for an outstanding debt. Did tell them it was not my car but they took it anyway. Don't know what to do. Please help......thank you
  15. Hello, I posted on Saturday a letter to Santander reclaiming over 2 k of bank fees (template from this site) . It contained a paragraph in which you say what has happened - lot of death in my family and lost biz too. It was a very painful letter to write. (I kept it just a paragraph). Today they texted me they had been trying to call me and to call back. I hadn't answered since I am avoiding calls from anyone (not in a good place). I feel sick. Do I have to talk to them? I don't think I am strong enough to hold it together on a call (now my keyboar
  16. Hello With all the PPI exposure now days, i didn't realise that it was applied to Credit Cards also. I would like to ask if anyone can recommend any credible companies? Thanks
  17. Has anyone got an address to contact Future Mortgages so as I can try to reclaim my charges?
  18. Hi, Hope I'm posting this in the correct area. I have the misfortune to have a mortgage with what is now called GeMoney formerly Igroup, taken out in 2000 (15 year term) when I was self employed and arranged through a so called independent broker Capital Credit, who actually appear to have direct connections with Igroup/GeMoney. Over the period of the mortgage I have experienced many difficulties in maintaining the repayments, although fortunately for the last 5/6 years have been keeping up with the payments including extra towards the arrears ( which will pay these of
  19. Good evening. Summary I have recently paid off a secured loan with Paragon Finance and this contained PPI; the loan was brokered by Click Financial Limited. After reading many threads I opted to complete a claim back using the forms provided on this site, this I did in January. Paragon have replied recently to say they do not wish to handle the claim as it is before 14Jan05. They have also indicated the business who handled my application, one Click Financial Limited, is no longer trading. I have been advised to direct my enquiry to the CAB, after two sessions of
  20. I've read some threads on here regarding claiming PPI, charges etc from studio cards, I have had a account with them since approx 1999, and have bought things on & off since then. I currently owe £80 but about £30 are charges, over the years my balance has been paid off then used again and balance has gone up to £800 at one point. I cancelled PPI on the account last year when I used my account after having a zero balance and realising they were adding PPI. I had letter saying I couldn't reclaim for ppi after I cancelled it. I'm wondering if its wort
  21. Hi members, I have recently received a final response from Lloyds about a huge number of charges applied to my graduate account which ultimately lead to it being defaulted and closed. Basically in 2012-13 after I graduated, I fell in to quite severe financial difficulty and became reliant on credit to get by. My graduate overdraft of £2000 was usually maxed and I started using payday loans even after I lost my job (I know, different story). I requested all my statements from Lloyds to see how much they had charged me in fees and interest etc before I was defaulted. The total
  22. I believe Halifax Bank Aqua Card are stonewallers who will not refund penalty charges. I shall therefore take my reclaim for 8 x £12 penalty charges to County Court now that Small Claims Court has shut. Any shareable past experience from going this route, thanks?
  23. Hi all bit of advice please sorry if am posting in wrong place. Can I still reclaim mortgage arrears charges from Kensington? It's from a closed account from 2007 Thanks
  24. Guys Just received a letter from GE Money and am terrified. We have a secured loan of £10K with them and £1724 of arrears (Mostly from their admin charges and about 6 missed payments. Our mortgage is with Accord for £124K and we are in negative equity. I had fallen behind with payments with GE Money and they started to apply the £40 admin charges. We were then making our payment with an additonal payment to cover the arrears of £40. Basically this was just covering the admin charges. When I phoned to try and make a further arrangement with them I found them to be threat
  25. HI I have another thread live on the mortgages section: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?429557-Late-payment-charges-made-mortgage-in-arrears I'm starting a fresh thread so there are less pages to read through. In essence Woolwich gave me a penalty charge - this then had a knock on effect every month. Every month the mortgage got paid but their penalty meant the balance was always in arrears - which meant W kept giving me more and more penalties. I couldn't work out why they considered me in arrears as I thought I was always making the right payments.
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