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  1. I did, based on no CCA but the judge didn't agree
  2. I need to remortgage and my bank says the restriction will prevent this
  3. Andy thanks for that on the land registry, HC is stated as the creditor im still unsure as to what to do tbh
  4. its a restriction as the property is jointly owned
  5. BF its a charging order, Howard Cohen are the creditors but are not responding to my letters to pay off the charge in full
  6. hello all I have a charging order on my property which I am now in a position to pay off. I have written twice to the charge owner to ask for a settlement amount however they are not answering me. To get this paid off, what can I do now?
  7. maybe I should I have been charged 40 times in 24 months for missing mortgage payments - the mortgage payments were entrusted to someone else to pay, but that's another story. incidentally, the mortgage is currently not in arrears. the charges arise from late payment fees, unsuccessful visits and electoral roll searches. I am planning to use the small claims route as the mortgage company is refusing to refund the charges. I'm wondering about how to go about arguing successfully that the charges exceed the administrative costs of the lender. also, I believe that regarding home visits, such visits have to be agreed to in advance, and can be cancelled, therefore avoiding such a charge in the first place
  8. hello am I correct that late mortgage payment fees/field agent visit fees can be reclaimed via the small claims courts?
  9. guys what are the chances of getting a CCJ set aside due to the DCA admitting in court that they do not have a credit agreement? sorry for the lack of info, I'm in the process of gathering information as I am in a position to challenge the CCJ now thanks a lot
  10. word to the wise everyone my PPI letter was rejected by Lloyds as they stated that they didnt have any details about me (car loan with Black Horse from 1999). I did not have any bank statements from then, and Santander had told me in writing that they didnt have any either. However contacted Santander customer services (IN-BRANCH TELEPHONE - important) and they managed to locate the errant statements. (Important because this line of enquiry acually worked - use a telephone in-branch if you require statements) contacted Lloyds again who confirmed the account number on the statements was correct. They sent out a ppi claim form which was completed. Then rejected. I wrote back to them asking them to reconsider, and asking for a copy of the CCA. What was interesting was that the PPI box was pre-typed in with 'GOLD'. This was the age before online applications, and I argued that the PPI was not presented as an optional extra, but rather was not discussed before I visited the sales office. This is self-evident, and Lloyds know that they cannot prove that the PPI was discussed prior to me signing the CCA. Therefore they have agreed to refund the PPI plus interest. However, as a side note, the final amount is over £1300 short of what the PPI refund should be. Make sure you analyze any offer you receive.
  11. http://www.ticketfighter.co.uk/ http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/parking-ticket-appeals
  12. i would SAR CApital One to obtain records that show that the account was settled
  13. write to them explaining that you will be making a complaint to the FOS if they dont refund you. DO NOT SIGN A NEW AGREEMENT!!!!!
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