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  1. Hi If your account has PAYG meters then this why, the British Gas online account is so poor at telling you what is going on, its not designed for PAYG but normal meters. I got £20 compo off them as they told me my Gas belonged to an unknown company even though Scottish Power had confirmed both my Gas and Electricity is now with British Gas The woman on the phone told me the online account has this issue with PAYG meters and it will fix itself when they install my smart meters, that's another story though, as that takes months to do so.
  2. OK so they are refusing to pay up without a fight. Unfortunately I got my workings out wrong and so my LBA included an extra payment that I hadn't actually been charged, so do I resend a revised LBA or do I just start the claim off with the £30 odd quid less on it?
  3. Thanks Martin, I am trying to get some POCs for a mortagae arrears claim that I am putting in, but the site says I can't view stuff, is it because I haven't got enough posts?
  4. Is there a reason I cannot view that page or the POCs? 708-Mortgage-charges-and-other-unfair-treament-Particulars-of-Claim-template
  5. Hi hope someone can guide me though this. I have got statements, used the spread sheets, and sent my request for a refund from my lender. They have wrote to tell me they think they are fair, and there will be no refund. (as expected) I understand I have to now write to them and issue the LBA This is the part moving forwards I need some help. I need some help on how to phrase the LBA and then also because they are unlikely to respond, I guess I will need help with my POC also. Anyone?
  6. Thank you letter and spread sheet suitably addressed ready to be sent off tomorrow.
  7. Has anyone got an address to contact Future Mortgages so as I can try to reclaim my charges?
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