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Found 9 results

  1. Does anyone know of a website that I can use to refund my money from a dormant back account as I had an old TSB bank account now Lloyds which has a small amount of money which has since been closed (tried mylostaccount.org before). I've already been in my local Lloyds branch today and they advised to me to reclaim the money. Thanks
  2. This is for a friend. He signed a contract of employment with company A All his payslip and letters were in Company B's name He lost his job He took his Company B to the Tribunal and lost Among the arguments put forward by the Respondent was that he was employed by Company A and not B. He lost due to some other reasons. He is now appealing He has now discovered that Company A has always being a Dormant company. Companies House records it as Dormant and Non Trading. And this is both before and after his employment. He wants to state that the Respondent lied in that matter and hence lied in other matters. I didn't discuss with him regarding the merit of the original claim. I really don't know what to think So guys please your views. Great if you have case laws to support. Thanks
  3. About 25 years ago I arranged a 1st mortgage on my home to fund a new business. I paid interest on the debt only and the principal would have been repaid at a later date from either the proceeds of a life assurance policy or some kind of pension policy that I took out in conjunction with the loan. Two years later(early nineties) the recession hit, my business failed along with my marriage I was left in a property with considerable negative equity. I decided to hand back the house keys to the mortgagor and left to start a new life abroad. I have no idea whether a CCJ was taken out against me. In the intervening years I have not been in touch with the mortgagors, nor they with me... until now. An insurance company has sent me two letters (I have since returned to the UK), one via the Goverment's tracing service and the second direct to me, claiming that I have a policy with them and asking me to provide personal details eg d.o.b, N I number etc and confirm my contact details and supply previous addresses. Nothing is mentioned about an outstanding debt. Since I have mislaid all documentation regarding the original mortgage agreement I cannot be certain but I am fairly sure that this is the same insurance company that was originally party to the mortgage. By contacting them and providing them with the details they require am I leaving myself open to unwittingly reviving a dormant debt that is presently statute barred. Thanks for any advice that you can provide.
  4. Hi, Apologies as not sure which section is best. I will shorten this as rather complex. Have a passbook from Greenwich Building Society from 1971 with £5,000 in it. (was my father in laws mother but both passed away now - mother in law still with us!) I found out that ultimately it was sold to Portman and then to Nationwide. So wrote off to Nationwide, send copies of the passbook and they now say that as it is well over the 6 years and due to the Limitations Act 1980 that they do not have any details of the account and all files would now be destroyed. I have a problem with this as there could be £5000 somewhere from 1971! Anyone know how to proceed with this? Many thanks Swanleyboy
  5. Hi, I got one dormant company where i am director and i have received letter of proposed strike off by companies house. Will this imapct my credit rating or otherwise? I have not traded, only registered to allocate name.
  6. hello. i have a tsb plc passbook from 1991 showing a balance of £400+ credit, the local bank branch do not recognise the account number due to its age, i was advised to fill out british bankers assoc. dormant account form, this was sent off with a photo copy of the passbook page. i have had a reply some 4 weeks later explaining that they cannot trace the account citing that the bank only keeps records of financial transactions for a max of 10 years by law! is this correct, if so is there any further action i can take. any help appreciated.
  7. Evening all, largely the same question as a number of other posters. I have a dormant limited company with a Barclays business a/c. the account was in credit (around £100) and I received statements once every 6 months. Over the past 12 months statements arrive virtually every few weeks and guess what? the account is O/D by £850. Not bad considering there has never been a transaction? Barclays advise as the a/c is unused it will be closed end November. Can I reclaim? Or should I SAR them firstly to fully establish charges? Seems to be a grey area!
  8. Barclays it seems have made dormant a whole lot of accounts including my own (due to inactivity). Having filled in the necessary dormant account form to get access to the money in that account I phoned today to check on its progress. I have been told they are taking 12 weeks to process these requests. This seems to me to be an outrageous length of time. No justification given other than they seem to have many other such requests. They were not even able to confirm whether or not they had received my request! This all to me seems utterly unacceptable. Anyone any tips on how I can speed this process up? I have complained to the Financial Ombudsmen but the time in which Barclays will need to respond to this is 8 weeks - though this is less than 12!
  9. Hi, I wonder if anyone can advise? I have an old current account with the Co-op which I opened in the 1980's. I did use the account but not for my main banking as the store which had a bank counter in it was closed down so the nearest branch was 16 miles away. There was no internet banking then so having a local branch was essential. I last used the account around 1992. The account still has a small balance and I have decided that I now want to use it again, as my main bank. I wrote to the Co-op who said they could not trace it. I then found my old bank card (Electron) which I sent to them proving I did. They have repeatedly said they cannot trace any account without the account number. I complained to the FOS who have told me verbally that they accept that Co-op have done everything in their power to find the account. Really?! They have had every address I have ever lived at, DOB and know which branch my account was held at. I have chased up the bank regarding the card as all they said was that the data on it was too old. I aksed then about the printed number on the back (it didn't have the indented numbers as cards have today) and they said the 'BIN (now?)related to an account number at the Commonwealth Bank' and the card had been destroyed. I now have a form from the FOS asking if I accept their decision with a tick box option. They have not put in writing what they told me on the phone. Sorry if this is a bit long winded, but this is the short version. I thought banks had a duty to trace dormant accounts. Some people I know have found relatives accounts over 50 years old by just writing with a name and address. I'm still very much alive and the account was last used less than 20 years ago!! Thanks for any advise you can offer. Paul.
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