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  1. Hi I did some work temporary for a company from October - December 2016 Today they have sent a letter saying it has been discovered that I was overpaid on my January pay by £435.70 and they want it repaid as it states in my contract 'if an administrative error has been made on pay, the company reserves the right to recover the overpayment' I asked for a copy of my signed contact showing this. They have sent me what looks like a standard contract template with my name in and wrong start date. I then went back and asked for the actual signed contract with my signature on
  2. Hi If this is in the wrong section please feel free to move Last week I was looking for a storage container to put my household possessions on when we move. I looked at a container that was too big for us but needing on sharpish I agreed to take one and signed his sheet with my bank details etc. I hadn’t picked up my bank card and had no money on me so they guy gave me a key for the container and I said I would pay the next day via phone. That night we decided it was too big and expensive so I sent the guy a message the next day via text saying I would n
  3. yes according to the letters, I've just come in from work and he has been again another letter through the door
  4. Not been on here for a long time but in need of some advice We have just returned home from a 2 week holiday on thursday to find some letters from rossendale for unpaid council tax, well actually 2 lots. One dated a few days before our holiday and then the others dated 23rd july, letters also include a £75 fee and then a £235 fee if you get a visit. The council tax is from 2 previous properties going back about 2 years when my wifes business hit trouble. Since then we had to close the business and lost a fortune. Not here for a sympathy with a sob story
  5. I moved out a property on 10th june, handed keys back and landlord was supposed to arrange an inspection, after plenty phone calls and being fobbed off, and emails not been returned i had enough. It came to my attention that our deposit was never put into a scheme so i sent them an final email yesterday asking for reuturn of deposit before i commenced legal proceedings. I have just found a email in my juk folder sent/received yesterday from landlord.... It says that he is he is seeking prices for some redecoration work and replacement carpets caused by the pets i had at the property
  6. Hi I know this has probably been asked a thousand times on here but looking for some advice getting my deposit back We rented a house in December 2010 for £850 per month, we paid a deposit of £1700 on the house. The land lord has NEVER placed this money into a deposit protection scheme In February this year we had a spot of money troubles and agreed with the land lord to use ½ our deposit to pay Februarys rent which we did. This now leaves £850 deposit I am due back. This arrangement was never documented anywhere and our 3 tenancy agreements (6 months each) all state they have the £1700 d
  7. Hin the bond is in the protected scheme. We did sign the contract but did not email her it due to a scanner issue. I did however take a photo of just the last page that was signed and emailed her that! Can't see that being a problem as it doest have any details of the tenancy or the agreement signed. She wants to send a estate agent round and market the property 3 months before we leave, surely for the lasyt 3 month of my tenancy I shouldn't have to show folk around! The last one maybe. I just want out now and my bond back! Thanks R
  8. Hi we rented a property off a neighbour who emigrated. Basically we did 6 months and then they sent us the contract to renew, we havny signed this and she is asking for it back now. We have had a few proplems with them and their attitude towards renting and basically not knowing what they are doing! I addvised them in an email today that we would not renew in december, she has come back and said ok, I'm comin in september and will bring a estate agent to take photos etc...as I acvtually have not givenm her official written notice can she still do this? And 2 as we are not actually in a contrac
  9. Hi it was an overdraft on an account! We totally forgot we had this account, we have not used it in over 4 years, couldnt tell you where the debit cards are or when the last time we had a statement?Its a very strange one as we still bank with abbey and have done for the past 9 years? We have an up to date current account with an overdraft (not in use) and we often go in branch at least one or twice a week. Its very strange that no one has ever mentioned it to us and the only way ive found it is via a credit report. Im pretty keen to have this sorted as its the only thing on our credit report t
  10. Hi I received a experian standard credit check i did for myself and my wife yesterday. I had some past credit issues but thought they were all sorted and satisfied etc..... On this check it showed there was an outstanding default for £2249 to abbey bank (santander) I totally forgot about this and have had no correspondece from the bank at all. Apparently the default was from 23/02/2008 so over 3 years ago. Now obviously i want to get this resolved, so rang abbey ysterday and explained the situation. They told me that they had passed the debt onto some other c
  11. I Will send them a letter out today explaining the situation.Ive since sold the car on, and im trying to resolve the issue for the new owner since it was me who bought the car in the first place! Ive offered him his money back to return the car but doesnt want to as he likes it, and the price he paid he wouldnt get a replacement car the same.I dont understand it, ive bought plenty of cars at the end of finance agreements and they show that the agreement term has ended, but just takes a little while for the finance company to remove the marker from the HPI.In this case apparently it looks as if
  12. Unfortunately not a mistake, i spoke to the company and there is £1642 outstanding. I asked why the hpi showed the finance as ended, they have said that the TERM has ended but there is still money owing!Ive tried ringin the lady but have had no answer, i will be calling in to see her tonight after i finish up at work.I will give her the opportunity to pay the finance company and if she doesnt i will contact the police, as it is fraud, and also explain that i will be claiming the money back through county court and she will get a CCJ on her name so she cant get credit for 6 years + etc....not t
  13. Hi i bought a car a few weeks ago from a relative of a friend. As always i did my checks on the car. I have an account with HPI, but my internet access was down so got a friend at a dealer to run me the hpi check. It came back as clear, although it said there was a finance agreement on the car which had ended the previous month. This is normal, as sometimes takes a while to come off the HPI reports. When i bought the car i confirmed this with the lady, that the agreement had ended, which she told me it had, and had a new 11 plate mini on her driveway!So i sold the car last week and received a
  14. Got a quick question regarding a friends insurance. She bought a car and filled the V5 in with her name and address of her parents house. The insurance has been taken out in her name and the address on the policy is her boyfriends address where she spends 5 nights a week. She has been told off someone that because the address on the V5 is at her parents address any insurance claim would be void as the insurance policy and v5 have different addresses? Can someone confirm if this is correct?
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