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  1. Don't know if anyone is still following this saga, having rejected their last offer made at the very last minute, we are due in court on Friday 7th October for a directions hearing, unless they come up with a satisfactory offer before then. They even had the cheek to say that I should have been making an offer to them to settle. I continue to ask them for a detailed breakdown of how they have calculated the interest to no avail. Will be asking the court to order full disclosure. The house has now been sold, so I am now in the unfortunate position of
  2. Yes I know what the figures are, did a SAR, been trying for the last 12 months since I paid off the mortgage to get them to provide a breakdown of how they arrived at various interest figures so I know what they have been charged on. And more to the point, what they are still charging interest on now.
  3. Further update, After a week of chasing Eversheds I have this evening received an offer from Kensington. They are now really taking the you know what. It is virtually word for word identical to the one they made under the guise of GE Money back on April 13th, save for a miniscule increase in the offer. I can't beleive that they would send out something so insulting to my inteligence and think that it would be acceptable, when I rejected the previous offer and demanded that they explain how they have arrived at the figures they say I still owe them.
  4. Hi all, Latest update to this sorry saga. There was confusion over the length of stay granted by the court, as it was 2 months as they originally requested and not 1 as the amended note from the court suggested. All completely irrelevant as they did absolutely nothing in that 2 months, no offer, no communication, zero. The only thing that happened during the period was that they sold on the alleged debt to Kensington, this happened before they requested the extra stay of 2 months. Having chased Eversheds several times, they claimed to be waiting for instruction
  5. Hi All, Update to this saga. Had initial possesion hearing which was suspended for a month, at second hearing I filed counterclaim. Received notice that case was assigned to fast track. Had the expected estimate of costs from GE's solicitors at around £25k, obviously an attempt to scare me. Filed my copy of questionaire to court etc. They asked for a stay of proceedings for a month which I was advised to agree to. Subsequently they made an offer to settle, offering to remove the fees only. I rejected this asking for the interest charged on the fees to b
  6. Well done, given me more hope, may I ask a question? Did the figure you were claiming include interest charged on the fees or just the fees. I had an offer from them to wipe just the fees, which I rejected asking for the interest to be removed as well. We're just at the end of the second stay, with a date of 8th July to inform the court if settlement has been agreed. Not heard anything from them for a while now.
  7. Hi Martin2006, Their response looks remarkably similar to the one I received from them recently, obviously a few differences as your claim varies a bit from mine, but the gist is the same. I'm a bit further on than you as we've had 2 possession hearings (yes they're going for possession based on the charges, mortgage was paid off June 2015) I've filed defence and counterclaim with the help of a friendly solicitor. They first claimed my defence and counterclaim were faulty, they were Ok, it was just them using the wrong defence copy, sent them a draft copy unsigned, filed the correct
  8. Hi all, have now received court papers for possession of the property together with a defence form. What is my best course of action now? Do I just sit tight and wait for my day in court or file the defence earlier or is it possible to file a counter claim? There is nothing that I can see on the defence form to say it needs to be done earlier. The property is currently up for sale anyway so even if I did not get the charges refunded I would be able to ask the court to wait until a sale goes through, rather than giving them possession. Anyone advice would b
  9. Unfortunately a charge for the original mortgage taken out in 2000 is still showing on the register.
  10. Latest update. Received a letter today informing me that they have started possession proceedings, having instructed their solicitors to arrange a date for a court hearing. Am actually in the process of selling the house anyway so will just issue a counter claim once the court papers arrive, at least it will save me the cost of taking them to court.
  11. As far as I'm aware they still hold a charge against it. There was a suspended possession order for past arrears which were paid off before the mortgage ended. Have thought about asking the court to remove this. BW
  12. Have considered that option, might depend how long it takes them. I want to put the house on the market and would rather not have to try to get the charges refunded after they have helped themselves from the sale proceeds. BW
  13. Latest update: Default notice issued dated 26/09/2015 for outstanding balance to be paid in full by 18/10.2015. Goes on to say "Unless you bring your account up to date immediately we may consider taking further action, which could result in issuing you with legal notices for the full balance outstanding on your account . After we have issued you with legal notices your home may be at risk of repossession and any associated costs will be charged to your account." Following my conversation with my account manager a few weeks ago ago, I assume this is what he describe
  14. Got the expected response to my claim for refund of charges. Dear Mr XXXXXX My understanding of your complaint is: 1. You believe the outstanding balance of your account is made up of fees and charges that are unlawful. 2. You believe that the charges exceed the true cost to GE Money "1. I have reviewed the fees and additional interest applied to your account since August 2009. I should explain that all fees and charges on your account that were applied more than six years ago are subject to a time bar under the Limitations Act 1980. The act states that : An action founde
  15. Finally got some time to sort out the court claim, can any one help with the wording of the POC? I was looking at the one used by jmd1307 posted on 10th June as a basis but not sure as mine is a mortgage. Also trying to work out which spreadsheet to use the calculate claim amount. Regards BW
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