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Found 10 results

  1. I've been sent the data, having sent a SAR to BoS. This credit card ran from 1993 to 2003. There's about £800 worth of PPI payments on there, but when I put the transactions into the calculator at 24.9% contractual rate, the claim figure comes out at over £15000..... That seems excessive and I'm just wondering if I've put the wrong figure in or if anyone else has had success with a claim this size. Here's the big question.... Is 24.9% the right figure? I'm told it was but have no proof, and there's no interest figures on the monthly statements. Does anyone know if this is the correct interest rate and if I should be claiming this contractual rate of compound interest? Any pointers would be great. Many thanks in advance
  2. Hi all, Yesterday I had my classic car transported to a new storage location via an agent on Shiply and the driver damaged the car twice - once during loading and again when unloading. The first instance is a little complicated: I had forgot to tighten the anti-roll bar bolts and it had dropped down, rattling on the loading ramp. However, rather than check what the problem was, the driver heaved the car back off the ramp with such force that it inverted the ARB and crushed the chassis rails underneath. I had gone to get cash while this happened and only returned in time to see him hauling the car off the ramps. The second instance was when unloading at the other end: the driver rolled the car off the ramps and then pushed it with his backside / hip and dented the tailgate - this happened right in front of me. I didn't notice he had dented it until after he'd hurriedly left and I moved the car into the barn, so didn't get to confront him directly. I wasn't going to make any kind of fuss about the initial damage, as it was a combination of our errors that lead to it, but the dented bodywork is just unacceptable. I messaged him when I got back last night: Hi Tony, I have two big dents in the tailgate of my car from where you pushed it off the bottom of the ramp. The damage to the chassis rails I was willing to take on the chin as it was a combination of our errors that caused it, but I'm really unhappy about the bodywork damage. How do we go about making an insurance claim to cover the tailgate damage? Which seemed kind of OK to me.. I was furious but tried to be civil. His response came in three messages: 20:18 - Really, you didn't bolt the anti roll bar linkage on the car, any damage of any was caused by you not putting things back together properly. Your car damaged my truck. So please don't try this crap on with me 20:20 - What a [problem] artist 20:27 - I have just checked the cctv on my truck, there's no damage I can see done when loading or unloading your car, plus your car was covered up. I will gladly see you in court for making false insurance claims. The first two are nonsense, as I'd told him I wasn't trying to place blame on him for the damaged chassis, as the ARB should have been secured. The third is what I'd like help with, because he's claiming to have CCTV footage. I haven't yet responded, so am hoping for some advice on how to proceed first. The car was covered, but the area of tailgate he damaged was exposed, so if he does have CCTV it should show everything. I'm unsure whether I should ask for his CCTV footage, because (if it even exists) he may very well delete it. The guy clearly goes from 0-100 quickly and I don't want to ruin my chances of making a claim for the damaged bodywork by his rash decisions. Can anyone please advise how to proceed from here? His service was fully insured up to 30k according to Shiply.
  3. Hello a bit of a long shot but maybe someone on here has had a similar experience or is going through a similar issue! To cut a long story short, i have now left my civil service job, up until 2015 i was on the Classic pension scheme but then had to move to Alpha ( no choice because of my age at the time ) so 3 years. I will shortly receive my options letter, but having read on the civil service website i may be able to take my pension before age 55, i am 53. i aware i won't be able to take the Alpha part of the pension until i am 55 but it clearly states on the website that the Classic portion of my pension can be taken at 50. The reason i am asking is because theres seem to be some confusion about the Alpha transition, i am also aware of the pension reductions should i take it now, but i am ok with that. Obviously i know i have to wait for the options letter but maybe someone can shed some light on what to expect? Thank you in advance anyway!! Angela x
  4. I tried to find this out but cannot find. Is there an explanation of the different member types? i.e. Basic, Classic etc If there is a sticky, would someone pls post the link ta
  5. Six weeks ago I agreed to purchase (from a UK company) a classic vehicle for restoration which is being imported from the USA. The company has a good reputation and I based my decision to buy upon various photographs showing the areas requiring attention. My intention was to buy the vehicle 'as is' and to have it fully restored mechanically and cosmetically. I paid a 10% deposit to secure the vehicle and agreed in writing to pay a further 15% as soon as it had been shipped. The 15% is due this week, as the seller has the bill of loading from the shipping company. The receipt provided to me acknowledges the payment of the 10% deposit, states that 15% is due on departure, with the final balance payable immediately upon arrival and customs clearance in the UK. The only mention made of a refund is that, if Customs do not accept the vehicle (which is 40 years old) as being of 'historical interest' and the import duty and VAT is higher as a result, I may either accept the additional charges or be entitled to a refund of all monies paid to date. I did not sign a sales contract but have agreed in writing (via email) to pay both the 15% at the time of shipping and the balance on arrival. I work abroad and all of my dealings with the company have been via email. I was not in the UK when the deal was made. My circumstances have changed and I will not be able to afford the restoration. I have written to the seller, requesting a full refund of my 10% deposit. However, I am not sure where I stand legally if the seller refuses. Because I was not in the UK during the negotiations, can I legally pursue the matter under English Law? Would the fact that all contact with the seller was via email fall under the distance selling regulations? Or am I technically in breach of contract, and can the seller in fact sue me for the remaining balance. The seller has not done anything to justify me pulling out of the deal, and in fact has done everything exactly as promised so far. I would find it difficult, though, to complete the purchase and have the restoration work carried out. I'm really not sure where I stand if the dealer refuses to cooperate..
  6. Hi Does anyone know what Lloyds would have been charging for their packaged accounts back in 1987? I've gone back over my own records and can share the following just in case it is useful to anyone else. Classic account - package referred to either:- account fixed charge account service charge account charge around 1991 account charge was £8.00 per month around 2004 account charge £10.00 per month around 2008 account charge £12.00 per month around 2011 account charge £12.95 per month i assume that the account charges would have been the same for everyone with this type of package account, but am not sure if the month that the increase took place would be the same for everyone. if anyone does know about the classic package charge for the period 87-91, and willing to share the information that would be great.
  7. My daughter, who has mental heatlth problems, recently discovered that she has been able to use her debit card and go overdrawn although she does not have any authorised overdraft. Therefore, charges are being incurred. I have today had a conversation with one of the executive team who have said that it is in their T&C's that if a Visa Card is presented for payment then they will honour the payment. I thought the whole idea of having a bsic account with no overdraft facilities was to avoid this situation arising. She only receives benefits so I was disgusted with TSB today that they are not prepared to stop the overdraft situation. Their only offer of help was a Cashcard. Before I start complaining to the FSA and FOS I would like to make sure of my facts. Would welcome advice on this situation please.
  8. Dear all My car was involved in an accident whilst in parking position in a car park, a delivery lorry took the front bumper of my car. Bless him the lorry driver left me a message on the front window apologising and he already opened a case through his company, I spoke to the third parties insurer and I called the audi garage where I bought the car from They wee quite helpful and they involved accident exchange. Immediately I received a phone call and we arranged the car to be taken to the garage and I was given a courtesy car. They have done everything perfectly and I was quite happy. I was informed that is will not affect my insurance as the other party and the 3rd party insurer accepted the full responsibility I received a letter from admiral yesterday stating that they have been informed by accident exchange and this is recorded in my file on their system and I asked them what does it mean? They said it will not affect your no claims bonus however it will affect your next 3 years insurance premium, I always pay the premiums up front So basically the claim is 0 but I have to answer yes to the question Have you been involved in any accident I believe this is unfair, admiral said it is in T&CS that they have to be informed As far as I am aware these guys own some other companies therefore they will be sharing information with other insurers, I asked them to remove this note in the account otherwise I will peruse through court action Their response was feel free to take the action I need an urgent advise from you guys whether they are allowed to do? Kind regards
  9. Hi all, I am sure you have read and heard all of this before, mine is very similar. I asked (wrote Apr and May 2010) for vodafone to cancel the contract but they carried on charging me. I moved house considering that I have no business with Vodafone so no need to tell them that I moved. Boy, was I wrong? 4 years on and we are still fighting about the default they placed in December 2010. I am just a bit peed off with the fact that I am supposed to pay for vodafones customer service error. They blame that I asked for pac code and never used it, I say was I supposed to know that they would carry on charging if I didnt. It goes on...obviously I am facing all the problems that anyone with a default on their credit fie would, needless to say hundreds of hours of reading and writing blogs online, making phone calls, stressing out. In some other threads people mention that there are template letter I could use...wonder if anyone can point me to them...I tried looking on the right of this screen but doesnt seem to get there. I think at this stage I should send then a 'sar' letter(?) Thanks for reading.
  10. I have been dealing with a DCA for a number of months, they initially wrote to my daughters address, I live abroad but have a mobile registered there. I informed them that they should desist from sending correspondence there as they had my correct address, as did the debt buying group who they were acting for, this took place in February 2013. In March 2013 I received from the debt buying group as requested , this was sent to the correct address. There has been much correspondence between us as it was indeterminate as to who the debt had been assigned to, the debt buying group sent to my daughters address the Notice of Assignment on the 15th May 2013. The on-going situation is complex so I will keep this question simple can I complain about this correspondence being sent to my daughters address?
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