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Found 23 results

  1. I paid off my Woolwich Mortgage earlier this year, but payments to Legal and General continued. Like a lot of people I thought this was an insurance policy which would pay off the mortgage in case of death, and that it was compulsory. It turns out neither fact may be true. Apparently *some* banks require a policy *sometimes*, but I have no idea if the Woolwich was ever one of them. And the payout would be to my next of kin - an unlikely outcome, because I'm single with no dependents and no surviving blood relatives. I've made contact with L&G but the only signed docu
  2. 3 weeks ago I asked for a redemption statement so I could repay my mortgage. The first statement that sent included £195 final repayment charge an interest payment that I couldn't understand how it had been calculated and a monthly payment that had not been credited to the account. I questioned these and was told that Id agreed to the final repayment charge when I took out the mortgage and the interest payment was calculated pursuant to terms id agreed. The next redemption statement was correct save for the interest Of £84 and the £195 fee. I took issue with this again but got no whe
  3. Hi Advice please. I'm likely to be unable to pay off the capital amount owing on a mortgage with Woolwich in 3 years time. I've informed Woolwich of this and all they say is try and pay off as much as you can and then you'll be able to extend the mortgage with them when the term ends. I've got a great tracker deal at the moment which is interest only. Woolwich have calculated that any new repayment mortgage with them will be approximately £500 to £600 per month which I won't be able to afford. I got made redundant 5 years ago and have struggled to find full time well paid wor
  4. HI I have another thread live on the mortgages section: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?429557-Late-payment-charges-made-mortgage-in-arrears I'm starting a fresh thread so there are less pages to read through. In essence Woolwich gave me a penalty charge - this then had a knock on effect every month. Every month the mortgage got paid but their penalty meant the balance was always in arrears - which meant W kept giving me more and more penalties. I couldn't work out why they considered me in arrears as I thought I was always making the right payments.
  5. Hi, Thought I would start the next (and probably last) round of my ongoing battle with Barclays. This time it's for mortgage fees that were levied between 2002 and 2010. Total is about £1500 and compounded restitutionary interest at 22% adds another £7.5k. There's no previous claim history with this but the mortgage is still with Barclays (v low variable rate and I will likely remain on this until full term). Also, the arrears were cleared at the end of last year but there is still a suspended repossession order on the house. I believe I can apply
  6. Has anyone experienced the Barclay's / Woolwich mortgage fiasco my mother and brother experienced. i) Applied for a right to buy mortgage for £43,000 (£60,000 + equity in the house) and paid £100's upfront for searches, valuation, solicitors etc. ii) Woolwich then requested a deposit £2,400 - we agreed and paid further costs for I.D. checks etc. iii) Then they changed their minds and wanted £4,300 - we agreed and paid more solicitor fees. iv) Then they said my brother's income wasn't enough. v) Why we asked - They would take my mothers out goings in to account but not
  7. Barclays started possession proceedings against me after I lost my job. To save embarrassment at court I sold my house for substantially less than its market value. To add insult to injury Barclays have charged me over £5,000 in early redemption fee. I feel this is draconian and legalised theft. What can I do?
  8. Is their anyone who could advice me of how to obtain woolwich bank statements for 2004. Thanks
  9. Hi there. I got notification that Barclays are going to be changing their charging structure for overdrafts to a new system where if you are in overdraft they charge a daily rate. Now I am in "constant overdraft". Basically when I was in work may years ago I had an arranged £2k overdraft and it is still at roughly £1700. I dont have the means to just pay it off as I am now a carer for my father which has seen my income drop from about £30k to carers allowance and income support (approx £100 per week). At the moment as the charges stand I can manage the overdraft charges of just over £20 p
  10. I just wanted to know if anyone on the site had ever had a MORTGAGE ARREARS agreement with Woolwich Barclays where Woolwich Barclays had agreed payment of MORTGAGE ARREARS for a term LONGER than 5 years (60 months). I wholly appreciate that each case is different. The details of any case (as regards my question do not matter). I have spent quite a while reading lots of threads on mortgage arrears and have not seen any where Woolwich Barclays have agreed MORTGAGE ARREARS payment for a period LONGER than 5 years (60 months). If any site admin/contributor knows of any ca
  11. I'm not sure where I should post this if I need to move it to another part let me know please Looking for anyone with dealings or knowledge of woolwhich lending criteria. Situation is we currently have an off set lifetime tracker (0.03 above base) mortgage with woolwich at the moment soley in my husbands name. We are looking to move but porting the mortgage to keep the deal we have and will need to borrow additional to buy the new property, I now need to be added to the mortgage so my salary can be taken into account for the additional borrowing, but I checked my experian report an
  12. Hi Guys, can anyone help me? I've recently lost my job. I'm currently on a long fixed rated at 4%,with the Woolwich. The woolwich have a mortgage currently on offer at 2.8% which is exactly the same length as the term left on my original deal. When I asked them if we could just switch the mortgage to the cheaper deal, which we could just about deal with on my partners income, they said they could swap-BUT my existing deal has a £7,000 exit fee, even if switching to one of their OWN mortgages!!! Or they could send some things for me to consider-this basically extended the loan te
  13. Hi I haven't posted on CAG for some time; due to some excellent advice received from Caggers I managed to make reduced payment agreements with the majority of my creditors and have been paying them for the last two years. My mortage did cause me some problems and after an initial 12 months of interest free payments (all they would agree to) I paid the mortage in full for another 8 months and asked that the arrears be capitalised; I had to pay three more consecutive payments before they would agree to add the arrrears as capital on my mortgage unfortunately I missed a small amount (by
  14. Evening I just received a letter asking me to repay all my mortgage. I am in arrears - but only by half last month's mortgage. The current month is due now. I have been slow paying for the last year but have always paid monthly, just not the correct amount - due to having too many recent unexpected financial commitments and juggling. I am panicking. I am just not in the position to repay all the mortgage now. The term is not up yet. And can not let them even begin to instigate legal proceedings. Not for being half a month in arrears. I am not sure what I w
  15. Wading through paper, I've found old Woolwich mortgage details. I think I may have paid PPI on this without it being listed as a separate item. Do I need to submit an SAR to find this out or is there another way? It ran from Nov 1999 to I think May 2002 so would it still be possible to reclaim? Thanks as ever C
  16. Hi guys, Ive managed to catch up on my mortgage apart from 2 late payments in the last 12 months. Having checked my credit file i have received about 1500 in charges at £40.00 a whack. Granted this is a lot of late payments. I wonder if anyone can offer any advice or is it not worth attempting to reclaim some of these charges or part of the total amount? Thanks in advance Kev
  17. Wow well this has been going on for almost 2 years now - they are a bunch of incompetent a.bums. Under an SAR they have sent me about 20% of the information I am entitled to. I am now in the "decision making process" - they have until 8th March to deal with my complaint. On 26th of Feb I had 4 missed calls from a blocked number - finally got round to answering on the 5th one to a guy from Barclays asking me all sorts of questions about my claim. I had stated on my form that I didnt need the insurance as I had other insurance policies, redundancy cover, critical illness cover AND saving
  18. Hello, I'm looking to issue a SAR to Barclays for information they hold about me regarding some old Woolwich accounts (I believe that the Woolwich is now owned by Barclays). Do I issue the SAR to Barclays but mention Woolwich in the letter or will they automatically check for subsidiary companies? I've never had dealings with Barclays so they won't have any records about me and I'm just concerned that they'll send back a blank sheet of paper unless they check the Woolwich.
  19. Hi, I spoke with Woolwich in August last year about additional borrowing: they claimed I needed to move to a capital repayment to qualify. I told them if I could secure the borrowing I would make the change. Next thing I know I have an arrears letter for 2400GBP claiming that this phone call had allowed them to make the change and that I owed them an additional 345GBP per month through last 5 months of the year. When I called to complain the first two or three people said they could not find any reason for the change and it should stay as interest only. Finally today I speak
  20. hi can i have some advice please got a letter off my mortgage company/bank saying they would close my mortgage reseve facility, i am in arrears with my mortgage so am thinking about selling my house as i have roughly 50 percent equity in it i have been blacklisted so would not use their facility if i wanted to anyway , was going to ignore it and let them shut it anyway read up about it and it seens its just a loan facility like a remorgage.... am i correct many thanks ...if i asked for a loan they would refuse anyway cant get an overdraft anyway!!!!!thanks alot
  21. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help… A friend has had repossession proceedings started against her by Barclays/Woolwich. The hearing is set for 1st August and I’ve been helping her by writing all the letters to Woolwich and their solicitors trying to get the full picture and making offers to them. Briefly the mortgage was taken out in 2004, all payments on time until Oct 2009 when her work virtually dried up (she is self-employed). She was in touch regularly with the Woolwich - but unfortunately these contacts were all by phone and she was told as long as she made the effort to pay someth
  22. Hi, Due to my Husband losing his job last July and the subsequent wranglings over the grounds of his dismissal we have had no income since September 2010 when we started our own business. Long story short we have tried with our lenders Woolwich (Barclays) to come to a payment arrangement whilst we sell the property which we put on market Sept 2010. Woolwich sent out investigator in Feb/March who said he was sure that Woolwich would extend period for selling. A month or so later Woolwich sent letter with his report saying that as we had been paying some other loans and not them they would refer
  23. I am currently running a claim on behalf of my brother from Barclays now Woolwich mortgages for charges of £40per month for arrears admin charges. Barclays have issued him with their final response with a resounding no so taking it to court, I am unsure how restitution would be calculated on the claim and appreciate any help cheers
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