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  1. Yes, there are some charges/fees that my friend is set to reclaim. My friend is going to do this after the paperwork arrives for the much reduced mortgage (due in the next couple of days).
  2. Update. My friend paid all the arrears and a LTR for 12 month was put in place. Immediately one is not in litigation different departments deal with different aspects of the business. Being mindful of that I called theses 'other' departments at the bank to ENSURE the matter of the extension of the mortgage term. It was as complex as this. I called the 'lets call it extended mortgage department' (I spent no time waiting for it to be answered, for a change). I gave the mortgage account number and went through security. I said was calling about 14 year extension, to 25 years. 'I see you account is clear and not in arrears, that should be no problem' I was told. Within 5 minutes, the extension matter was set for process and actioning. 'If there are any problems (which I can not see) I will call you tomorrow, apart from that you [my friend] will have the paperwork for reduced mortgage payments (from £390 to £275) in the next couple of days.'.'The payments to take effect from next month.'. DONE. ps. ref point 4. - no call today My friend made the same call over year ago, and I am told a for very long protracted period, going through X and Y (Z and this and that). The bank staff member determined that, as my friend had a made a late payment once my friend was ineligible for any extension/remortgage. I have seen notations for that call, 13th March 2013.. (after that my friend saw the banks own financial adviser, applied his advice and ...blah blah ... it got to the stage where my friend was in court.). It is VERY frustrating to know NOW that, the call my friend made a year ago SHOULD have gone like the call I made yesterday. My friend would have been paying £115 (or a slightly more with 12 months more to pay) less for their mortgage, £20 less for another mortgage related account that they have (again NOW) automatically reset to a lower amount (as my friend was paying more than they should be!!!). That would have meant a 'saving' of at least £1,500 in the last year (which is at least 3 months mortgage & associated accounts payments), no arrears, court stress, no court fees, etc. Frustration solves nothing though. I heard my friend laugh freely today, I have not heard them laugh freely in months, 2 weeks ago that same friend nearly attended an appointment to sign up for an estate agent to sell their house. So with that in mind I smile and thank you, one and all, for all you help, for direction and advice (and then some). Words can seem quite ineffectual, however I truly mean it when I say THANK YOU Phil
  3. I just wanted to know if anyone on the site had ever had a MORTGAGE ARREARS agreement with Woolwich Barclays where Woolwich Barclays had agreed payment of MORTGAGE ARREARS for a term LONGER than 5 years (60 months). I wholly appreciate that each case is different. The details of any case (as regards my question do not matter). I have spent quite a while reading lots of threads on mortgage arrears and have not seen any where Woolwich Barclays have agreed MORTGAGE ARREARS payment for a period LONGER than 5 years (60 months). If any site admin/contributor knows of any case/thread/mention of a agreement between Woolwich Barclays and a lender for payment of MORTGAGE ARREARS for a period LONGER than 5 years (60 months) it would be much much much appreciated. My question has nothing to do with remaining periods of mortgages or ANTHING else of any sort. My question is ONLY as regards IF there is ANY record of ANY case where Woolwich Barclays has agreed to payment of MORTGAGE ARREARS for a term longer than 5 years (60 months). Thanx again.
  4. Thankfully the affairs as regards my friends situation, the bank and the court seem to have been sorted. I just wanted to see if anyone had come to arrangement with woolwich barclays where payment of arrears had been over 5 years
  5. A general question. Bearing in mind every case is of course between a bank and a lender is determined by the lenders 'history' can I ask specifically if there is any record of Woolwich Barclays Bank ever agreeing re-payment of arrears for a term longer than 5 years (60 months).
  6. If my friend pays off the mortgage arrears in full what exactly occurs (I appreciate this might seem a silly question). I ask for this reason. The banks solicitors say that if the mortgage arrears are paid in the full then the court case would be 'adjourned'. My read of that is not 'closed' or 'ended'. That sounds like another version of a suspension.
  7. I do not want to put the litigation manager offside though..., that said my friend is of the mind that he is beyond way off already. I am trying to ensure emotion is kept out of it and get to a conclusion where my friend gets to keep their house.
  8. Originally Posted by slick132 Hi Iam, When writing to the bank, it is wise to remind them of their obligations imposed by BCOBS, ie to treat you as a customer fairly !! Thank you Slick Slick are you about? Any help in that regard would be much appreciated. My friend has just received a copy of a statement from the litigation manager where ... well suffice to say it is just as well that my friend chooses not to speak to the bank as the summary given is incorrect in suggestiveness. Also the bank never replied in writing/print (and I basically hounded them until I got phone call acknowledgement that the upteen fax proposals had actually arrived at then), something that has now been rectified and their first reply is expected on Monday. You help and assistance would be much appreciated.
  9. Quality Solicitors Talbots (QST) are held in high regard by both judges and staff at the court Dudley County Court. A upcoming court date is not on a date listed for QST to attend and QST do not offer free consultation on mortgage matters Lee was really fortunate on multiple levels there with you and the duty solicitors resulting in the most positive of outcomes just round the corner which is all good
  10. The possible loss of a house IS a worry... Nicely done there Big up the help you received here as well. A font of help and information. You have been very fortunate with the County Court you were at. I am trying to get some duty solicitor help at Dudley County Court and have got no where (actually to be more accurate, in seeing the staff in person at the court they could not be helpful enough, other staff on the phone since have been very 'strict' - in the self same position where no duty solicitor will be attending on the next court date they seemed mortified at the thought of one considering going in on a date that one was not listed for court to get legal advice on a mortgage [arrears] matter). Rest easy, 95% is a good number
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