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  1. hi could anyone advise me i am 3 grand in debt with my morgage, i have one of got my friend to rent out my house, i offered to pay extra on my morgage to try and reduce my arrears they seem to have got upset becaus ei didnt tell them i was renting out to my friend as a way of extra income as im only on a part time job after quite a long time wiyh illness, i said if my financial circumstances didnt change in the next 3 months i would put my house up for sale with amediate effect, or if they didnt accept my proposals i would do it within a month... they still didnt accept and now say they will start litigation.... i fell like not paying my morgage and just putting my house up for sale in the next few weeks and informing them as they told me as im in arreares can anyone please help with advice thanks im getting really stressed thanks again
  2. hi can i have some advice please got a letter off my mortgage company/bank saying they would close my mortgage reseve facility, i am in arrears with my mortgage so am thinking about selling my house as i have roughly 50 percent equity in it i have been blacklisted so would not use their facility if i wanted to anyway , was going to ignore it and let them shut it anyway read up about it and it seens its just a loan facility like a remorgage.... am i correct many thanks ...if i asked for a loan they would refuse anyway cant get an overdraft anyway!!!!!thanks alot
  3. thaught so, many thanks for you advice, wonder how many see the ticket on the windscreen and just pay up???????????????
  4. thanks thats what i thaught, i suppose il get a reem of threatning letters now, can they trace my adress thru my log book
  5. hi i went bargin hunting at cheshire oaks last de 201, stuupidly i parked in a disabled bay, and guess what parking ticket on my windscreen, iv read the threads about this company, but just want to check, im i ok to ignore, checked with council and they say its just the same as parking at one in sainsburys as its a private car park not one in a city centre pertrolled by traffic wardens... any advice apart from you shouldnt of done it! iv learn my lesson just dont want to pay rip off merchants many thanks
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