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  1. I've been away so haven't been checking this. I have now sent them updated address details (of a week ago) but haven't heard anything back. have checked my credit reference files and there is nothing on there either - I had updated my credit reference files when I moved anyway regardless of the tickets. Wright Hassall are the solicitors (from memory) that were writing to me. I haven't kept a single thing in terms of any paperwork to do with the tickets - stupid yes but I was so angry that they kept on writing to me that I just binned the lot.
  2. I know i've been ridiculously stupid before anyone points it out - Im not here to be judged but feel free to judge away... I have numerous outstanding parking tickets. I was paying for a carpark close to my local train station and for around 18 months was genuinely buying tickets one day I forgot to buy a ticket, then they went over to that auto ticketing thing that you can do online or over the phone I just genuinely kept forgetting to buy tickets - so much so that I decided as I hadnt been fined within the now 4-5 months of parking there for free I was going to try and not to buy tickets. I have around 11 tickets that are outstanding. The ticket people seemed to recognise my car after a while as I would buy my ticket online and would come back at around 6.30pm having paid for a ticket on the online app and they would still have ticketed my car - almost I presume without having checked to see if id paid for one. I appealed 4 and had them struck out as they could not provide any evidence and I could prove from the app that I had in fact purchased tickets. My ticketing issues got to the point of receiving solicitors letters for figures that had clearly just been plucked out of thin air - I tried to call them, to speak to a person rather than an automated system but could never get through so I left it.. and left it... and left it... And then they stopped writing 2 months on I have moved house and my colleague pointed out yesterday that I need to change my V5 and drivers licence to my new address. My question is now will the parking firms now come after me at my new address? They were all APCOA fines and private tickets rather than council enforced. Which yes, doesn't make my stupidity any better but Id be really grateful if someone could tell me what to do. Thanks.
  3. I've had no response to my LBA although I know it was received as it was sent recorded etc. Was 14 days as of today.
  4. Yep can email what is the address to use? And I used the standard FOS ppi form.
  5. I submitted my ppi form to Santander 4 weeks ago and they have just written with more forms saying they do not believe my complaint should be upheld based on the information that I provided. I know that ppi was applied to the accounts. I worked for Debenhams at the time and we were told to encourage customers to select the ppi box in order that their credit application was successful. I've sent the forms back today saying that I worked for them at the time (albeit I was 18 and worked one evening a week and Saturdays). Although I had no savings of my own and no redundancy package etc. via Debenhams I lived with my parents at the time and was a full-time student. Do you think they will uphold the complaint and if not, what would be the next step here?
  6. oh fantastic its worked thank you so much. It appears to have automatically updated the values as well. If I reattach can someone look at it for me please?
  7. Ive just noticed that my Excel spreadsheet from before is attached within this thread is there any way to extract it I have tried - Im not sure if my work are blocking it? Obviously the PPI amounts will be exactly the same so may not need to wait for the statements in this case.
  8. Hi Im still waiting for Beneficial or HFC to send me my statements. In the meantime HSBC wrote via the Revolver website to say they could not find anything that suggested I had ppi. The account was in my married name (ive been divorced 10 years) so I have sent via recorded delivery some ID and my decree absolute. My question now is because the FOS ruled in HFCs favour - well they said that although they agreed the PPi had been missold they didn't believe I should be refunded (this is from memory again was 5/6 years ago) - when I have the statements and I know all the totals etc. can I proceed to an LBA and then if not successful go straight to the small claims rather than FOS?
  9. Yes thanks I have read the guide. There are a couple of things that stood out with me - for Payday UK and Wonga from what I can ascertain from my records - no score was given for subsequent loans to the 1st. i.e. just because I had successfully repaid one they did not rescore me on any of the CRAs to ascertain my credit history, they lent according to their own sense of affordability. Im genuinely not expecting a miracle from this. If anything it has been an extremely tough lesson for me and one that I most definitely will not repeat. In an absolute ideal situation for me it would be to have the information removed from my CRA files rather than any refunds or compensation (which to me are just a bonus). My main loans which is outstanding is the 118 money one for which the interest is astronomical. Whilst I am managing to meet the monthly repayments it has been at the cost of almost robbing Peter to pay Paul. My loan with UK Credit was paid in full after my sister offered to transfer the balance to a 16 month 0% interest free credit card for me on the proviso that when I am in better standing with my own credit I will be able to refinance and invariably pay her back but this is on an as and when basis its not urgent.
  10. I just saw that there was a Resolver function where you can enter your details and log the complaint. I just called HSBC myself though and have submitted another SAR and the form from the FOS. I tend not to post anything on MSE as I find the contributors to be really judgmental rather than factual.
  11. No these loans are no longer outstanding. I read somewhere that one of the CRAs works on a real time basis so other lenders can invariably see information from one to another is this not the case?
  12. Thank you I went on the MSE website yesterday and started a claim and today I received an email from someone at HSBC saying they were looking in to it. I never knew that HFC had sold everything on to HSBC. Will HSBC now have a record of the Ombudsman's decision with HFC? On reading through various forums it seems that HSBC tend to get matters moving and resolved a lot quicker than HFC.
  13. This is from my CRAs although I do not think they are necessarily conclusive. The information recorded is obviously proof that I had the loans but it would take a collaboration with my bank accounts to see how they caused me financial hardship. I recently fell into rent arrears due to being completely overstretched, a relative lent me this money and I have paid it back. I fell behind with council tax for which I had bailiffs attend my property. I fell into arrears with my car which I have only just cleared. All the while these people just kept lending and lending me money. The dates may look sporadic but I was literally robbing from Peter to pay Paul and still am although its getting a lot better. I cant believe I was ever stupid enough to fall into the pay day loan trap. I now have them emailing and calling my work regularly if I don't give a minimum payment. The larger ones such as Wonga have been quite good in starting to look at my complaint etc. but the others just appear to be so unscrupulous. 28/12/2016 Western Circle Limited 200 05/12/2016 Provident Financial 758 04/11/2016 Lending Stream 800 18/10/2016 Uncle Buck 250 20/09/2016 Western Circle Limited 283 02/09/2016 Wonga 620 13/08/2016 Lending Stream 500 28/05/2016 Payday UK 1025 10/05/2016 118 Money 5000 09/04/2016 Payday UK 12/11/2015 Wonga 900 09/10/2015 Wonga 20/09/2015 Wonga 400 28/04/2015 UK Credit Limted 7000
  14. I gave up on this claim back in 2012. Why? - because the FOS adjudicator didn't agree with my claim - I was then left with the small claims route. Looking back my baby was only a month old and having 3 young kids under the age of 5 I literally just gave up with the claim. Is this something that can be potentially relooked at? Yes I know I've left it 5 years and I'm aware of the potential answer being no but was just curious as to thoughts? I haven't kept any old spread sheets or anything so would literally have to start from scratch.
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