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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help with this I am at my wits end! Barclays have closed my account and say they are investigating due to breach of terms, however there is £6500 in the account which I can't get access to or transfer to another account. They won't tell me anything and say I cannot complain because I closed the account even though I didn't! Background: Last year I did some work as a subcontractor for a company and my wages after CIS deductions were paid into my Barclays current account, after talks with them we agreed that I take over the full jobs (project manage and complete works with my own subcontractors). I already had a separate ltd company so I started using this for the new work as a contractor, set up CIS, VAT, Corporation Tax etc. and obviously a separate bank account for the ltd company. All was going well but then the company I was doing the work for went into liquidation, they set up another company the same day. At the same time they paid three invoices for the limited company into my personal Barclays account (which they had on file) despite having the ltd company bank account details (which they had been paying into up to that point!). I tried to transfer the money straight over to my ltd company account but the transaction was blocked. I then got a letter asking me to come in to the branch and close my account due to 'breach of terms'. I went into the bank and was told I couldn't close the account because there was now an investigation. They would not tell me anything else but asked me to prove where the money came from, what it was for and why it had been paid into my personal account. I took all my invoices in, along with a letter explaining the situation , a letter from the company I worked for and all my up-to-date Tax/VAT/CIS returns and statements. All is above board, I run my company very carefully and I have never had any fines, debts or so on. I was then told I would receive a letter within 10 days. I didn't, I went back in to the branch, I spoke to the manager she spoke to the investigations team they wouldn't give any information said it should now be resolved in two weeks. The next day I got a large envelope containing all the bank statements from my account and a letter saying that these were for my records since I had closed my account = which I haven't done! I spoke to them again and they said they couldn't help and I should hear something by 9th May! I explained that I was trying to run a small business, this was money for my business and it was causing me a problem. They said they couldn't help until they had concluded their investigation. I asked what had happened to all the evidence I brought in and if they needed anything else and they said they couldn't discuss the matter! I phoned the complaints department and stated my complaint about the treatment I had received and the fact that I couldn't access the money, they said I couldn't complain because the account was closed. I asked who closed it because I certainly didn't and they didn't know. I do not know what to do. My business is relatively new and small, this money is a large chunk of my turnover to date. I will soon have tax and vat to pay along with my subcontractors and materials. I am managing at the moment but it is going to be a struggle. I can't get anywhere with the bank either in branch or on the phone, nobody will tell me what the hell is going on and they just keep adding more and more time on. If anyone can help or point me in the direction of someone who can I would be extremely grateful. I haven't done anything wrong, it was a mistake on the part of the company I work for that the money was put in the wrong account. It just feels like I will never get this money back or an explanation of what the issue is. Thanks in advance.
  2. I just wanted to know if anyone on the site had ever had a MORTGAGE ARREARS agreement with Woolwich Barclays where Woolwich Barclays had agreed payment of MORTGAGE ARREARS for a term LONGER than 5 years (60 months). I wholly appreciate that each case is different. The details of any case (as regards my question do not matter). I have spent quite a while reading lots of threads on mortgage arrears and have not seen any where Woolwich Barclays have agreed MORTGAGE ARREARS payment for a period LONGER than 5 years (60 months). If any site admin/contributor knows of any case/thread/mention of a agreement between Woolwich Barclays and a lender for payment of MORTGAGE ARREARS for a period LONGER than 5 years (60 months) it would be much much much appreciated. My question has nothing to do with remaining periods of mortgages or ANTHING else of any sort. My question is ONLY as regards IF there is ANY record of ANY case where Woolwich Barclays has agreed to payment of MORTGAGE ARREARS for a term longer than 5 years (60 months). Thanx again.
  3. I claimed bank charges to Barclays 2007, small claims I received a Court date but it was stayed. What do you do with this, I have had no communication regarding this with Barclays or the Court .
  4. Hello...this is my first time on the forum,so i apologise in advance for not doing something correct. To cut a long story short i have entered into a dmp with cccs who are setting this up now with my creditors.The problem i have is that one of my creditors..wonga...are due to take a payment from my bank account in the next few days.Now i am obviously not able to pay them as i have a dmp in process,but wonga insist they will try to take payment from the account.Knowing this would happen under advice from CCCS i opened another account with my bank (barclays),a basic account as the dmp will include an overdraft from the previous bank account that WONGA will try to take payment from.... My question really is when WONGA do try to take funds from my old account (which is maxed out with the overdraft) will Barclays transfer funds from my new account to the old account to satisfy WONGA or are they not able to transfer the funds without my permission? Sorry for the long winded attempt but i am very worried that funds will be used from one account to satisfy a creditor on another account. Thanks in advance.
  5. Sorry this is long - I've tried to summarise as much as possible but I really need help. I took out a Loan with PPI in 2004. The agreement had separate repayments and interest for each part. The PPI was cancelled in 2004 and refunded. Repayments of just the loan continued. After a lot of correspondence the position in summary is: Barclays have admitted in writing they wrongly closed the account in 2010 and passed it to debt collections demanding the full balance of £10,000 be paid in seven days. This includes £3500 not due to them as below. Barclays admitted in writing to making an error when PPI was cancelled which resulted in £3000 (with accumulating interest) being left on the account. Barclays are now claiming that an error was not made and that the repayments should have been recalculated when PPI was cancelled. They have now produced falsified figures which contradict the original agreement. These figures would mean that I would have still being paying towards a cancelled PPI policy. All payments made towards the PPI have already been refunded through a separate complaint. Barclays error, meant that I was unable to rearrange the loan at a better interest rate because of the error on the account. This has cost me thousands of pounds which would have been saved. Had I paid the £10,000 demanded this would never have been discovered and Barclays would have effectively stolen £3500. I had to pay an accountant to work out where the error was which took quite some time – Neither Barclays nor the Ombudsman were able to work it out until these figures were provided to them. The complaint was raised with the Ombudsman who closed the case before the error was discovered and refused to re-open it stating it was a new case. Barclays have now changed the loan terms without agreement by adding interest on to the term of the loan instead of be cumulative interest. Barclays refuse to acknowledge how much this has cost me in money time and stress over many years. There is now £5500 outstanding on the loan. I have not made repayments for over a year and Barclays have not chased them up. The last letter I received dated 29th November 2011 has the falsified figures, contradicts Barclays previous response and restates an offer of £250 as a gesture of goodwill. This doesn’t come anywhere near meeting what this has cost me. They want me to contact the local business manager to set up repayments. It further states they will not enter into any further correspondence on the matter. As I see it the options are: Wait until Barclays start chasing payments and let them take me to court and make my case there. Make a claim on Barclays in Small claims for losses incurred including costs of letters time and travel visiting Barclays Head Office, the amount that would have been saved by rearranging the loan. Accept the £250 and make repayments.
  6. Hi Im hoping somebody can help. I bank with barclays and have a credit card with barclaycard. I pay the minimum amount each month on my C/C which is approx £20 on the 14th ish of each month. i checked my statement this morning and it showed £100 DDR First Payment DDR Barclaycard Visa payment on 5th december (today), then straight after it showed the same payment as a credit with UNP next to it. So this payment was firstly out of the blue as i normally pay £20 on 14th to £100 on 5th... I am also confused at the fact it said 'first DDR payment' - when i have been paying this credit card off for at least 18 months now. Can anybody help? Thanks
  7. Following the advice of the promotions for bank visa cards I decided I would use my cards for obtaining cash whilst abroad. My cards were stolen and when I asked Barclays bank to transfer money and or replace cards I was told if I wanted to transfer money abroad I would have to return to my branch and do the transfer from there, (14000 miles and £1200 airfares). They said they could only send replacement cards to my home address not much good if no one is there to send the cards on. I think that the banks attitude was obstructive and insensitive to my situation, (they in effect told me I would have to starve to death in a foreign country). I find their attitude tottally unreasonable particulary as they do not mention in their promotins that if you lose or have cards stolen they will leave you to starve. Barclays had a branch in the city I was in and there was also a visa branch. so I do not understand why a transfer could not have been made. I am now suing Barclays for negligence so any opinions or advice would be very welcome.
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