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Found 7 results

  1. I have just redeemed a mortgage with Redstone/Melanite. I tried to get a breakdown of the redemption figure they gave my solicitor, rang them, wrote to them, but they have not broken down the figure. I calculate that it is roughly £2,000 more than it should be. (I have arrears and many charges added). Luckily for me I have been able to pay all that they asked for. The mortgage has been redeemed now but I am not going to let this go. I have written to them five times since 28th August 2018. Not even an acknowledgement of my complaint letters, and no breakdown of the redemption figure. I have contacted FOS and told them the situation, but I have to wait eight weeks for Melanite to respond. They are completely inefficient and I think are not complying with the rules. I definitely can say that they are not open and clear with their dealings with customers. I'm not sure what I expect from this post, but, wanted to get it off my chest anyway!
  2. Has anyone else received a letter from Redstone (alias Melanite) Mortgages stating that the FCA has ruled that they have calculated some customers' monthly payments incorrectly since 2010 and that those customers are due compensation? If so, has anyone received compensation or a refund yet? I received such a letter stating that I was one of those who had previously been overcharged, but with no details of how much I would be refunded or when. It stated that my account has now been recalculated and my new payment will be £6 per month higher! I rang them for more information and was told yes, I would receive a refund by cheque, but they could not tell me the amount. Then, after being put on hold for a long time, I was told that actually I will not be getting any refund as my account is in arrears. Instead, they might adjust my arrears, again no idea how much. All completely vague. I then demanded a letter from them giving a complete breakdown of figures showing how much I have been overcharged and how much will be refunded, including interest. The employee agreed to but seemed clueless and uninterested. I also stated that if I do not receive this information within 2 weeks I shall contact the FCA and let them know that Redstone/Melanite has not complied with their ruling. It also seems suspicious that Redstone changed their name to Melanite, and sent out letters telling customers that their mortgage had been transferred to this new company, at the same time that the FCA ruled they were in breach. They are pretending Melanite is a new company, yet their address is the same, the employees who answer the phone are the same people, and even the recorded message is identical.
  3. I have now had my mortgage with Redstone for about 10 years. Recently I have had to move and rent else where. I informed Redstone by post. They wrote back thanking me for updating my information. I rented the house to some nice people and was able to pay my rent and continue paying the mortgage. I moved because the 160 miles a day was killing me. I heard no more until last Tuesday afternoon when I was informed by the people renting my house that the house has a LPA placed on it by the mortgage company. The LPA company are collecting the rent now!!! Redstone collected my mortgage payment too. So I am out of pocket on the rent I paid plus the mortgage amount. Redstone are ahead by nearly three times what they are due. More details later
  4. Hi recieved a letter today from redstone saying that due to an administrative error information about my mortgage account was sent to a private indivdual by email on the 3 August. I have had a lot of trouble with restone and recieved no help from these people in hard times , is there anything I can do regarding there error ? many thanks
  5. Has any been contacted by this company or one of the firms of solicitors that they use and been told they have forfeited their property due a breach of the mortgage contract. This action is taken without any reference to any court and usually give 14 to 28 days to repay the full amount of the mortgage plus costs. I am aware of at least two other incidents of this happening but keep reading of rumours of many others.
  6. I need advice in regard to Redstone's inability to reply to correspondence. I jointly owned a business which unfortunately closed July 2011 due to financial problems ( Care Home ). I advised Redstones in August 2011 both by letter and telephone about the situation and asked to pay interest only and also explained that the property with the support of Barclays business who held the Mortgage for the business was hopefully going to be turned into a House Share for Students etc. They duly sent me Income & Outgoings form which was filled in and returned, i also told them that i could only pay up till September 2011 the full mortgage amount which was £937.23. I was put on Interest only on January 1st 2012!!. Which meant we had arrears of £2174, as i had managed payments of £200. As i am now 60 i had some Annuity money and managed to pay off the arrears as we had letters threatening court action etc. T he interest only finished in July 2012, Redstones sent me another letter saying that my full mortgage payment would be commencing, if i disagreed send back the Income & Expenditure Form etc, which i did and a letter explaing that the situation had not changed, i am working part time only. The House Share is not full and due to the financial situation we are in i need to stay on interest only for the foreseeable future. I received a letter in August stating that due to my assumed income from the lets my Repayment Mortgage would start 1st October 2012 0f £1,044 per month. I wrote to Redstones on 9th September 2012 sent by registered post in i asked for a reconsideration of their decision, which included Breakdown of my business debts, Bank Statements which showed income from the lets, Barclays Mortgage Agreements this was signed for on 11th Sept, i have had no reply to this correspondence . I have also written to them on 7th October. On 15th October they attempted to take £1044. 82 out of my account which bounced so i a now in arrears. I have major hearing problems so it is easier to write to them as when i have telephoned them in the past they try to get me to agree to ridiculous payments. Do i have a case to complain to FSA due to their lack of communication as i am under the impression that they cannot implement full mortgage payments if i can prove Financial hardship and that i am in dispute and they haven't given me a reply. I am at my wits end with them. We cannot sell the Business property as it is now in negativee equity Sorry it's so long
  7. I am currently running a claim on behalf of my brother from Barclays now Woolwich mortgages for charges of £40per month for arrears admin charges. Barclays have issued him with their final response with a resounding no so taking it to court, I am unsure how restitution would be calculated on the claim and appreciate any help cheers
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